The Captain talked to all of his workers. "An old man just bought all the dildos from the store around the corner. We think he may be the rapist. Go find him."

Olivia smacked herself in the head. "I bet it's the guy we just sent away. He wasn't a witness he was the killer."

"Your right," Elliot said. "He was old and his clothes weren't very nice so he probably can't afford those pills, so instead he uses a dildo." He picked up the paper the man had written on. "We have his address."

The detectives and the Captain got in the car and drove to the address. There was no one home, but they talked to the neighbor. "That's Bob Manson's apartment. He usually comes home around five."

The Captain checked his watch. "It's only 2 now. There was a diner downstairs and we can sit there and wait til five." Everyone went own to the diner and had lunch. Olivia ordered pancakes because they served breakfast all day. She and Elliot played footsy under the table, but noone noticed.

At 5 they all went back up to the apartment. Bob Manson was trying to put his keys into the door. A big paper bag full of dildos was on the floor next to him. "Put your hands up." Elliot said.

Bob Manson turned and fired a gun at everybody. Munch fell on the floor. "He shot me!"

The detectives pulled out their guns and started shooting, but they didn't hit Bob Manson until he shot Elliot too. Olivia let Finn and the Captain handle Bob Manson while she took care of Elliot.

"Your gonna be okay. You have to be, I love you," she said.

Elliot gasped. There was a bullet in his stomach and it hurt and bled a lot. He looked deeply into her chocolate pools, "Olivia, if I die, I want you to know that I wish we could have gotten married." He closed his eyes and passed out.

Olivia yelled, No, Elliot! You have to live so we can get married1"

The ambulance came and took Elliot to the hospital. He was in surgery for 22 hours to repair the damage in his stomach. Munch was okay. But he had to have surgery too. Olivia sat at Elliot's bed the whole time he was in the hospital. He was unconscious most of the time, but she still stayed.

He finally woke up and said, "Hey. I feel better."

Olivia got the doctor, and the doctor said it would be okay for Elliot to go home as long as there was someone there to take care of him and stitch his wounds. Olivia said she would take him home with her and the doctor and Elliot said it was okay.

Even after he was totally better, Elliot decided to stay at Olivia's house. She only had one bed, so they got to cuddle every night when they were sleeping. His kids liked Olivia a lot and came to visit all the time. Elliot finally asked Olivia to marry him a year after he'd been shot.

She had fixed his pants while he was in the hospital.

The End.