Chapter 10

"Piper! Piper, wake up" A sweet tender voice called out to her causing her to lift her head and search her surroundings.

"What's was going on?"the womanquestioned as she glanced around the hospital room. But no one was there. She was still all alone and looking down at the still form in front of her she was faced with the harsh reality that her son was still lost to her and that it wasn't he who was calling out to her so desperately.

So who was calling out to her? Was Wyatt trying to get her attention so that she could comfort him in his time of need after losing his brother only a few moments ago?

"Piper! Can you hear me, please wake up"

The voice sounded so familiar to her but in her current state of grief she couldn't place it but the way her body felt and shook without that of her own will was more then a little bothersome to her. Was she loosing her mind? Had her sanity become weakened with the death of her youngest child?

She didn't know the answers to these questions and she didn't have time to ponder them either as the voice called out to her again this time with a lot more passion and distress behind the words.

"Mo..Piper please open your eyes. Please you can't leave me, not again"

"Hello!" she called out into the empty room but again no one responded to her cries. "Great not only did I lose my baby but now I'm losing what's left of my mind and going insane" she spoke in a soft tone as she wiped away a few stray tears before settling her eyes back on her little boy.

He looked so peaceful. His beautiful face no longer held the appearance of pain, fear or distress; for once he looked truly happy. Her baby was now at peace and didn't have to fight, cry or bare any more burdens alone, he was free and didn't have to suffer any more ever again and for that she was grateful.

But something about this wasn't right.

Something was off here, but what could it be?

"Mom please wake up, please come back. PLEASE. LEO!"

There it was again, that voice. She could now tell it was a young man, one that was seemingly unnerved by the fact that she wasn't responding to him.

Then something clicked.

"Chris" she whispered now fully aware of who the voice belonged to. Running over to the figure covered in white she smiled slightly as she took the boy's hand in hers, her eyes glistening with new found hope.

"Baby, open your eyes. Mommy's here, I'm right here just open your eyes peanut" she pleaded giving him almost the same demand that he had given her.

Her brow only furrowed in confusion as the boy in front of her remained quiet, stiff and non respondent to her words. "Come on baby, it's ok, just wake up for Mommy Chris"

Still nothing. This realization made the woman's heart sink in despair as she cocked her head to one side and whimpered softly. Had she imagined him calling out to her?

"What did you do to her?" another voice called out angrily.

"Leo?" the woman questioned as she looked around the room trying to spot the source of the voice.

"I didn't do anything to her so stop being a pain in the ass and focus on saving her"

"Would you two stop fighting and concentrate on saving Piper!" the voice of her youngest sister demanded.

She jumped up from her seat and glanced around the room almost dazed as tried to figure out why her mind was playing such cruel tricks on her.

First she heard the voice of her dead son and now the voices of her family members were arguing in her head. This all went back to a strange feeling the woman had been having all night but then again this was already a stress filled evening and with her son's death, there really wasn't any time to sit and think and sort through her feelings.

Turning back to the figure the woman spoke "Mommy will be right back baby" before heading out of the hospital room doors.

The blinding light that appeared on the other side caused the woman to hold her hand up to her face to keep herself from going blind.

"Leo! Wyatt! Phoebe! Paige!" she called out the names of her now missing family members as she walked further and further down the hall. All of a sudden she felt as if the floor had given way underneath, completely taking the woman by surprise as she began falling. She screamed and tried to reach out into her now pitch black surroundings to take hold of something, anything to stop her decent down into the abyss. She then felt a warm sensation taken hold of her body as her fall came to an abrupt stop. After a few moments she could feel herself becoming attached to something else, making her whole?

She now tired to open her eyes and focus on her surroundings but her first attempt failed. She then tired a second time only now her eyes began to flutter and yet another person called out to her.

"Piper" she could tell that the voice belonged to Leo only this time it was softer and full or concern instead of harsh and threatening like it had appeared earlier.

Once again she fluttered her eyes and was able to make out shadows of those around her. To her right she could see Leo apparently sitting on the coffee table at her side. Phoebe was kneeling beside him as Paige sat at her side on what seemed to be her living room couch.

Had she passed out?

Did they decide to orb her back home after the death of her youngest child and if so where was Wyatt?

"Piper honey are you ok?" questioned her youngest sister but she was still too disoriented to say anything except to speak the name of the person that she was missing so much and if she had his name enough and with enough power maybe they would orb her back to him.

"Chris" she spoke so softly that no one was able to understand her.

"What sweetie, we didn't hear you" empath replied trying to get the woman to repeat herself.

"Want Chris" she said as another figure came into view.

She didn't have time study it before she saw Leo pounce on him.

"I knew you did something to her you lousy son of a bitch!"

"Leo get off of him and let Piper finish for Pete's sake she didn't say he did anything to her, she just asked for him?"


It couldn't be.

Was her hearing going as well as her mind? Did Paige just order Leo to get off of Chris?

She knew that she was still confused and everything was blurry but…

Oh my God. The words formed in her mind as a series of flashes over came her. She could tell that she was angry about something. Pissed off at somebody and was drinking some potion and mumbling about finding out what was going to happen next to make sure he wasn't up to something and how she was tired of his lies.

Then a piece of paper came into view as she could hear her sisters in the background sepreating the two men.

To reveal the next move to me

I call upon the powers blessed be

To reveal the next few days in Chris's life to me

It was a spell. This whole thing had been a spell.

