Vandread Corruption

Chapter seven: Time for battle and hopefully the end

Samui has ran to his room because of a message he had received over the intercom just a few minutes ago, Samui walks through the door only for someone to jump on to his back knocking him to the floor. Samui rubs his head opening his eyes to see a girl like figure on top of him; Samui's eyes finally regain their focus and he looks at the girl with a shocked expression on his face.

"Atsuko! It's you and you are ok!" Atsuko and Samui both get up and Samui gives his older sister a big hug, Samui then pulls away and Atsuko replies with a warm smile.

"I will make a full recovery; they got the special medicine for me so now I will make a full recovery isn't it great." Atsuko smiles at Samui as he nods back, her smile all nice warm, Samui smiles seeing that she has made a full recovery.

"Yes it is does anyone else know you are better?" Asked Samui still quite shocked to see his sister so much better so quickly, Atsuko then looks into the air and she replies.

"I think they do know but I am unsure." Atsuko smiles as the door to their room slides open and pretty much every crew member on the ship falls on to the floor. Atsuko and Samui both look around to see that most of the ship has decided to join them.

"I think everyone knows now." Laughed Samui as he rubbed his head as his sister giggled as she got jumped on by most of the crew, Hibiki stands beside Samui as does Meia while Jura, Barnette, Valore, and Gascogne all huddle around Atsuko talking to her and asking her all these questions.

"It's great to hear that your sister is going to make a full recovery Samui, I was worried about how you would feel if she did pass away now; though now we don't need to worry about it." Smiled Hibiki a bit awkwardly, as Meia decided to speak.

"Your sister seems to have that affect on people, she can gather people and rally them together just like our Dita and speaking of Dita where is she Hibiki?" Asked Meia as she stood up straight after leaning up against the wall, Meia turns to Hibiki and Hibiki then replies.

"She is with Ezra I think; though the pain in the neck she hasn't bothered me all day." Added Hibiki firmly sounding rather harsh, Meia turns around with small grin on her face and she replies.

"You like her, a lot Hibiki so don't try to cover it up with your macho act." Meia waves as Atsuko looks at her giving her a friendly wave. Meia then turns to look at Hibiki again who seems to be looking around trying to ignore Meia's comment. Samui chuckles trying to remain silent, though Hibiki smiles and he quickly gets his own back at Samui.

"Oh yeah what are chuckling about we all know about your secret love for…" Hibiki then gets elbowed in the stomach as Meia turned to listen in to the conversation.

"Sorry Hibiki I didn't hear a word you said do you want to repeat it?" Samui smiles as Hibiki shakes his head to say no he doesn't want to repeat it again. "I thought that would be your answer." Chuckled Samui as Meia looked at curiously towards Hibiki whom had just sat down to try and regain his breath. Samui then continues to watch as his sister is mobbed by Jura and the others, until Gascogne decides to step in.

"Alright I know you all show Atsuko how much you all missed her; but if you don't let her take it easy, she won't be able to return to her job properly so come on every one out…" Gascogne pushes as many people towards the door as she can, once they have heaved out the door she goes back in grabbing any stragglers and Gascogne tosses them also out the door. "Sorry about that Atsuko and you too Samui, I'll see you both later kiddo." Atsuko nods at Gascogne and Gascogne returns the jester by waving; she then walks towards the doorway. "Come on Meia and you too Hibiki lets go." Meia and Hibiki both nod and they follow Gascogne out of the room leaving both brother and sister on their own.

"Well sure was unexpected wasn't it Atsuko?" Samui looks around the now deserted bed room and his sister replies in the middle of a small giggle, her face so full of life not like it was just a few hours ago.

"It was but you have to tell me what has happened since I was in bed, I heard that something terrible had happened what was it?" Atsuko looked at Samui with a serious expression on her face.

"Well you're going to find out sooner or later but Meia, as well as a few of the other Dread team leaders lost a few of the wing mates in the last battle that is what happened." Replied Samui quietly knowing he shouldn't of told her, Atsuko could now worry herself back to sickness again but Samui quickly jumps back in to stop her from worrying. "Though they were upset they are getting over it and are moving on without forgetting their friends so don't worry about them ok." Smiled Samui resting his hands on his sister's shoulders.

"I won't worry about it Samui, though you should stop worrying about I can look after myself ok little brother." Smiled Atsuko as she held his hand before giving him a hug. "Though I think you have had a bit too much excitement for one day, you look tired you better get some sleep." Atsuko smiles and Samui nods as he lies down on top of his bed; closing his eyes to fall asleep.

Though now else where on the ship BC is currently looking over some paper work; they will arrive at Mejale in two weeks time and they not had any encounters with the enemy yet. "Why haven't we been attacked yet? Why haven't we even seen any enemies?" BC continues to ponder when she gets called to the bridge. "On my way." Replies BC as she gets up walking off towards the bridge.

