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Reflections of Light, A Myriad of Rainbows

He was in the science room when she went in early to avoid the throng of students. He was slowly turning a small, multifaceted crystal as He held it up to catch a ray of sun that was coming through the window. Joan sat next to Him, her eyes tired.

"What?" she asked wearily.

He looked at her, the dark eye and lip makeup contrasting drastically with the pale base in the bright light, "Do you know what this is, Joan?" He asked, holding up the crystal.

Joan looked at it a second, "It's a crystal."

"A prism…And do you know what a prism can be used for?" He responded.

She sighed, "I've got a feeling You're going to tell me…"

"It can be used for many things…Focusing light, breaking it apart, directing it, magnifying it, concentrating it…It can be a useful tool…It can create something of beauty…" He twisted it so a rainbow sprung out, bathing them both in a shower of color, "And it can cause pain," He twisted it again so that the sunbeam came into focus and shone in their eyes. Joan blinked and looked away and He twisted it, directing the light elsewhere.

"Okay. I get it. A prism can do lots of stuff. It focuses light. So…You're light and I'm what? A prism? Do I make rainbows too?" she asked sarcastically.

He just looked at her, "Most people over look the good things a prism can do and focus on the negative impact it has. It's sharp, the light it focuses is too bright, too strong for certain tasks, and yet, if it's twisted another way and separates the light, it's useless in some areas. It can't focus the light tightly enough, it can't break it down enough…But, a prism is still useful and can still create something of beauty," He placed the prism in her palm, "Remember, Joan, there can be beauty even where there is great pain…" He gave a wave over his shoulder as he walked out, leaving her holding the prism thoughtfully, a myriad of rainbows painting the walls.


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