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Final Replies to Reviewers by Riverfox

(Warning: Long list ahead. If ya don't feel like reading them all, just skim through 'til you find your name or skip to the bottom, I'll have more notes down there.)

Anythinggirl2004: So glad you loved my story! I'm trying to think of a 'sequel', though it'll be more like just another KP/DP cross where they have to fight one of Kim's foes. I might be able to come up w/ a series, but I have to think of plots first. Feel free to submit any ideas you have! And thanks again, your enthusiasm flatters me so!

catastrophefury: Hey, dude! I was hoping you'd review my story! Wow, it's one of your favs? Thanks, BSA! I've been poked by the fury? Lol, that sounds funny. Thanks for readin', ttyl!

ron-sama: Thanks! Okay, okay, I'll work on the sequel! Thanks for readin' and reviewin'!

kIrEigIrL: Yes, sadly, that's all I've got. I will try to make a sequel. Thanks for your encouragement! I'm glad you liked my story so much!

DestinyGuy678: I'm gonna try, but it might take a while. I like to make the whole story before putting it up, and I haven't even figured out the plot yet! But I will try to hurry!

Grifffinrose: Good, I'm glad you think so. Oh, and thanks for clearing that up! My brother figured that was the reason when I meantioned it. Yep, it does make your name unique! Thanks so much, both you and Sasha! I hope you keep updatin' your stories!

FanGirl: Wow, thanks! Your enthusiasm flatters me! I'm gonna try to make a sequel, thanks for the encouragement!

Kkwy: Glad you liked it. And thanks for clearing that up! Man, I knew it was probably obvious! Sigh, sometimes I'm a little slow on that sort of thing. Oh well, thanks again!

Daeron Blackoak: Sorry the chapters seemed short, I was trying to divide the story up in the right places. (When I first wrote it I wasn't keeping chapters in mind.)Glad you approve! Thanks, I'm glad my attempts at humor went well! I didn't think Kim's villains needed to be in this fic; it was more about Kim and Ron helping Danny out and getting to know him and his pals. I'll try to work out that sequel soon! Thanks again for reviewing!

pixie2010: Thanks, I thought that would make a perfect ending. And thanks for the congrats! Cool, you signed yourself out just to send me one last review! I checked out your new fic, and it looks really interesting! I hope to get another fic up eventually, but sadly, it may take a while. Wow, I can't believe I topped 100 reviews on my first fic! Thanks for giving me the heads-up on that, I hadn't even noticed! Lol, don't worry, I love reading reviews. Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed my fic!

Worker72: S'okay, I understand now! As far as I know, the only thing Jack does w/ his mutant hotdogs is use them as living body armor. ("Cover me, men!" yelled Jack, and then all the hotdogs jumped out of the fridge and winded around him.-Killer Garage Sale (I think) ) Wow, it was intriguing? Cool! Thanks! This is true, as far as Kim is concerned, Vlad's just another wierd villain, since Danny never really explained anything to her. Thanks again for reviewing!

dplover: Cool, thanks! I can't belive people think my story's good enough for their favorites lists! Thanks so much!

DrakkenLover: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! And I'm glad you approve of the plot! Oh, and thanks again for explaining that one part of your fic, it helped.

Professor Fishmeister: Yeah, I know it's sad that the dogs had to leave, but I needed to get rid of them to keep a smooth parallel w/ the actual shows. Thanks, I kinda can't belive I came up w/ a good ending. Usually my stories are so long that I lose interest and don't finish, but I forced myself to finish this one. And I got your hint. ;) Don't worry, I'll work on it. And I gave my sis all the congrats given by reviewers. The wedding went really well! Ch.9 Review: I wish it weren't over, too! I was having fun! Aww, you thought it was amazing? I'm so flattered! Let's see, about the chill: it was originally a foreshadowing thing, since it seemed like ghosts would incur a chill. That kinda fell out, though, since the story wasn't at all scary. We'll just say that something in the back of her mind knew that there was something strange about Amity Park, and it caused her to shiver. Or maybe it was the AC... ;) Anyways, thanks so much for reviewing my fanfic! I hope you keep updating yours, it's still one of my favs!

cakreut12: Aww, thanks for all the compliments! I feel so loved! One question: who were you talking about when you said, "She was right!"? I only like Taco Bell-style Mexican food, real Mexican is too spicy. But that's just me! Yes, I know; it's so sad that it's over! Well, thanks for reviewing, I'll try to get a sequel started!

(A/N: I'm sorry if I accidently misspelled anyone's user name!)

Special Thank-You's

Well, I guess that was everybody for the reviews! Now for the 'thank-you's! I'd like to thank Anghammarad, Anythinggirl2004, blue dream fairy, cakreut12, charizardag, ChooseLife, DestinyGuy678, dplover, elpowermoe, Fantastic Bouncy Girl, JK rulez, pixie2010, Professor Fishmeister, Sukira-chan, theferretmenace, and x636 for putting me on their favorites lists! I feel so honored! Thanks so much!

I'd also like to thank Anghammarad, Brimmstone, cakreut12, ChooseLife, Daeron Blackoak, Darkcloud1, elpowermoe, Fantastic Bouncy Girl, JK rulez, kIrEigIrL, Professor Fishmeister, Robert Teague, The Halfa Wannabe, theferretmenace, and Worker72 for putting my fic on their alert lists! This is encouraging, 'cause it means that people actually cared enough about my fic to want to know right when the next chap came out so they could read it! Thanks, you guys!

And thanks again to everyone who reviewed even once! (There's so many of you it would take a full paragraph to name you all, and everyone would get bored. ;) ) I appreciate every one of your reviews and that you took the time to write them. (Okay, I guess I'm gettin' sappy now, so I'll quit while I'm ahead.) ;)

Okay, now for the SPECIAL NOTICE: Many people have requested a sequel (thanks, you guys, I'm touched!). Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I DO plan on making a sequel, and I have the basic idea down for it. The bad news is that I haven't worked out the plot yet, and I like to finish writing my fics before I post them to ensure that I don't drop them, so it could take quite a while for me to put it together. I will try to finish it as soon as possible, so keep checking around, people; I think this next one may be posted in the Danny Phantom section, even though it's about one of Kim's foes, simply because it will start from his point of view (kinda like how this one started w/ Kim's POV). Thanks, Daeron Blackoak, for giving me the idea for the villain! I'll see what I can work out! If any of you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them, and I'll see what I can work in! (Oh, and Daeron Blackoak, I wouldn't mind a few suggestions on what you-know-who would be doing that would require Kim to have Danny's help. Thanks!)

And so, for the final time (at least in this fic), I thank all who read and/or reviewed my fic. Glad ya all enjoyed it! Riverfox237 signing off!