Meia is in her room pondering to herself about the death of her wing mate but every now and again random thoughts of Samui pop into her head. "I wonder why he elbowed Hibiki in the stomach like that, it must be some man thing, I'll go and I'll ask Atsuko." Meia gets up from her seat and she exits her quarters walking to go and meet Atsuko to try and figure out what was going on, the whole time they did have other men other than Hibiki on board she kept to herself but Samui feels different to her so she will pursue down this path for a bit to see where it goes. Meia continues to make her way towards Atsuko quarters while BC has no made her way to the bridge to which she is watching something on a monitor privately.

"So one of Mejale's patrol ships were destroyed on one of its regular patrols?" Asked BC as she turned to look at her captain, who then nodded to return her comments by answering calmly.

"Yes it would appear they have managed to slip past us and have gotten very close to Mejale with out anyone knowing we need to speed up but I want the crew to be kept in the dark we don't want to start a panic ok BC." Replied the captain as she looked at BC who nodded back.

"Yes captain do you know how many causalities that have been reported so far?" Asked BC turning to the captain whom of which then frowned and replied with much hurt in her voice.

"No they all died there were no survivors, everyone was killed." The captain closes her eyes and slams her fist of her desk. "We can't let them win this or take any more innocent lives this has got to stop now."

"I agree with you, I say we increase or speed to Mejale just in case I am sure the Mejale media is all over it by now." Replied BC. "It's probably gotten the empire in spin if the harvest attacks now, Mejale will not be able to defend itself." BC turns to the captain who then nodding her head replies.

"Alright BC you can go to the bridge and issue the order I want to continue to study this to see what was responsible." The captain nods and BC nods before leaving the room. Though else where on the ship, Meia has now arrived at Atsuko's room and she knocks on the door.

"Come on in!" Meia enters the room to find Atsuko sitting on her bed trying to take it easy; Atsuko looks up to see Meia enter her room. "Hello Meia what can I do for you today?" Atsuko looks at Meia's slightly troubled looking face and Meia replies.

"It is something concerning your brother; he was acting unusual around me and earlier on when Hibiki muttered something which I think concerned me, Samui elbowed him in the stomach putting a halt to his conversation, I just wondering since you know more about the men than I do, I was wondering do you have any idea about what could be going on.

"Umm let's see, I have an idea but from what have said and the way I have seen my brother act and talk around you, I can draw one simple conclusion." Replied Atsuko raising one of her fingers in to the air.

"What have you concluded?" Asked Meia in a professional manner, the serious look on her face not even changing for a second. Atsuko smiles at her before replying with a bit of awkwardness in her voice.

"Ummm…let's see how would I put this, well you know that in the world I came from that men and woman lived together and even had children together?" Atsuko looks at Meia and Meia nods in return. "Well I think Samui may have fallen for you." Atsuko goes slightly red as she pushes her hair back. Meia pauses for a few minutes before looking back at Atsuko with her eyes firmly wide open. "Yep like that do you remember when you and Valore had a fight not to long ago and you ended up be held in my brother's arms? Well what did that fee like to you?" Atsuko stares at Meia waiting on her answer. Our how about the patrol you were due to go on but you never went? Hmm from what I heard you wanted him to go with you the two of you on your own I think you just need someone to confirm your feelings for my brother." Atsuko looks at Meia again putting her in a very uncomfortable position.

"You may be right thank you Atsuko, though I have a small thing to ask of you?" Meia looks at Atsuko with a seriously professional look on her face; Atsuko takes a deep breath and then replies looking at her.

"Sure what is it? I can try to help, but I can't guarantee that it will work; things like this aren't something that can be forced to happen just be aware of that ok I will help you try." Smiled Atsuko as she gave Meia the thumbs up to say that she would help her.

"Thank you Atsuko." Meia sits down to continue their conversation.

It is now been a week and four days and the Nirvana has now flown into Mejale controlled space, they have been greeted by two Mejale warships whom have explained the incident the harvest has shown up. The bridge has explained to everyone about what is going on and that they will arrive at Mejale in less than thirty minutes.

"So it has begun then." Asked the captain as the whole crew gather on the bridge as the front fleet of the Mejale and Tarak Empire wait for the enemy attack, the Nirvana docks at an orbital base in orbit around Mejale and everyone who isn't combat ready has disembarked from the Nirvana and the combat crew are on board.

"So Samui you're staying too then my younger brother?" Asked Atsuko as Samui entered their room looking up at his sister before replying.

"Yeah I stayed too though I thought I asked you to get off the ship? I know you can fight Atsuko but I want at least one of us to survive this battle I want one of us to live on, that won't happen if we both perish in the upcoming battle." Samui sits down on his bed as his sister looks at him from her bed giving him the puppy dog look with her eyes.

"I stayed because I didn't want to lose my brother to the same monsters our world had fallen too if one of us is too die, then the other will follow them into death though if it comes to that then you can't just take your life you either die fighting or you don't die at all you got it little brother?" Asked Atsuko as she looked at Samui confidently and calmly Samui looks at her with a bit of a weird expression on his face he then replies.

