From Another World-

Chapter one


"Hey, Gabriel when's the last time you materialized?" asked an angel with brown hair, storm gray eyes and wearing a white out fit. Gabriel has brown hair, light brown eyes and wore a totally white out fit. The two boys looked like teenagers, but were seventeen hundred years old.

"The last time I materialized was when these men were trying to put a flag on top of this hill and I decided to help. Why did you ask Nick?"

"Well, the food down there was pretty good last time we were down there. So what do you think about materializing for some burgers and fries?"

"Hey boys, whatcha talking about?" said another angel as she floated over next to them. She had black hair that stopped an inch below her ears, fiery red eyes and also wore a totally white outfit. She looked like a teenager as well, but was fifteen hundred years old.

"Nick wants to materialize for some burgers and fries. What do you think Alia?" Gabriel asked his little sister.

"Sure why not? It'll be nice." Alia said with a smile.

"Come on Gabriel it'll be fun to see what the earth is like today." Nick said basically begging.

"But what would the Master say if we did? Besides it's not having a war or anything."

"Hey Gabriel please? I guarantee you will have a good time." Alia said to her big brother.

"Anyway the master will say to enjoy our lunch." Nick said as he floated down to an ally next to a dinner and started to materialize.

"We'll go just to make sure he doesn't hurt himself." Gabriel said as they both went down to the ally and started to materialize as well.

Nick was wearing a blue t-shirt, gray jeans and a white jacket. Gabriel was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a red jacket.

Alia was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt that says in red letters Back off or else and had a black bandana in her hair.

Gabriel hid his sword; being in command of the master's army he always had his sword with him.

Nick also hid his sword; being second in command of the master's army, he had to be prepared for anything. The boys now looked about seventeen, but Alia looked about fifteen.

"You boys ready for some earth food?" Alia asked hoping the food is going to be better than last time.

"Sure." Nick said and Gabriel just nodded.

They walked into the dinner and sat down at a booth.

"mm. Gabriel I'm senescing a huge amount of spirit energy." Alia said looking around the dinner.

"Yeah, I can sense it too now." Gabriel said.

"Me too," Nick said. "So who is it coming from?"

"It's coming from that boy over there." Alia said as the waiter came over. The waiter had blond hair and blue eyes.

"May I take your orders?" The waiter asked.

"Burgers and fries for us three please." Alia said. "Oh and vanilla milk shakes too."

Once the waiter left they started to talk again. "You mean the boy with the slicked back black hair and in the green jump suit?" Nick asked his friends.

"Yes, definitely him. Do you think he's one of Koenma's spirit detectives?" Alia asked

the two boys, who looked like they didn't know what she was talking about.

"You know the people that take care of the demons?" Alia said trying to spark their memories.

"Alia, have you been looking at the forbidden files again?" Gabriel asked his sister.

"Um…maybe I have, but I think it's a total rip off that those guys get to have the fun killing the demons and we're only called to take care of peace to defend the gates of heaven.

I'm the Angle of Death and I don't get to have fun taking demons from earth to the devils fires of hell anymore." Alia said not realizing she was raising her voice enough so the boy could hear her.

"Shut up! Don't blow this now." Nick said.

"You know the rules. We can't draw attention to ourselves and we have to blend in with these mortals." Gabriel almost yelled at his sister.

"Sorry Gabriel, it just ticks me off that we don't get to do anything fun anymore." Alia said as she turned head toward the door. 'What? I sense more energy. Oh no it's…' "Demon energy!"

"What? Demon energy?" The boys said in unison.

Just then the waiter came back.

"Sorry but we have to go." Nick said.

"Do you want containers for your food and drinks?" He asked them.

"No, just throw it away." Alia said as she got up and left with the boys.

Once in side the ally they had come out of the three started to talk, when a man came up and said "Do you have change for a dollar?"

"No sorry." Gabriel said.

The man then took out a gun and said "Give me your wallets and no one gets hurt."

A voice that only they could hear told them to wait for a moment.

"I said give me your wallets and no one gets hurt!" the guy repeated. The girl then closed her eyes and the gun started to crumple up and melt. The guy dropped it.

"And now for you," Alia said opening her eyes and then the guy only saw the girl grow twenty feet, have a really scary grim reaper out fit on and a scythe. (The guy is hallucinating) The guy screaming like a baby ran away.

Far from there knowledge the boy they were talking about and two others saw everything that happened.

"You mean that the Arch Angel Gabriel and his second, plus the Goddess of Death were here in this very dinner!" Kurama exclaimed with a strange look on his face that made the others look at him like he had just said the most disgusting thing ever.

"Yes, and that's Angle of Death to you demon." Alia said coming up behind Kurama.

"Alia don't bother those demons. You have no right to be picking fights, now let's go and see how much this town has changed." Gabriel the Arch Angle said to his sister. Alia didn't move. "Let's go." Gabriel said getting annoyed at his little sister.

