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Ch. 1: Another Mission

The alarm clock in Kim's room began beeping loudly. After a few seconds of trying to disentangle herself from her blanket, Kim slapped the snooze button and stretched, yawning. Suddenly the Kimmunicator beeped. Grabbing it off the bedside table, she managed to mumble, "What's the sitch, Wade?" around another yawn.

Wade was still in his pjs. "Kim!" he said urgently while typing on his computer. "We have an urgent hit on the sight. A large inter-dimensional portal has been stolen!"

Kim yawned again. "Can it wait, Wade?' she asked sleepily. "I have to get to school in…" she peered at her clock, and her green eyes widened in shock. "Oh no! I only have 20 minutes to get ready!"

Wade shrugged. "That's not such a short time."

Kim gave him an 'I-can't-believe-you-just-said-that' look. "You obviously don't know how long it takes to look presentable in the morning.

Wade sighed. "Okay, I'll tell this guy that you'll get back to him after school."

"Was the portal stolen from a top secret lab, or from a private owner?" Kim asked as she leapt out of bed.

Wade typed some more on his computer. "No, it's not from a secret lab. Apparently it was stolen from a private inventor."

"What's the inventor's name?" she asked curiously.

"Jack Fenton."

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"And I've never even heard of this guy before," Kim said as she stood in the lunch line. Ron was in front of her, waiting for his turn.

"Uh-huh, yeah," he said absent-mindedly. "You know, I handed in some more incriminating evidence about the lunch lady's conduct, but she's still here." He lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "I think she must have a load of blackmail against the school to keep from getting fired."

"Ron, will you please focus?" Kim said in exasperation.

"Yeah, yeah, hold on, KP," he waved her back as he prepared to get his food. Smiling winningly, he pretended to contemplate the lunch choices. "Let's see, today I'd like some grilled shrimp in a light lemon seasoning, a small dish of beluga caviar, and a chocolate milkshake." The lunch lady stared indifferently at him and dumped a ladle-full of dark brown goo on his tray. He nodded in mock-satisfaction. "Thank you, that'll do just fine. Oh, and you added some shrimp sauce. Nice touch!" The blond boy slowly backed away from the woman's evil glare.

Sitting at their usual lunch table, Ron stirred the goo suspiciously. "Rufus," he said to his pocket, "I need an analysis of foreign material." Kim was unfazed by his mock-serious voice; she was used to it by now. A naked mole rat climbed sleepily out of his pocket and began investigating the lunch tray. Sniffing it carefully, he recoiled in revulsion and made a "Pee-yu!" sound. Ron nodded. "It's just as I thought," he declared, pointing upward. "The cafeteria food is actually toxic material. Good thing I have," he rummaged through his backpack and held a bag up triumphantly, "leftover nacoes!"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Ron, have you been paying attention to a word I've said?"

"'Wade called me about a hit on the site as soon as I woke up and I had to do my hair in 10 minutes instead of 30. Breakfast was cold, I forgot my biology homework and it's a miracle that cheerleading practice was cancelled because we have to go help some guy find a stolen inter-dimensional portal thing right after school. And I've never even heard of this guy before!' End summary." Having finished his speech, Ron chomped into a cold naco, obviously relishing the taste. Kim stared at him in disbelief.

"Oh-Kay," she said finally. "Well, anyway, meet me in front of the school right after the bell. Wade called in a favor for me."

"Will do, KP," her friend answered around the food in his mouth. "So where we goin'?"

Kim searched her memory. "I think it was called Amity Park."

"Riiiight," Ron tried to sound like he understood perfectly. "Never heard of it."

"Well, neither have I, but I guess we'll be seeing it soon." A cold chill suddenly ran down her spine. Kim shuddered. What was that? She wondered. Ron tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, Kim, you okay?"

The teen hero shook off the feeling and tried to give her friend a reassuring smile. "Yeah, Ron. I'm just fine."

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