"Piper" she heard a panting voice call out to her, one that only a few moments ago she thought she would never hear again.

It was her baby.

Her little boy was alive and well and now sitting at her side.

She needed to see him. She needed to regain control of her senses and make sure that she wasn't hearing things, that she wasn't dreaming and that any minute soon she was going to wake up to find herself draped over her son's cold dead body.

"Chris" her voice said wavering a bit as she reached out and touch his hand receiving gasp from those around her.

"Yeah Piper it's me. Are you ok?"

For the first time in her life the sound of her own name made her sick. That wasn't how he was supposed to respond to her, after all she was his mother and calling her Mom was the only acceptable title she would allow from her child.

Focusing her eyes Piper was met with the most beautiful pair of bright green eyes she had ever rested her sight upon. There he was, her angel looking down on her with eyes full of love and concern for her well being.

Gathering all of her strength she pulled him into a tight embrace that he fought hard against at first before becoming aware that she held no intentions of letting go and relaxing into her touch.

"What the hell is that about?" she heard her sister question to a stunned Phoebe and Leo.

But she didn't care.

She had been given a second chance with her little boy and she wasn't about to waste it.

"What happened to you?" his soft voice whispered into her ear causing her to hold onto him tighter to make sure that this wasn't a dream.

When she pulled back with tear filled eyes and just starred at him, his eyes bore into hers with fearful recognition.

He could see that this was no longer Piper. This was now Mom.

"No, how?" he spoke frightfully. "You have to make a potion to forget. You"

"No" her voice was firm and commanding causing the boy to flash back to several moments in his childhood.

"You can't know. You were never supposed to know" they spoke to each other quietly not wanting to alert the others just yet.

"Shh" she sighed holding a finger up to his lips before laying a soft loving hand on his cheek that he automatically leaned into. "It's ok baby. Everything's going to be ok my darling little peanut"

Chris could feel warm tears making their way down his face as he relaxed in his mother's touch as the two sat there gazing into each other's eyes as if they were the only two people in the room.

"Leo could you please orb us to P3. There's something we need to discuss"

"I'd say so" the man snapped as he took the woman's hand in his and orbed away with Chris following close behind.

"What the hell just happened?" the younger woman questioned.

"I have no idea but something tells me whatever it is I have a feeling that this family will never be the same again."

"Ok Piper what's this about?" Leo demanded the second that he, his wife and their whitelighter appeared in the small office.

"Do you really think that this is a good idea?" the boy questioned his mother without looking in his father's direction.

"He needs to know Chris" she spoke softly while trying to gather her bearings.

"I need to know what Piper? I mean first I arrive to find you half dead with this…" the man trailed off as his wife shot him a look full of warning. "With him and then when you wake up, ask for him and then you hug the guy as if he's your long lost son or something, just spill"

"Well Leo you're half right" she began as Chris stood up and started pacing back and forth anything to not have to look Leo directly in the eye.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Chris is our son"

The Elder looked between the two for a second before going into a full on rant.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Did you fry your brain with that spell?"

"No Leo" the woman said trying to remain calm. "It's true. I cast a spell to see what Chris was going to be up to for the next few days and…" she wasn't sure how to continue. How was she going to tell her husband and her son that he only had two days to life? She now felt sick to her stomach as her mind flashed images of her son's lifeless body and her ears filled with the panicked and fear filled cries of her husband. This wasn't going to be easy and now that her husband's and son's attention was fixated on her she didn't have a choice but to continued and just hope and pray that they would be able to do something about.

"In just two days" she began with tear filled eyes.

"What Mom, what happens in two days?" the boy questioned as he moved to sit down next to her, knowing that what she had to say was something horrible and had to be with him.

"In two days, unless we can come up with some sort of potion or spell" she paused again reaching for her sons hand and grasping it tightly. "You're going to die"

The words hit him hard as he his mother began sobbing uncontrollably on his shoulder. He couldn't move. Couldn't think, he became paralyzed with fear and angst. How was this possible? He didn't feel sick, well with the exception of his headaches and he had been having those since he was seven years old so that couldn't be it. He was so deep in thought he hadn't felt his father sit down beside him and wrap his arms around himself and his mother as he planted a kiss on the boy's head.

"It's ok Chris. We'll find a way to save you" the man spoke more to himself then to his son as he lifted his hand allowing the familiar golden light to illuminate from it.

"It won't work" he heard his wife's voice call out. "We have to find another way"

Chris hared words from both sides filled with promises, love and apologies but nothing they said took register within his mind. All he could think about was the irony of it all. He had spent his whole life fighting demons, putting himself in dangerous situations and risking his life day after day to save his family, to save his brother. Most days he felt almost immortal and indestructible, always coming out on top, always living to fight another day.

But he was wrong.

Nothing in the world could have prepared him for this feeling. He was going to die in just a few days from now and there was no escaping it. There was not going to be any miraculously come back, no. His Daddy wouldn't be able to heal him this time and nothing in the magical world was going to save him. This was a mortal disease and he was now at the mercy of the gods and held no choice in the matter, regardless of who his parents were.

In the end he was more vulnerable then he could have ever thought possible. He was not untouchable, he was not unbreakable, he was not going to be the long suffering hero of the world with superhuman strength that would never die.

No matter how many powers he had, no matter who his brother was, no matter how blessed he was to be the son of a charmed one and an Elder the fact of that his days were numbered wasn't going to change and in the end all these things added up to only one truth.

That Christopher Perry Halliwell was only human.

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