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Mu (nothing)

Thick crimson liquid stained the ground around a small female's pale form, dying her hair an unsightly reddish brown. Gaara stared at the scene in front of him for what seemed like an eternity but couldn't have been more than a second. A single terrifying question kept running through his mind.

'How can there be so much blood?'

He shook his head violently to clear it of the growing horror that was tearing at his consciousness. With movements to quick to be seen he rushed to the side of his rapidly dying bride. Her violet eyes looked up at him softly, almost serenely, but with a deep sadness lurking behind them. A small smile creased her lips and she spoke.

"Take care of yourself Gaara-kun."

Gaara simply closed his eyes before shaking his head. When his eyes opened again the fear that had been there was replaced by determination.

"I will take care of both of us."

Gently, so as not to cause her any further harm, the sand beneath Moeko came together and lifted her off the ground. As she slowly lifted into the air Gaara brushed a stray hair out of her face. He lightly kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear.

"Be safe."

And with a thought the sand stretcher was racing towards the hospital where a certain pink-haired medic nin was to help train their doctors. Eyes of cool jade watched her disappear around a corner before they turned at those responsible for all of this. Where there was one compassion there was now fury, where there was love, hate. The two men who had attracted his gaze shuddered uncontrollably as it felt like a wave of ice passed over them. They turned to run, knowing better than to think they would stand even the slightest chance of beating the man who had earned the title of the Godaime Kazekage. Of course, they should have known better than to think they could run either. Before they could even take a step tendrils of sand wrapped around their ankles, holding them securely to the ground. The sand swiftly spiraled up their bodies until only their faces were left exposed. Gaara took a single solemn step forward before raising his hand towards the ensnared men.

"You should not have come here."

With a clenching of his fist the pair that had dared to harm his wife vanished from this world. And with the ending of their lives Gaara's anger faded to nothing, pushed aside by a renewed concern for the safety of his young wife. He didn't even spare another glance to where the two men had died before swiftly turning and dashing off towards the hospital.

It was only about a mile to Suna's hospital and with speed fueled by worry Gaara reached it in under a minute. His sand moved ahead of him and violently through open the doors so he could pass through unimpeded. No one dared to stand in his way to ask his reason for being there, they already knew anyways. Within moments he reached the emergency care area of the hospital. Jade eyes flashed to where he saw a number of hospital personnel rushing in and out of a room and he promptly ran towards that door. He roughly threw open the door and immediately caught the gaze of the equally green-eyed medic-nin from Konoha.

"Gaara, get out of here!" She shouted at him harshly, leaving no room for argument.

He stood there for a moment, not wanting to leave his wife when she was in need.

"Go!" She yelled again.

A light touch on his arm alerted him to the presence of someone beside him. He turned his eyes on the young nurse beside him and she gently nudged him out the door.

"Come on. We'll do everything we can for her Kazekage-sama. If you're in there it will just make everything more difficult."

He nodded numbly and slowly stepped off to the side before leaning against the wall and sliding down to rest on the floor. His elbows rested on his knees as he cradled his face in his hands.

By then the nurse had already walked away, leaving to assist in his wife's care. It was probably not a good idea to leave him alone. With no one to distract him his thoughts quickly turned dark. It was his fault that Moeko had gotten hurt. He should have been there with her. She was in danger because of him, because of who he is.

Without even noticing one of his hands had clenched into a fist and angrily slammed it into the floor, shattering the tiles he struck. He stared down at his hand, embedded as it was in the flooring.

"I doubt the floor did anything to deserve that." A familiar voice said in jest but without the usual lightness that should accompany a joke.

Gaara raised his eyes to meet the voices' owner. An man of average height with a series of purple markings on his face and a belt covered in scrolls around his waist.

"Kankuro." He eked out, just above a whisper.

The man spoken to smiled lightly as he settled himself on the floor next to his brother.

"She'll be fine. Sakura is in there with her and I don't think there's anything that girl can't do. I've heard she hasn't lost a patient since she became a jounin."

Gaara just nodded. He knew all of this already. In fact, he had been chanting those very things in his head since he got here. Somehow though, hearing someone else say it seemed to ease his worry, if only a little.

Silence reigned as the two men sat side by side against the wall. The only noises came from behind a pair of swinging doors that led to the operating room Moeko was being treated in. Occasionally someone would enter or leave the room and the moment the doors were open all sorts of commotion could be heard. Every now and then they could hear Sakura bark out an order to one of the other doctors.

Finally, what little noise they were able to hear from the room stopped, startling the two men with its' suddenness. A moment later a woman with long pink hair pulled back in a low ponytail pushed her way through the swinging doors, her head bowed slightly with exhaustion. Slowly she turned to Gaara and met his eyes with hers. A small smile spread across her lips.

No words were needed to tell him that his wife was going to be fine. An instant later he was on his feet and dashing for the door. He burst through and saw her laying there unconscious, quickly bringing him to a halt. He was not about to wake her, not now. A warm hand clasped down on his shoulder.

"She's going to be just fine. She just needs to rest for a while." He heard Sakura say softly.

And slowly he smiled, sighing with barely repressed relief. Everything was going to be all right. Carefully, quietly he walked over to where she lay, a silent tear strolling down his face as he looked down at her. A stray clump of white pure white hair was surreptitiously wiped away from her face.

He sat down beside her in a chair made of sand and gently took her hand in his. For a moment he thought he saw the ghost of a smile on her lips, but it passed before he could check. Time slowly passed as he sat, watching her face and lovingly stroking her hand. He knew he was taking more comfort from the contact than she was, but he needed to feel her to be sure she was ok. Again he watched as a small smile spread across her face, but this time it didn't fade away. Yes, everything was going to be all right.

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