Blind Date

Chapter 4: The Date

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How did he find her? Hermione could hardly believe her eyes.

"Wait… Hermione? What are you doing here? Oh, and look! Little Hermione found herself someone willing to go on a date with her… How cute!" he said in a nasty tone. Peter looked up sharply, but not knowing exactly what to do under the circumstances.

Hermione glared at Malfoy, daring him to speak again.

"Oh look! Little Draco has nothing better to do than stare at Hermione's date… Awww…" she said, imitating his voice. In her own angry voice Hermione said, "Leave us alone!"

Draco sneered at her, infuriating her even more. He left without a backwards glance, and never even came back to their table for the rest of their date.

"Who was he?" Peter asked. Hermione bit her lip slightly, not knowing how to explain it in a muggle way.

"Well… he went to my… 'School'… I don't know why, but he's always hated my friends and me… Harry and Ron."

"What were there no other girls?" Peter asked, grinning and lightening up the mood immediately. Hermione couldn't contain the broad smile that spread across her face. Could he be any more perfect?

They spent the rest of the date talking about themselves. Hermione found out that Peter was 23 (One year older than Hermione), loved barbeques, was a romantic, loved reading, and wrote novels. He was also pretty athletic, doing tennis for fun, and lifting weights to keep in shape.

Hermione couldn't imagine a man more perfect.

As he walked with her up the stairs to her apartment building, he grabbed her hand and smiled shyly. She squeezed his hand; loving the warmth it gave her. As they reached her apartment, they turned to each other.

"I guess this is goodbye then," she said shyly, fumbling with her car keys and looking down at her feet.

"Yeah," he said slowly. He looked at her lightly, and after a long pause he leaned forward hesitantly and kissed her lightly on her cheek.

"I had a great night," he said, a slow, sexy smile gradually growing on his face. Hermione grinned with pure happiness, giddy and excited.

"Good night!" they said in unison, hugging each other once more.

As he turned and left Hermione watched him and admired his easy, comfortable walk. When he left her view she blew a kiss lightly, and then turned and walked back to her own apartment.

Peter was perfect. He was kind, smart, and he was hot! They had exchanged phone numbers during the date, and scheduled another date for a week from now. Hermione was already looking forward to it.

The only down side of the day had been her brief encounter with Malfoy.
She hoped she never saw him again.

Unfortunately, although Hermione didn't know it… She was going to see him in just a few hours.