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OFFICIAL PAIRINGS: KyoxKagura, YukixHaru.

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Real Pairings: HaruxKyo, and some one-sided KyoxHaru.

.Fading Memories.

...Chapter 1...

Everything at Shigure's house seemed to be going great. It had been quite a few months since the incident with Akito at the main house, and he had yet to do anything to interfere with their lives; much to their relief. But, they were still cautious nonetheless. Akito was capable of anything. And there was no doubt that he was still really pissed about how Haru had decided to handle things..And that was physically.

Along with Yuki and Tohru, Kyo had graduated from highschool a couple of months before. Everyone was really tense that day, half expecting members of the Sohma family to show up to take Kyo away. But when nothing happened everyone got to heave a great sigh of relief.

Now..Things were just..Normal.

Except for the fact that Ayame seemed to show up more often and stay longer then he used to..But it was okay, he and Shigure weren't as bad as they used to be since Haru had moved in. Apparently the stoic teen didn't appreciate their senses of humor very much. Not that anyone did...They were both pretty obnoxious. But no matter what you do, you just can't stop two brain-dead perverts from acting like themselves. They all soon realized this and accepted it.

Yuki and Kyo still got in fights occasionally, although they were usually more verbal then physical. Kyo was obviously paranoid by the stray looks the nezumi always casted in Haru's direction. Even though the white haired teen was oblivious to this or simply didn't care, Kyo couldn't help but feel a bit possessive of the cow. But, he never confronted the rat on it, because it would just rile them both up.

He no longer cared about beating the rat to be accepted into the family, he'd already been accepted by someone, and that was enough for him.

And last but not least, Tohru. Tohru was...Well, Tohru. She hadn't really changed. She was still unusually hyper and ditzy. She had improved a bit over the time though, she didn't run into walls as frequently as she used to. But she still talked non-stop and attempted to help people with their problems.

Kyo was currently laying in bed, with his eyes closed. He was trying to go back to sleep. He wasn't really sure what exactly had woken him up in the first place, but he didn't really care since he was still half asleep.


Kyo furrowed his brow. Was that a flash...? He was pretty sure it wasn't raining outside... He heard a quiet giggle from across the room. He cracked an eye open groggily to see who the suspicious chuckle had come from. He rubbed his eyes to get the sleep out, so he could actually focus on the anonymous person.

Finally the blurry figure came in to focus. Shigure was standing at the end of the bed with a polaroid camera in hand, studying an image in the other. He looked at Kyo with an innocent expression before slowly taking a step back. Apparently he didn't think a bright flash would actually wake someone up. He went from tip-toeing to dashing to the door.

Before he could slip out Kyo jumped out from under the covers and caught him by the back of his robes. The dog gave a little shriek as he was pulled back into the room to face a very disgruntled Kyo.

"Itaiiii Kyoo. Be gentle." Shigure whimpered.

"What the hell are you doing in my room so early in the morning baka inu? And give me that you pervert!" Kyo snarled, picking the image from the dogs fingers and practically shoving him out the door.

'So he's what woke me up...' He thought to himself and went to study the picture.

It was him, laying on his back, seemingly asleep with Haru's arm draped over his stomach while he nuzzled the cats neck. And lastly of course, Nuku had somehow snuggled his way into the middle. It was kind of cute. In a..'I-like-to-sneak-into-peoples-rooms-and-take-pictures-of-them-while-theyre-asleep' way.

That seemed to rouse further thoughts. Was this the first time Shigure had tried to pull this..? If not, exactly how many pictures did Shigure have of them..?

"That's a good picture, you should keep it." Haru stated sleepily, looking over the redheads shoulder. Kyo snorted and walked over to the desk to lay the picture down. He paused when he came across a little cow plushie laying nonchalantly on his desk. He smiled in remembrance as he picked it up.


Kyo sat in his desk waiting for class to start. Today was going to suck.

Not only was it looking rainy outside, so he couldn't ditch. But it was Valentines day too...

He wasn't worried about Kagura though, since she knew about him and Haru now..But still. He didn't like being at school around all these crazy lovesick girls. Why did this always happen to him? Maybe Yuki was right..He should probably get a calendar... He seemed to pick the worse day of the year to come to school early.

He glanced at the corner of the room where Yuki was completely surrounded by rabid Prince Yuki fangirls and didn't even try to supress the evil laugh that escaped his lips. If there was one thing he was happy about, it was not looking like a pretty boy like the rat did.

"Kyo-kun? I got you some chocolate for valentines day.." A girl who'd approached him while he wasn't paying attention told him shyly.

Kyo stared at her for a moment.

"I don't like chocolate. Go give it to Yuki, he seems to like girly stuff like that" He told her. She looked mildly hurt for a moment, but insisted that he take it anyway. Kyo sighed in defeat and took the offending gift, afraid the girl would go crazy and try to jump him. She smiled brightly at him before walking out of the room. She wasn't even in his class? Stalker... He threw it away as soon as she was out of sight.

