A/N: Contains spoiler for recent manga chapters.

Forgotten Conversation


"Ugh, this stuff is pretty strong..." That didn't stop Ichigo from downing the content of his glass in one gulp though.


The bright-haired boy was intoxicated; that much was clear from his flushed face and incoherent speech, if not from the fact that he had his free arm draped around a certain dark-haired shinigami.


The fact that she didn't complain proved that she was as intoxicated as he was. Ichigo and Rukia didn't nuzzle comfortably against each other like lovers; they bantered and bickered about everything every chance that they got.

"Renjiiiii!" Rukia whined as she flailed the bottle of vodka in her hand. "Get me another bottle, will ya!"

No answer came. Everyone who stayed at the goodbye party had already passed out from the ridiculously high amount of alcohol in their circulatory system. It was a wonder that Ichigo and Rukia were the last ones standing, because neither was a heavy drinker.

"Ichigooooo!" Rukia turned to Ichigo, her eyes slightly dazed. "You smell horrible." Noticing his current state of inebriation, she pointed a finger at him and giggled, "You're drunk!"

Ichigo's eternal frown deepened even more. "Like you're one to talk."

"Hey, Ichigo..." She was far too drunk to realize what she was saying. "You really okay with me staying here?"

And apparently, Ichigo was too drunk also. "Of course not."

Sometimes, alcohol is the best truth serum.

Ichigo leaned his chin on her shoulder, closing his eyes. "I lied when I said that it was okay." Sleep threatened to take over, but his body was fighting it off unconsciously.

"You know, I lied too..."

She wanted the night to last forever.

"I really wanted to go back to our world."

Because tomorrow he would be gone.

"You're too drunk," said Ichigo softly.

"So are you."

In the morning, they probably wouldn't have the recollection of ever having this conversation. But the deepest part of their heart knew the truth, and for now, it was enough.

- The End -

My first try at IchiRuki fanfiction...

This was written as a response to the bi-weekly challenge of IchiRuki LJ community some times ago: www. livejournal. com/community/ichiruki/70672.html, in which fanartist's amazing drawing was featured.