"Fine Gabriel, I'll leave the demons alone." Alia said annoyed because she wanted to have fun taking out some demons and turned to go with her brother and Nick. Once outside Alia started to talk "Why didn't you let me take out those demons?"

"They weren't doing anything wrong or disturbing the peace. I won't let you kill innocent people or demons for that matter. That's not our job." Gabriel said as he stopped in his tracks to talk to his sister.

"He's right ya know. Just face the fact that there are some good demons Alia." Nick said to his friend. "I'm not saying I don't miss taking down evil ones, but in this age things are different. And we can't go taking down the first demon you see."

The three were only a few feet away from the dinner.

"But what's the point of being the Angle of Death if you can't take anyone down? This town really has changed. They have flashier cars now and more technology definitely." Alia said remembering the last time she was here.

"Yes they defiantly do." Nick agreed and Gabriel just nodded in agreement.

The three looked out at the three angels that were walking around out side.

"I think that a visit to Koenma's is in order." Yusuke said as he paid their bill. Kurama left his tea, cheeseburger, and fries, while Hiei reluctantly abandoned his vanilla Milkshake.

"Hey Gabriel, Nick the demons are leaving the dinner." Alia said, "And are coming this way!"

The Angles were just leaning on a brick wall of a building.

"Alia! I'll say this one more time leave the demons alone." Gabriel said getting annoyed at his sister for still wanting to kill those demons. 'I know she can't help her fear of demons, but I sense good with in these demons.' Gabriel thought.

"Alia why do you keep looking at the forbidden files? You know you're not supposed to and if the master found out you could loose you post." Gabriel said as the three demons were walking by.

"Well, you learn a lot that you don't know. One thing I learned was that these Spirit detectives get the fun of taking out demons from earth to the devils fires of hell. I don't get it. Why don't they just call us instead of teenaged boys…that need attitude adjustments?" Alia said just as Yusuke past her.

Yusuke stopped and stared at her with a level four glare. "I do not need an attitude adjustment." He said and kept walking.

"Well that's not what your file said."

"Well, why don't you tell me what the file said and I'll personally take it up with the toddler. That way you can rest your pretty little head about it." He said coming over with speed that was unheard of for humans to have.

Gabriel stepped in front of his sister and took out his sword to point it at Yusuke. Gabriel was faster than Yusuke. "Back away demon!"

Yusuke couldn't believe it. There was some one faster than him and Hiei put together! Of course these kids could be Angels, which would explain why they were talking about the spirit files. But that would mean that they were over thousands of years old!

"So I guess that you three are here on vacation rather than a mission?" he asked the three angels.

"What gave us away?" Gabriel asked with a chuckle as he put away the sword as Yuskue backed up. This kid was good.

"Nothing until just now when you confirmed my suspicions. Oh and the sword. The markings on it make it easy for a person to identify as the mark of a God. There's the cross on the hilt and the scent of Holy Water on the blade."

Gabriel stared at the kid. He was good, very, very good. "How did you-" unfortunately there was some interference with the question. As the boy had turned around to be faced with a large type of fire energy.

"SPIRIT GUN!" Yusuke had yelled and shot a bullet of energy that had formed into a shield and pressed it back to where it had originated from. "I know you're there, so why don't you show you're self and save us the trouble of having to chase after you?"

"As you wish I shall grant you one sight of me before you parish."

The demon said as he stepped out from the shadows. He was big and ugly and so smelly. He also had the form of a dragon like snake. "So you're the ones to protect the angels on earth. Hmm you don't look like much of a meal."

"Well I hope to give you indigestion." Yusuke said to the smelly demon. Gabriel and Nick took out their swords, while Alia put her hand in the air, said words in a forgotten language and a scythe appeared in her hand. The three demons noticed that time seemed to stop as they looked around. The demons also noticed that the boys' eyes were glowing white and the girls were glowing black.

"Heaven's light!" Gabriel shouted as he slashed at the demon.

"God's choice!" Nick shouted as he slashed at the demon as well.

"Fire's of Hell!" Alia shouted as she slashed at the demon. The three attacks combined into a ball of energy and flew toward the evil demon at great speed. The demons just stared at the three angels with amazement.

When the smoke cleared time sped up again and they found the demon had somehow escaped the attacks. The angel's eyes went back to normal and Alia's scythe disappeared.

"You three seem to have questions about this don't you?" Gabriel said to the demons who had just witnessed the attacks. The demons just nodded.

"You see ever since we were assigned to protect the earth and come down to check on it evil demons like that try to destroy us because that's when we don't have access to all our attacks." Gabriel explained.

"And once in a while an angel will turn on the master and help the demons destroy us and that has happened every time we've come down." Alia said. "Yep, and then I take the ex-angel down to the house of the devil." Alia smirked at the thought of that.

"That must be your favorite part Alia." Nick said as Alia nodded.

"What are your names demons?" Alia said trying to put her fear of demons behind her.

Before they could answer the question Botan popped up and said "Koenma needs all of you in his office…including the angels."