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Wow. I didn't even know you read this fic, I feel special that you decided to make an exception for that chapter! Kureno getting revenge huh? Sounds good! I was thinking about that as well, but I couldn't decide exactly what to do for his revenge! I'll try to think of something, thanks!

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Again with Kureno. Yup yup. If I choose the angsty route then I'm sure it will probably involve Kureno.


Wow...Long review. (I'm kind of afraid to read Let's see..-reads-.. Eep. I'm very happy that you enjoyed it, and seem to have enjoyed the pairing. I've been trying my best to write nicely, although I wasn't really sure if I was getting any better or not.. I would most definately spell-check if word-pad had it. Usually after writing a chapter, I'm like "finally done at last!" and am too lazy to re-read it to look for typos. -Guilty- A beta-reader is a good idea. I was just always worried that when I'm done with the chapter, that person wouldn't be on and I'de have to wait longer to post the chapter. (I like to put them up as fast as possible for you guys.) Or also, afraid that instead of only fixing typos, they would attempt to switch around sentences and stuff to "make it sound better" I'm very picky about my writing.. But yes, you're right.

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AHAHA! WTF? I could NEVER imagine Haru having something on his grave along the lines of: "Haru wuz here. Ya heard!" -chokes- Jesus, that was funny. It's like 6 in the morning right now, so that woke me up...Ahahaha. And oh shit I forgot about Nuku..

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"Mew?" Nuku thought as he watched Kyo scooping out his litterbox. Which translates to "that's right, you betterclean my poo."

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I know what you mean. Alot of the stories out there are all happy. People want angst! ANGST I SAY!


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