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"Nugh." I groaned, rolling and resting on my side, with my back to Dom. He pulled me closer and kissed the nape of my neck softly. I took a few deep breaths then looked over at him with an evil look on my face. He sighed and rolled onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. I rolled back, onto my back and stared up at the ceiling. I can't believe him. I looked over at him and he had his eyes closed with his arms crossed under his head. I sighed and pushed back the covers on my side of the bed and climbed out.

"Where ya going baby?" Dom asked without opening his eyes. I looked at him with a glare even though I knew he couldn't see. He expected me to stay? "Come back to bed." He reached over and patted the empty bed beside him. "Come on."

"I'm going downstairs." He opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows a little.

"You want me to come with you?" He looked at me. I was already dressed and ready to go downstairs, he was still lying naked in bed.

"No." I replied quickly. He nodded a little then rolled onto his side. I sighed and left the room in a hurry. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Casey was sitting at the table alone. "Hey Casey." She looked up at me and smiled, raising her glass of orange juice.

"Morning mom." She said after looking at the clock to make sure it was before noon.

"Morning." I flopped down in the chair beside her and she looked over at me.

"Something wrong?" She asked quietly. I shook my head and smiled a little. "You want something to drink?"

"I'll get it, thanks." I stood up and walked to the fridge. I opened it and pulled out the orange juice and set it on the counter. I looked out the window over the sink and smiled when I saw Jason, Tony and Lynn playing in the yard. I couldn't figure out what they were playing but they all looked like they were having fun, even Jason. "Where's JJ?" I asked pouring myself a cup of orange juice then placing it back in the fridge. I walked back over to the table and sat beside her, taking a sip.

"He's in the other room, sleeping. I think he's getting sick." I nodded and looked over at her. She looked worried.

"He'll be okay." I said with a nod. She nodded and smiled a little. "Kids are always getting sick." She nodded again. I got up from the table, leaving my glass, and walking to the window to watch Jason, Tony and Lynn. Lynn looked happy, Jason looked happy, and Tony looked happy. I was happy.


I must have dazed off, imagining my life with Casey when she was Lynn's age, if I were here and not in jail. Casey had to throw a dishtowel at me to get my attention, and when she did, it caused me to jump. Not because it scared me, but because it was cold and wet and met with my left cheek. She winced when I turned around and I smiled at her.

"How did you and dad meet?" I shrugged a little and walked back over to the table.

"I moved in down the street, I was… eight?" She nodded. "I was friends with his sister, Mia."

"You were eight?" I nodded and she smiled. "That's young. What was your first impression?"

"My first impression of him was that he was an asshole. I'm glad that first impression didn't stick. My second impression… much better." She nodded.

"What happened the second time around?"

"My dad… he wasn't the best. His dad came over and took me from him, stopped him. After I was over at the Toretto's house, Dom held me, told me everything would be okay. That was the day I knew I'd love him forever."

"What if he didn't love you back, would you still love him forever?"

"Yes." I nodded. "Your dad's a great guy, he is. He's just made some bad choices in his past."


"We spent two years in Lompoc when he was eighteen."

"What did he do?" She asked quietly, sitting up.

"It's no bedtime story."

"So?" I nodded a little and sat down beside her.

"His dad was doing this race. We were all there, Mia, me, Dom, Leon, Vince, Dom's girlfriend…" I trailed off and sighed heavily. "Jess too. It was a beautiful day. None of us knew it was going to be such a tragic day either. His dad ended up slamming into a wall. The car burst into flames. Your dad flipped. He jumped over the gate between the sidelines and the track. They eventually got him under control, but his dad didn't make it, and he lost it again. He vowed he'd pay back whoever had done it. Some guy, Linder, had done it. Had knocked the back end of his dads car and sent him into the wall. He smiled." Casey's jaw dropped and her eyebrows arched into a sad looking face. "A little time later, Linder showed up at the garage. All smiles. Said he wanted to apologize for what happened to Mr. Toretto. But, he couldn't stop smiling. For the last time, Dom lost it."

"What happened?" Casey's voice cracked.

"Your dad grabbed the closest tool to his hand and got him. He wouldn't stop. He couldn't stop. Nobody was there to stop him. I walked in, saw him and yelled for him to stop."

