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Obedience and Pain

Chapter 3

"What are you, stupid?" I asked Lloyd, looking back at him. I teleported up to Colette and Pronyma.

"What about our cheer?" Lloyd asked, I laughed and turned my back to him.

"That was stupid. Come on, Lady Pronyma."

We began to leave. "Lloyd! Lloyd! Lloyd!" Colette screamed. I gave him a side ways smirk and we disappeared.

When we re-appeared, we began walking down a dark, bluish hallway. I was at the back, Colette was in the middle and Pronyma was up front.

Colette kept looking back at me with so much fear in her eyes. It made me laugh inside.

"Come on, my darling lil' Colette. Lord Yggdrasill is waiting for you." I said, chuckling to myself. Pronyma scoffed at my joke.

"I don't know why you're doing this! I thought we were your friends!"

"Shh! Where here!" I ushered into the Hall of the Great Seed, or something like that. Yggdrasill was waiting, arms crossed.

When he saw us, he smiled. "Good, now bring her over there, Pronyma."

"Yes, my Lord." I walked next to him and watched as the half-elf had to drag Colette into one of those tube-thingies. My vocabulary is pretty horrible.

I witnessed Pronyma push the blond angel in and pressed a button.

"I'm so happy for you, Lord Yggdrasill." She said, facing us.

I coughed. Wow. I saw her look over, and give me a revolting look.

That really messed up her totally hot face. I tapped my chin and thought.

This'll totally be the last time I'll see her. I should do something that would piss her off. I was so sadistic.

But what could I do?

I looked around, and then my eyes stopped...

..On Yggdrasill.

I silently cheered.

Hehe. I can't wait to see her face.

I pondered on how I should approach this. But it hurt my mind. I wasn't good at logical things like this. I was only smart in math. Yggdrasill sent me a worried look.

"Is something wrong?"


"Well..." I put my hand on the back of his head, pushed his face forward, and kissed him.

I heard Pronyma gasp.


But it still bugged me how tall he was compared to me, those damn wings!

Yggdrasill squirmed a little in surprise.

"W-what? No..." I listened to her stutter and mummer to herself.

I let my arm fall to his shoulder and let my left descend on his other. I looked up at him and gave him a seductive smile, narrowing my eyes.

"Lord Yggdrasill..." I breathed out. Pronyma was still moaning and complaining in the corner. I began to play with his long hair and rested my head on his chest, sneering over at her.

"Zelos, what is it?" He asked.

What a total bitch.

I looked back at him. "I..."

Dare I say it? If it makes Pronyma angrier, then YES! YES I MUST!

"I...love you..."

Pronyma screeched and was flying into walls.

Yggdrasill was a little stunned by my confession and he turned pink. "Uh, well."

I left him speechless! I bet even Kratos couldn't do that!

I pouted. "What? I thought you liked me too." I licked his bare chest. He really needed new duds.

Yggdrasill looked away, over at Pronyma, who was flying over to me. He put his right arm over my back and frowned. "What is wrong with you?"

Pronyma closed in and glared at me. "I...well. Uh."

Wow! I left two people speechless. No, wait. Lloyd, Sheena, Regal, Raine...Genis, Presea, Colette. That's like 9 people!

"Well, if you have nothing to say. See how Lloyd's group is doing."

Pronyma reluctantly left, still looking at me. Then she banged into the wall, cursed her clumsiness and flew away.

Yggdrasill then turned his attention to me. I felt so intimidated by those eyes of his.

Since Pronyma was gone, I no longer had to keep this up.

"I guess I should be leaving now..." I whispered. I tried to get away, but noticed that his arm was still around me. "Ehhh?" I let out.

"Why do you think I sent her away?"

Maybe I do have to keep this charade up. What to do?

I got on my tip-toes, nuzzled his neck and started to kiss it.

Gods, how stupid do I feel.

I imagined Kratos' head, again, laughing.

I was so angry, that I accidently clawed my fingers into his shoulder.

Yggdrasill moaned. What? Do you think that was supposed to arouse you? Are you masochistic? Do you like being hurt? I screamed in my mind.

Yggdrasill lowered his head, put it on mine, and toyed with my own hair.

I lifted my face a little and began sucking on his earlobe. I used my tongue too. I was totally copying what those girls I dated had done to me. Experience pays off.

Then, after a few seconds, I felt him tug on my beautiful red hair. I muttered a quick: "Ow" as he took his head off mine and pulled my head back.

Yggdrasill then brushed his lips over mine.

I don't have time for this! Lloyd and the other's will have trouble trying to get here! And that Kratos is probably watching this. Voyeur.

"Lord Yggdrasill! It's about the Chosen's group." Pronyma yelled, rushing into the room.

"Hm?" He answered back, moving to my neck.

