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He left the office and me to my thoughts, and papers to fill out. I quickly finished the last page and was assigned a room number and a schedule was thrust into my hands. I took my bag to my room and unpacked, by the looks of it I already had a room mate, since half the room was already cluttered with stuff, like clothes, make up and face scrub. It didn't take me long to unpack my small bag, and so I rested on the bed until lunch, after which I was told to start my list of classes.

Finally I heard the bell rang and headed out to the hall way to join all the other students as they made their way to the lunch area. Once there I quickly spotted Piotr and Bobby standing together, as soon as they saw me they signaled me over to them.

"Hey," Bobby greeted me with a smile. "you're so lucky you got to miss Mr. McCoy's history lecture."

"Yeah I guess I am." I smiled and shrugged back.

"What do you have after lunch Heaven?" Piotr asked me.

"Mechanics with Mr. Summers," I told him. "Is that bad?"

"Only if you're Bobby that is, you should be in our group though, do you know what you're doing around cars? Even if you didn't I'm still sure you'll help give us passing grades against Bobby." He joked to me.

I agreed as I grabbed a tray full of food and followed the guys to a table where two girls sat. One had mocha colored skin and short spiked up hair, the other was paler and had dark hair with a single white streak down the front near her bangs. Introductions were made and I quickly found out their names were Jubilee, for the mocha colored girl and the other was Rogue. Another girl joined us, she had bright emerald eyes and dark brown hair.

"Hey Jub's you ready for mechanics next block?" She asked before noticing me. "Oh, are you new here?"

"Yeah, I'm Heaven and why are you so excited for next block? Is mechanics easy?"

"No, well yeah for April it is, but that's not the reason. April here has a huge crush on Mr Summers and she enjoys showing off. Even if it means staying up all night to study and forgetting her history homework, isn't that right? Mr McCoy really tore a strip off you today." Bobby said before April could even say a word.

"I can't help it if the course interests me or not, plus it would help if you gave me some real competition for his attention in your work Bobby." She challenged back to him.

"Oh yeah well not for our group and she's going to show you who's best. Isn't that right Heaven." He retorted back to her.

April just shook her head and finished her lunch like the rest of us.

Finally we were done and we cleaned up our trays and headed down to the class room. I sat at a table in the lab with Piotr, Bobby and Jubilee, I listened to the conversations around us as we sat and waited for the late teacher. Soon he arrived and I was surprised to see the tall man with the shades from the other night.