Kyo leaned back in his desk and silently wondered what all of the freaky lovey dovey girls would think if he announced to them that he was in a relationship already, and that that person was a guy. This made him cackle slightly.

"Hi Kyo Kyo!" a girl hopped up to him. He started, having been caught in the middle of his thoughts.

"Don't call me Kyo Kyo!" He argued, shaking a fist at the girl, who only smiled.

"Happy Valentines day!" She cheered holding her arms out and jumping at the redhead. Kyo abruptly stepped out of the way and watched as the girl crashed onto the floor while trying to stifle the laugh that wanted to escape his mouth. Phew, he was lucky he trained so much. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to react as quickly as he did.

"Moiiii Kyo Kyo! You weren't supposed to move like that.." She whined, rubbing her head as she stood up. Kyo was getting mildly irritated.

"DOES MY SHIRT SAY "GLOMP ME!" ON IT?... NO!" He practically screamed at the girl. The girl mumbled under her breath as she walked away.

Kyo sighed and sat back down at his desk. Was it gonna be like this all day..? If so he'd rather just off himself and get it over with. He layed his head down on the desk and staired out the window.

He was aware of another persons presence as they plopped down in the seat in front of his. Deciding to ignore them, he continued to stare at the clouds outside. He could feel someones eyes on him, and it was getting kind of irritating, but he ignored it anyway.

The person sitting in front of him moved a bit, and he saw them lay something on his desk near his head. Rolling his eyes, he sat up to tell the person to go away. He'd been expecting another annoying girl. He arched a brow at the new comer.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked boredly. "Don't you have class?"

Haru was sitting backwards in the desk in front of him so he would be facing the older teen. He shrugged.

"Probably. I guess I was wrong when I thought you'de be happy to see me." He drawled sarcastically. "I figured you'de need saving from the flaunting women anyway." He added. Kyo arched a brow at the white haired boy and looked down at what he'd put on the table.

It was a little stuffed cow.

"Now everytime you look at it, you can think of me." Haru told him, obviously pleased with himself. He arched a brow at the blank look on the nekos face. "What, you don't like it?" He asked seriously.

Kyo looked up from the small plushie with a smirk. He stood and held the stuffed animal in front of him.

"And now I have a little stuffed Haru of my own!" He cheered loudly, attracting the attention of everyone in the class. Most of the whispers were. 'hey when did that white haired kid get here?' And the rest were 'What is he talking about?'. But he didn't mind.

Haru stood and shoved his hands in his pockets. He'd assumed that Kyo liked it, otherwise he wouldn't have acted like an excited school girl in front of the class.

"So, wanna ditch with me?" He asked impassively.

"Yeah, let's get out of here." Kyo told him, grabbing his stuff.

"Uh..Kyo?" Haru asked again.

Was it just him or was Kyo spacing out alot latley?

Kyo blinked at the taller boy. "Uh sorry, I was just remembering when you gave me this." He explained, holding up the little cow. Haru gave him an amused grin and turned to get some clothes.

Kyo looked down at Nuku, who was rubbing himself against the redheads legs in a vain attempt to get attention. He crouched down to pet the black and white cat.

"You must be hungry." He stated surely.

"Yeah..Kinda." Haru replied, not knowing that Kyo wasn't even talking to him. And frankly, he didn't plan on correcting him either. He wouldn't want Haru to feel to stupid, now would he..?

"And then he took the picture before I could get away.." Shigure said to Ayame.

"Yeah..Well maybe if you didn't invade peoples personal space they wouldn't get so pissed off at you." Haru said as he walked into the room. Kyo just glared at the dog as he walked by. "It's a good picture by the way." He stated as he took a seat at the table.

"Oh, you think so too?" Shigure asked, seeming proud of himself.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I approve of you taking pictures of us while we're asleep. That's kind of sick you perverted bastard, I mean, who knows what kind of freaky porn rings you might have going behind our backs." He retorted irritably.

Shigure decided to keep his mouth shut about the situation, seeing as it seemed to be be irritating Haru more and more.

"And now Kyo's grumpy, and he's gonna take it out on me you know." He continued.

Shigure blinked at the raging ox. "Oh I doubt that..."

"God damnit! There's no milk!" Kyo yelled from the kitchen. He stomped into the dining room, a scowl etched into his features.

"Uh Kyo.." Haru started but was cut off my the cat as he stormed from the room. "SHUTUP!"

Haru furrowed his brows as he turned from where the fiery redhead disappeared to the the dog sitting across the table from him.

"What was that you were saying, Sensei?" All of the sudden he was feeling the need to vent some frustrations, and he had the perfect subject.

Shigure whimpered at the evil gleam in the ox's eye. He really needed to start listening to the little voices in his head that told him what he should and shouldn't do...

to be continued..

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