No! Don't destroy my neck again!

I looked over his head and raised my eyebrows up and down at her. She ignored it.

"Well, somehow, they have defeated one of our most high-ranked angel groups."

That got Yggdrasill's attention, he paused a bit and then muttered: "Alright, I'll stop. Go and check the Chosen of Sylvarent." She grinned at me and went to do as he commanded.

"I should leave now." Yggdrasill pulled away and nodded.

"Yes, but you should come back."

"Yeah, whatever. Ok, s-" Yggdrasill held my chin in his hands and made me look at him. He stared intently at me, with those listless, pale blue eyes.

Pronyma coughed loudly, but we ignored her. "Farwell, then."

Yggdrasill stated softly, kissing me.

Pronyma coughed again.

Any day now.

"Yggdrasill..." I murmured into his kiss, sarcastically, but he didn't catch it.

Another cough...

Wow, I really need to breath.

Another one...and another...

He deepened it, and I moved my face forward too. I opened my mouth slightly and let my glamorous, sexy tongue touch his.

Pronyma saw this and coughed very loudly.

Finally, Yggdrasill stopped and turned to her, his eyes flashing. "Do you have a cold!"

He asked. She shook her head and backed up.

I saw my chance and pulled away. "I bid thee adieu, my lord." I said. I took an opportunity and laughed at the other half elf before walking away.

I ran down the hall and quickly teleported to where I had left Lloyd and the others. Sure enough, I saw the bodies of the 'elite' angels. There was another black portal, and I used it.

Now where would they be? I thought, walking around aimlessly. That's when I heard:

"Dragon Rage!"

I snapped my fingers and said: "Regal!" I sprinted over to where I heard his voice. It was a large room, one I'd never been in before. Regal was fighting about 6 angels.

Wow, what a badass.

I slipped into the room, unseen, and started to cast a spell. "Ready for this? Judgement!" I said.

They probably think I'm crazy! Using a Light Magic spell on them. Well, this isn't no ordinary spell. Hehehe...

The 'light of the heavens' descended upon the angels and completely obliterated them.

Regal stared at me, posed to fight. I just snickered. "C'mon, old man, why would I fight you when I just helped? We have to go find the others. I'll explain later."

He agreed and we were on our way.

The next person I found was Sheena, holding on for dear life on a ledge, in a wretched room. Another I haven't seen before. When she gave out, I rushed over to her and grabbed her hand.

She looked up at me. "Zelos?" Sheena gasped.

"The one and only, my voluptuous hunny. Hey! I rhymed!" I struggled to pull her up, but I got her out.

Sheena tackled me and gave me a hug. "Zelos!"

I grinned and maneuvered my hand over her butt. And I was rewarded with a slap.

Regal sighed. "Zelos, what about Presea, Raine and Genis?"

I got Sheena off me and nodded. "Yeah, almost forgot."

And so we were off to find my precious Professor Raine.

"The next room should have some fucked up defense mechanism." I explained, opening the door.

"Oh no! Raine!" Sheena gasped, as we, ironically, watched her fall into the black abyss. Yeah, just as we got there.

Personally, I wasn't amazed. My whole day was full of surprises.

"I call upon the Heavenly Messenger! I summon thee, come Sylph! Go and save Raine!" Sheena commanded her Summons.

I closed my eyes for a second and when I reopened them, Raine and Sheena were hugging.


"I thought I was going to die!" Raine said, crying. Sheena patted her back.

"Erm, we have Genis and Presea..." Regal and I said together.

Now we were off to find the lil' brat, Genis!

When we found him, he was lying on the floor crying.

"I'm so sorry Raine for looking at your porn magazines, or were they something else? I'm sorry Sheena for looking at your bras, it was Lloyd's fault. I'm so sorry Zelos for...um...oh yeah, burning your thongs. Colette, I didn't do anything to you."

I flipped open a hatch on the wall and entered the code, while saying: "So that's what happened to them!" Genis looked up, saw us, and ran to Raine.

"Sis!" Raine's face was extremely red.

"Genis, that wasn't porn." Genis shrugged and pushed her away.

"Where's Presea? And Zelos! What was that code?"

I cleared my throat: "The star is the radiance of Yuan's beauty."

No one said anything.

So now we were off to find my lil' rosebud, Presea!

"Presea!" She looked up as Genis skidded over to her. She was still held fast by those demented roots.

"Oh! What can I do? I know! Presea, this may hurt a bit." He stood up and took out his Kendama. "Fireball!"

I yawned, and when I looked again, Genis was blushing.

"Thank- you." She said, giving him a short hug.

"Now, let's go find Lloyd." Sheena suggested.

On our way to the portal, I explained my actions to the group. "...and the reason I couldn't tell you guys is because, I was being watched. By the Pronyma chick."