"Dom!" I screeched from the sidewalk a few feet from where Dom was brutally hitting some guy, Linder, with a wrench. "Dominic." I said stepping closer. "Stop." He dropped the bloody tool and looked up at me. He looked back down at Linder then backed away from him, scooting on his butt. I looked at Linder then back to Dom. "What did you do?"

"I." He couldn't talk. "Let." His eyes were red, along with his whole body. I looked around the garage then remembered the shower in the back room. A just in case shower. I slowly stepped toward Dom and he looked up at me. "Letty."

"Come on, Dom." I said reaching my hand down to him. He shook his head and bit his bottom lip. "Dom." He looked at me. "Come on." He took my hand and I helped him stand. I put his arm around my shoulder and my arms around his waist, leading him to the bathroom. I pushed down the lid on the toilet and sat him down. "Stay." He nodded and I jogged into another room in the garage. Where I knew Dom kept some clean clothes. I grabbed a pair of jeans, a wife beater, and some clean boxers.

"Letty." He whimpered as I walked back into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and locking it. I stood up him and slid my hands under his shirt, pulling it up over his head. He leaned against me as I reached to unbuckle his pants. I looked up into his eyes. There he was: big, brawn, and strong; now seemingly little, weak and scared. I jumped a little when his big hands covered my smaller ones. "Letty." I looked up into his eyes, and then broke away, looking at the floor. "Say something."

"Say what?" I questioned. He shrugged and I pushed down his pants. I leaned over and started the shower. Dom stared at the water but didn't want to move toward it. "Come on, you have to clean yourself." He shook his head and I exhaled heavily. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and raised it up over my head, then sliding my shirt down my arms. I unbuttoned my shorts then pushed them down, kicking them off my feet. Then I noticed Dom's shoes. I bent down and untied them. I lifted his foot, almost making him fall, but he put his hands on my shoulders for support. I pulled off his shoe, then grabbed for the other, almost making him fall again. I kicked off my flip-flops and stepped back into the shower, pulling Dom with me.

"Let." Dom said as he realized what I was wearing. A bra and underwear, but it's not like he's never seen a girl wearing these before. I turned him so his back was to me and I looked as his boxers and then quickly up to his shoulders. I put my hands on his shoulders and rubbed them gently. "You hate me." He whispered into my ear.


"You hate me."

"I don't hate you Dom."

"Yes. You do." I shook my head as he turned so he was facing me. "Say it."

"I don't hate you, Dom." He frowned and leaned down, putting his face into my neck. He was acting like an oversized kid right now. He was scared. I was startled when I felt him kiss my neck. "I don't hate you, Dom." I repeated. He stepped back and looked into my eyes. "I love you."

"Letty." He whispered quietly into my ear. He dropped his head and pushed his lips onto mine. I gasped and stepped back. He had a girlfriend and it definitely wasn't me. He dropped to his knees and looked up at me. He pressed his cheek into my stomach and sobbed. "I'm so sorry. Sorry." I pulled myself from his grasp and stepped out of the shower. I reached for my clothes and held them over myself.

"Dom." I sighed. I opened the door and left quickly, leaving the door open. He wasn't thinking and neither was I. I sighed, sitting down on the couch that was in the office. I threw my clothes away from me and laid down, not worrying about if anybody saw me. I heard footsteps behind me but I didn't look, I was too busy crying. A few seconds passed and I felt somebody slide on the couch behind me and cover the two of us with a white blanket. It was Dom. He rolled me so I was facing him and it was then I realized he had sad eyes and a frown.

"Letty." He whispered. Again, he put his lips over mine but this time, I didn't pull back, he did. I looked into his eyes and he nodded a little. "I'm going to go away for a while. Will you be here when I get out?" I looked down at his chest and placed my hands there. "For me, when I come back."

"I promise." He leaned forward and kissed me again. It wasn't just a peck, it was a kiss and that kiss meant something.

"Stay here with me?" I nodded and he pulled me into his arms. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. This was something I could get used to.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke with a start. I had a dream that Dom was ordered down to the ground and arrested. I sat up and looked down, still expecting to be in my bra and underwear. I wasn't. Dom must have dressed me; it was his clothes that I was dressed in. I folded up the white blanket and put it over the back of the couch. I walked out of the garage to find a police car pulling away and Mia in the middle of the driveway crying in Vince's arms.

