Elliot and Olivia stood in the semi-darkness of a dark alley. They were staring down on a naked body covered with a sheet.

The Medical Examiner looked at them with an odd expression. "Her name is Gloria Inegshellsees. She was raped."

"Yeah, of course she was raped," Olivia joked. "Nobody calls us unless someone gets raped."

The ME laughed and Olivia laughed and some beat cops laughed and everyone in the alley laughed but Elliot. He was looking all twitchy and mad. Olivia's giggles died away. "Elliot, why aren't you laughing? I'm being funny."

Elliot tried to cut Olivia with the edge in his voice and his ice blue eyes. "You shouldn't be making jokes at the crime scene."

"Why not?" Olivia asked incredulously. "Doctors make jokes about patients, lawyers make jokes about clients. I think it's only logical that, as SVU detectives, we get to make jokes about victims. Why are you being so sensitive anyway? It's just a dead girl."

Elliot exploded with rage. "She is not just a dead girl. She has a name. Her name is Gloria. She's friends with Kathleen and goes to our church." He turned on his heel and stalked back to the car.

"Gee, sorry, Elliot," Olivia said. She turned to the ME. "He really shouldn't be so upset over a dead body though, even if he knows who it is."

The ME nodded in agreement. "And he missed the weirdest part about this case. She was raped, but it happened with this." She held up a plastic bag with a big fake penis in it.

"A dildo?" Olivia asked. "That's our fourth case this week with a dildo rape. It might be a serial rapist. Well, call us if you find out anything you think we should know."

"No problem. Do you think Elliot is going to be able to handle this case from now on?"

"We'll see," Olivia replied. "I'm gonna take him out for a milkshake and make him talk about what's bothering him. That should fix things."

The ME watched Olivia walk away. She turned back to the body and said, "I hope she's right. Elliot was really upset last month when we found that dead girl he knew from Catholic junior high. He's going to burst one of these days."

Gloria didn't answer, so the ME stopped talking to her.

In the car, Elliot gripped the steering wheel like he was going to rip it out of the wall. Olivia opened the driver's door and said, "Push over. I'm driving."

Elliot moved to the passenger seat. His pants pocket caught on the shifter and his pants ripped a little. "Damn!" he yelled.

"Elliot, it's okay," Olivia cooed. "It's just a little rip."

"It is NOT okay!" Elliot yelled more. "Kathy used to fix my pants but Kathy left me and now I have no one to fix my pants and she takes most of my paycheck to feed the kids so I can't buy new pants anymore." Elliot broke down into tears and hid his face in his big hands.

Olivia stroked his back. "Oh, Elliot, it's okay. I can sew your pants. Just give them to me."

"I can't. They're my last pair," Elliot stuttered through his gut-jerking sobs.

"Well, you can put a towel over your lap and I'll fix them when we get back to the office." Olivia was very concerned about Elliot's attitude. He had gone from yelling to crying in a matter of a couple of whiles.

Her offer to mend his pants seemed to make him feel a little better. "I'm sorry Olivia. I shouldn't yell and scream at you for no reason. You're just trying to help me."

"Yeah, you're really angry today. Did you know that dead girl very well?"

"Sort of. She went to church with Kathleen all the time. I think she wanted to be a nun. Not a lot of girls want to be nuns anymore so it's really sad when one dies like this."

"Yeah, it is sad, but we still have to do our jobs and catch the jerk who did it." Olivia revved the engine and drove back to the station. Elliot was quiet but for the occasional hick-up.

When Olivia parked the car, Elliot said, "I feel really bad about yelling at you. Can I get you a cup of coffee to apologize."

She smiled and her eyes sparkled like Coca-Cola fresh from the soda fountain. "Oh, Elliot, you don't have to get me anything. But if it will make you feel better…" Olivia thought Elliot look so cute when he was apologizing.

He smiled back at her and she felt a little flutter in her stomach. "I'll get you a cheese Danish too. I know how much you like them."

"Thank you."

Elliot watched Olivia as she walked up the steps into the station. Even though she couldn't seem him, he was embarrassed because he was staring at her butt. Ever since Kathy had left him he'd been noticing Olivia more and more. She was beautiful and compassionate and she liked him. He wondered if she would ever like him as more than a friend.

As Olivia walked up the stairs to the office, she thought about Elliot. He was so upset lately, She wished she could do something to make him feel better. He was like her husband and best friend and brother all rolled into one. She had never told him she loved him because of his wife, but she really wanted to. It was getting harder and harder not to.

The Captain walked up to her. "Olivia, where's Elliot."

"Oh!" She was surprised, but said, "He's getting coffee. He'll be back soon."

"Okay, good, the shrink is here and he's gonna tell us about our new rapist."

"Good. I really want to catch this guy. He killed a girl Elliot knew."

"He did? Well, Elliot will have to talk to the shrink after he's done lecturing."

"Uh-oh," Olivia thought. Elliot was going to be mad when he found out she was getting him shrunk. "I hope he won't be too mad at me," she thought.

Just then, Elliot walked into the room…