Sheena wrinkled her nose. "Oh, ok...her."

"Here's your stop. It should bring you to a ledge that oversees the Great Seed Hall, or something. If Lloyd's there, you should meet up with him. Otherwise, go save Colette." I pointed to the red circle on the floor.

"What? You're not following us?" Regal asked. I shook my head and put my hands up.

"I have something to attend to. I-I can't join with you guys yet." I said plainly, waving them good-bye.

As they disappeared, I began my search for Aionis. Actually, I already had the thing. I just forgot where I hid it.

"Looking for this?" Someone asked, as I knelt down on the ground, looking under some rubble.

"Kratos." I said, standing up and snatching the thing from his hands. "Thanks. Now I have to go be a hero. And why the hell are you wearing your purple outfit? The color doesn't fit you."

"Neither does pink. Did you have fun with Yggdrasill?" He asked, chortling.

"I hate you..."

Kratos grabbed my chin. "The look on your face when he did that was priceless."


"Yeah, but I didn't feel excited."

I pushed his hand away. "I need to go be a hero, so back off, you SOB." I walked past him, cursing.

"I...love you!" He laughed, mocking me.

"Shut-up!" I screamed, running away. But his laughter seemed to follow me. Finally, what seemed like ages to me, I got away from him. I walked up a couple of molded stairs to the Hall were Yggdrasill and Pronyma should be.

"Mithos...it hurts...save me!"

Was that her? I looked over the balcony and saw Yggdrasill float over to her.

"That name is only reserved for my former companions." And with that, he killed her.

I saw the stunned faces of my friends. I was also shocked.

"You just...killed her? You bastard!" Yggdrasill looked at Lloyd as he opened Colette's capsule.

"Call me whatever you like." He said simply, turning into Mithos.

Colette walked out and said: "Mithos?" It was someone else's voice. Man, did she sound hot.

"Yes, sister it's me!"

"Mithos! I've seen what you've done! Stop this right now! You can't do that to the world!"

As Mithos and his sister began to argue, I began to think of the lines I should say when I appeared dramatically. As soon as I got it, I yelled: "Lloyd, you alright?" And jumped down to them. Well, I like, tripped, but I landed on my feet and ran over to them. "Here."

I threw the Aionis at him and he caught it.

"Zelos? I thought you were..."

Sheena told everything to Lloyd.

I took a look at Mithos, who's mouth was hanging open. "Zelos? But I thought you didn't want..."

"Yeah, well, I changed my mind. And it's not going to matter, once we beat the shi-snot out of you."

Mithos' face clouded with anger. "You-you traitor! Just like Kratos! Just like Yuan! I can't believe you!"

Well, the little brat is officially insane. I pushed Colette out of the way, since Mithos' was going berserk.

He turned into Yggdrasill and calmed down. Now I was officially afraid. He glared down at me.

"Zelos..." Yggdrasill growled. I looked past him over to my friends, who were still recovering from Mithos' rage.

Hello? I'm about to get my ass whipped! What about me?

He slowly floated towards me, and I stepped back. "HELLO!" I screamed.

"Huh?" Everyone said, dumbly.

"I loved you and this is what you do? I can't BELIEVE you!" Yggdrasill was about 3 inches away.

"You said that already..." I uttered, being a smart ass. His hands went to my throat and he started choking me.

"You bastard!" Yggdrasill bellowed, shaking my head.

"Ahh!" I gasped out, what the hell are they doing?

"Lloyd! We have to help Zelos!" Thank Martel for Genis!

"Get off him!" Lloyd shrieked, running at Yggdrasill.

He blocked Lloyd's attack and let go of me. I fell to the floor and rolled away to catch my breath. Regal, Presea, and Colette came to help me.

I closed my eyes and ran my fingers over my neck. My precious neck!

A few minutes later, I heard:

"I won't die...until I save Martel..."

I reopened my eyes just in time to see Yggdrasill disappear, clutching his chest.

Then Kratos appeared, and that made me stand up.

I pointed him out to everyone. "It's Kratos!"

"Meet me at Torent Forest." He said plainly, glanced over at me. Kratos smirked and walked away.

"Zelos! Are you alright?" Lloyd asked. I nodded and said:

"We should get to Heimdall. That's were Torent Forest is located near."

The group nodded and started to file out of the Hall. Me and Lloyd were the last ones to leave.

"I'm glad I trusted you...but do you know about Kratos?"

"You'll find out when we get there..."

Yeah, be patient, you little loser. What took you so long to save me? I wanted to asked him, but instead, I placed my hand on his head and ruffed his hair up.

"C'mon, hunny! Off to a new adventure!"

"Quit calling me that!"

"Ok, how about 'baby'?"

"Ha, you'll never change..."

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