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First Kiss for a Drunken Lover

By: Seto'sgal29

And this was their first kiss. Had she dreamed of this moment in the past, perhaps. In the past she had caught herself in the dead of night waking to a cold, empty room after having just felt the hot passion of Roy's phantom caress in her sleep. Of course such thoughts were always kept safely stored in her tired mind.


Even though the two officers were not on duty, they were still representatives of the Fuher's State and as such had to keep a business-like approach to each other's relations. This of course was something Riza usually excelled at, but as she felt the heat of the Colonel's body on her own, she felt the bricks of her mighty wall crumpling to bits. But what they were doing was wrong. But what they did to Maes was wrong too, and wasn't that what this was all about? Riza could feel the weight of Roy's broken soul, his hot gin breath on her neck. Every thing about it was wrong. Roy's rock was gone, his motivation, all gone.

Did he love her the way she longed for him?

Did he need her like she is needed him in order to take her next step?

Maybe she was just an escape for a drunk.

Roy's tongue continued to explore the abyss of his Lieutenant's forbidden mouth, attempting to answer every question he had ever ask himself about her, not knowing how long this nirvana would last. He could feel the hot trickle of tears down her virgin cheeks. His shifted his weary, blurry onyx eyes toward her amber ones. Why was she crying?

Did she love him the way he longed for her?

Did she need him like he needed her in order to take his next step?

Maybe he was moving to fast.

He moved away, leaving a Hawkeye a shaking mass lying on the ground. Vulnerable was the last word he would ever use to describe the Lieutenant, but here she was, crying on the ground like a love sick teenager. Maes, Maes, why won't you come back? Why won't you tell me what to do? I'm breaking the heart of the woman I love, and I don't know why.

"And find yourself a good wife!"

You son of a bitch.

Riza looked up as the sullen face of Roy Mustang shifted toward the direction of her left, back window as the star's pale light streamed in, bouncing off his dark eyes. And it was then that she understood. For the man she swore to protect, she would be willing to pull the trigger of her gun, for the man she swore to protect, she would hold him the whole night through. She would chase away his demons, she would sing him a sweet lullaby, she would wait until the bright shine of the sun awoke him from his eternal nightmare. And as Riza Hawkeye's soft lips brushed with his chapped ones, her tears faded away. In her arms she held his weakened body, and he listened to her breathing, as rhythmic as her presence in his disgraceful life. One day he would tell her how much he loved her, how when he became the Fuher they would wed. And this was their first kiss.

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