Chapter 4: Amusement Park, Part 2:Crystal Balls and Psychic Predictions

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The group got off the Ferris wheel with Tohru and Yuki holding hands, and Kisa and Hiro with their arms around one another. Kyo looked like he was scared half to death, with his arms around Kagura. "Where do you want to go now?" Tohru asked.
"I want to go to the Shrieker!" said KaguraThe Shrieker was a huge roller coaster, which should have been popular, except that people were too afraid to ride it.
"Kyo's coming with me!"
And once again, Kagura beat up Kyo.
"I wanna ride it too!" said Momiji.
"Oh… umm… okay…," said Tohru.
"If… umm… t-that's where you really want to go," said Kisa.
"We could split up," suggested Yuki, sensing Tohru and Kisa's fear.
"Okay!" everyone said in unison. So Kagura headed off towards the giant roller coaster, dragging Kyo, Momiji following close behind.
"Do you think Kyo-kun will be alright?" asked Tohru.
"He'll live," answered Yuki coldly.
Momiji, Kyo, and Kagura were standing in line, which was a surprise, as barely anyone was there, and practically no one rode the Shrieker, when Momiji said, "Yuki and Tohru were holding hands, Yuki and Tohru are in love!"
Kagura looked at Kyo. He looked sad.
'You love her don't you? You don't love me at all,' she thought
"Kyo-kun, how do you feel… about Tohru, I mean, and be honest," she said, "I won't be angry, I promise."
"Well, I-I guess… I guess I…"
"Where do you guys want to go?" asked Kisa
"And hurry up, we don't have all day," added Hiro.
"Well," said Tohru, "I kind of wanted to go on the wooden roller coaster, but you guys don't have to come."
"Alright," said Yuki, "are you two coming?"
"We were gonna go on the log ride," said Kisa, "We've already been on that roller coaster."
"Alright, why don't we meet back at the entrance at around 12:30 and we can eat lunch," said Kisa.
"Okay," agreed Tohru, "If you guys see Kyo, Kagura, and Momiji, please tell them."
Kisa and Hiro nodded, and the two walked off together.
"I sort of love her," said Kyo.
"You don't love me at all, do you?" asked Kagura. It seemed she had suddenly become infatuated with her own feet.
"Kagura, I," Kyo sighed, "…look, it's not like that. There's something about Tohru, okay… I'm sorry."
Kagura nodded. "I understand, Kyo-kun," she said.
'but that doesn't mean I'll give up,' she finished in her mind.
Yuki and Tohru were still holding hands, and didn't say anything until they got to the roller coaster. They climbed in and sat down. They finally let go of each others hands, Tohru blushing, and looking away, out of embarrassment.
"Honda-san, is something wrong?" asked Yuki.
"Umm… no…" answered Tohru, "I just…"
But the roller coaster started, so she didn't finish what she was saying. Instead, she screamed throughout the whole ride as loud as she possibly could. When they climbed off the roller coaster, Tohru was practically hyperventilating, and tried to say something to Yuki. Unfortunately, Yuki couldn't hear her. In fact, he couldn't hear anything at all for five minutes because of the ringing noise in his ears. After he finally got his hearing back, he said to Tohru, "Let's not go on anymore roller coasters, okay?"
Kagura was a little embarrassed for some reason.
"We don't have to go on this roller coaster if you don't want to," she said.
"It's okay," he answered. He felt a little sorry for her.
"Thank you," she whispered, so that he could barely hear her.
"Why are you two so sad? Quit moping!" said Momiji.
For some reason, Kagura couldn't help but smile at him. Kyo however, hit him on the head. Kagura laughed. So what if he didn't love her. She had the rest of her life to look forward to, and to keep trying. She climbed into the roller coaster, with Kyo beside her. Momiji climbed into the seat behind them.
By the time the ride was over, Kagura thought she'd have whiplash. The three junnishi climbed off the roller coaster without a word, because they were all dazed.
"Look, there they are!" said Kisa's voice.
Soon, Kisa and Hiro were in front of Kagura, Kyo, and Momiji.
"We're gonna meet back at the entrance at 12:30, and if you aren't there, you'll be left behind," said Hiro.
"Are you guys alright?" asked Kisa.
"Yes," they answered in monotone.
"Okay," said Kisa, walking away with a weird look on her face.
Momiji was the first to recover.
"That was scary!" he said.
The other two nodded.
"What time is it?" asked Kyo.
"It's 12:00, so we have thirty minutes," answered Kagura.
Considering the amusement park was tiny, there wasn't much else to do. There were 3 roller coasters, 1 Ferris wheel, a log ride, and some games where you could win stuff, as well as a psychic. This was were Tohru and Yuki went next.
"It will be a dollar for your palm, or two for the crystal ball," said the psychic, "now let me look into your future."
Yuki handed the woman two dollars, so she could look into the crystal ball. He had decided not to have her tell his future, incase this woman was the real deal, although he doubted it. He didn't want anyone finding out about the curse though, so better safe than sorry.
The woman stared into the crystal ball for a long time, her eyes glazed over. When she came out of the trance, she said to Tohru, "there is much suffering in your future, however, it is not your own. Some one you love will die. Who it is, I'm not sure. I could see no further than this, but your future is clouded with pain. Take heed, and be on the look out. Who knows when something might happen. Please go! Seeing you brings pain to my heart…"
Tohru stood up and left, afraid of the psychic.
"Honda-san, you don't believe her do you?" questioned Yuki.
"I don't know."
"I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, most psychics are fake."
"I hope your right."
But Tohru was thinking of her dream. It seemed too weird to be a coincidence. However there was no time to think about it because it was 12:30 now, and the two headed towards the main gate, ready for lunch.
Kagura, Kyo, and Momiji didn't have anything else they wanted to do, so they walked around to kill sometime before lunchtime. They came across a booth, where you had to hit a platform, and cause something to go up and ring the bell. If you won, you got your money back, plus a prize. "Oh, isn't that cat doll cute?" said Kagura, "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!"
She grabbed Kyo by the collar of his shirt and shook him back and forth.
"Okay, okay, I'll win it for you!" he answered.
"Yay!" Kagura squealed.
Kyo hit the platform so hard, he actually broke the bell. The man handed the cat doll to Kyo, who threw it at Kagura, and the group headed towards the entrance. When they arrived, they found that everyone else was already there.
"Did you guys have fun?" asked Tohru.
"Yes," Kagura answered with a smile.

This was perfect. This was how life should be. This was what they all wanted. To be together, to be happy together.

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