I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I didn't stop until I was safely behind Dom's locked bedroom door. I flung myself down on his bed and cried into his pillow. He was gone.

"He ended up getting two years." I said shakily to Casey. I looked over at her and she had tears in her eyes. "Those were the worst times of my life, those two years."

"I had no idea." I nodded and frowned. "But I bed you were happy when he got out." I nodded and smiled over at her, thanking her for changing the subject to a lighter one. "What happened that day?"


(Another Flashback)
I tossed an oily rag at Leon's head as he laughed about me changing the oil in my car all by myself. He said that no girl could do it by herself, but I proved him wrong and did it. He laughed and threw it down on the ground. I smiled and looked over my shoulder as Mia walked out of the house.

"Dom's going to be here in an hour." She stated nervously. Vince had just left to pick him up. Mia looked at me and smiled. "I see you did it on your own." I nodded and Mia smiled. "You should go wash up." I nodded and pointed to my house with my thumb.

"I'll be back soon." Mia nodded and I ran off to my house, where I basically lived alone because my mom was never home.

"Letty." A voice said before I stepped inside the door. I stopped and turned to see a boy holding a baby. I released the door and walked to him, looking at the baby. He handed the baby over to me and pulled some things out of his pocket. A piece of paper and a picture. I sat down on the step of the porch. He sat down beside me and I cradled the sleeping baby in my arms. We sat there and talked for almost an hour, until I saw Vince's car pull into the driveway. I stood up and turned to the guy I was talking to. "I should probably get going anyway." He looked as two men got out of the car. "Lover boy?" I chuckled a little. "Yeah."

"Steve." I said shortly. He looked up at me as he stood. "I love you, you know?" He nodded and smiled a little. I looked down at the baby and smiled. "Loraine. I'm gonna miss having you around." With that, I leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead.

"Letty, your boyfriend is cute." Steve said. I shoved Steve playfully and blushed. "Seriously. He's straight, right?"

"I haven't talked to him in two years. But, Steve, I'm pretty sure he's straight."


"Didn't you say you were leaving?" He nodded and leaned over, kissing my cheek. "Okay, Lor, time to go to your daddy." I handed the baby over to Steve.

"Shh." Steve said as she wakened a little and gurgled. My heart felt weak. "Okay, Loraine. You gonna say bye to your momma?"

"I'm not her momma, remember?" I corrected quickly. He nodded a little.

"Well, Loraine, you gonna say bye to Letty?" The girl gurgled again and I smiled a little. My heart felt even weaker. I loved that kid. I'd been there for her since day one, along with her dad. I loved Steve, but he made the decision that he was gay. How fair was that to me? Not very fair at all. I followed him to his car and opened the back passenger door. I watched him put Loraine in her car seat. When he was finished, he stood up and looked at me, closing the door. "I'm gonna miss you, Let."

"I'm gonna miss you too." He leaned forward and kissed my forehead softly. I watched him walk around to the driver's side and get in. I watched the baby kick her feet and arms in the air. I smiled a little but frowned as soon as the car pulled away. I watched it disappear down the street and frowned when I knew it was gone. Gone forever.

I turned on my heel and started back to the Toretto's. As I reached the end of the driveway, I wiped my tears. Dom, Leon, Vince and Jesse were sitting on the porch, talking about their cars.

"Who's that?" Dom whispered to Vince, talking about me. I smiled a little, not wanting them to think something was wrong. "She's a babe." I chuckled to myself and started up the sidewalk that led to their porch.

"Dude, that's Letty." Vince said to him quietly. I smiled as I reached the top of the steps.

"Hey boys." My voice was rough and broken. I looked at Dom and smiled. "Hey Dom. Welcome home."

"And that's how we got started." Casey smiled and I smiled back at her.

"Who's Steve and how come I've never heard of him?"

"He was my best friend while your dad was in Lompoc." I took a deep breath and looked at her. She wanted more information and I nodded. "We were each others' first. Just to know what it was like and stuff. A few weeks later, he came to me, saying he wanted to be gay. But did say he loved me and he didn't want me to be hurt by that."

"The kid?"

"His. Some other girls." Casey nodded and smiled. "I think she's about twenty-one now." Casey smiled and nodded. She looked at me in a funny way but I ignored the funny look and smiled at her.


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