"Yeah you know I won't simply give up my life now." Replied Samui as he gave his sister the thumbs up as a battle alarm suddenly echoes all over the ship and both Atsuko and Samui quickly run to their battle stations as they here BC's voice give commands over the speaker system as she announces the planet killer has arrived and that all vessels will set out of the space dock and engage the enemies as they come all Dread teams with their designated leaders as well as Vanguard and the Goliath units are to launch when ready.

"It's starting then come on Atsuko, with both of us in Goliath the enemy will see his true power." Smiled Samui as the two of them ran towards to hanger bay were their mech Goliath is waiting for them. Atsuko and Samui here the launching of the Dreads and they watch the final Dread through a window as they continue to run towards their machine as it begins to stand up, Goliath eyes glow a bright red colour as it's two seated cock pit opens up as Atsuko and Samui run in to the hanger bay. Goliath's wings open as its engines come online; its humanoid head turns to look at Atsuko and Samui as Samui smiles at his sister as she runs behind him as they run across the floor towards Goliath.

"It looks like Goliath is finally back to his old self again; he really missed you Atsuko he didn't show any signs of being intelligent since you stopped fighting with him." Smiled Samui as both of them jumped in to Goliath's cockpit, the upper casing closes and Goliath roars as it changes in to its jet form.

"Atsuko and Samui here Goliath launching!" Atsuko gives Samui the thumbs up as he pushes the throttle which launches Goliath out into space.

"Samui please form up; the enemy are now attacking." Meia cuts the com as the sky around Samui lights up with weapons fire, Samui and Atsuko then both receive the data on all the enemy units and allied units.

"Roger that Meia, Atsuko, Samui and Goliath will now proceed to form up." Samui then flies forward to locate Meia and the others. Though back on the Nirvana, the ship has just on a squad of enemy fighters that have decided to choose them as a target, there is a lot of explosions and the dented buckled flaming wrecks of the space craft as they explode in a blinding light.

"Keep firing Bart we need to destroy as many of these things as we can, we need to be able to get the fighters close enough to destroy the main target which if no one knows is that giant planet killer out there." BC looks to where Bart is situated and Bart shouts out of the top of her voice.

"Roger that ma'am!" Bart fires again, the beams of energy streak through space striking all their intended targets blasting them out of the sky. Though else were as the battle rages on everyone has formed up and are now striking key ships of the enemy fleet which is hindering the enemies ability to fight for now.

"Ok everyone watch out these machine are a lot better than they let on all Dreads you know what to do!" Meia fires at an enemy fighter blasting it, the enemy explodes in large bright light Meia looks at her dreads instruments as her Dread team stays close to her while destroying any enemy fighters or mecha that get in their way. Else where on the battlefield however Hibiki has been given his very own unit of Vanguard units and he is surprisingly leading them very well.

"Alright guys break away and regroup." Hibiki's Vanguard unit breaks off from a fighter deployment vessel, the ship explodes and bits of its wrecked hull drift off into space, Hibiki watches on his monitors before giving out a message to his troops. "We did it guys keep up the good work." Hibiki smiles as his soldiers cheer over the communication system. While the battle rages on near Hibiki Jura and Barnette have both just successfully destroyed another enemy war ship but as the enemy warship is going down it fires one final blast of weapons.

"Jura break off quickly!" Barnette and Jura along with their Dread team's barrel roll out of harms reach as the blast strikes an allied battle ship behind them.

"No!" Both Jura and Barnette watch as the enemies last attack went straight through the allied ships shields blow a large hole in the ships side, Barnette and Jura both close their eyes for a split second as the ship then explodes taking out allied and enemy fighters alike in the blast. Jura and Barnette fire destroying more fighters as their teams form up beside them.

"We have lost a lot of lives in this battle and yet the planet killer hasn't done a thing except sit there, as if it's adrift I have a bad feeling about this…" a stray shot flies past Barnette's wing as an enemy fighter flies up behind her. "Back off!" Barnette flies straight up before using her piloting skills to quickly get behind her opponent shooting the craft down with a missile, the enemy vessel explodes.

"Dita you have got one on your tail." Meia's dread breaks off to help out Dita as she struggles to shake off her enemy; Dita pulls out all the stops to try and shake off her enemy. There is a large explosion as the enemy pursuing Dita suddenly explodes.

"Are you ok there Dita it's getting a bit tough but don't let it bother you." Valore pulls up beside Dita's Dread and a video screen shows up in Dita's cock pit with Valore giving her the thumbs up.

"Thanks Valore!" Replied Dita as she jumped up and down in her cockpit before Valore cuts of the com link and flying off back into the battle again, Dita launches a missile barrage destroying three enemy fighters as Hibiki's Vanguard Squad flies up beside as another Allied warship gets destroyed by enemy weapons fire.

"Hey there, I think we should combine now and show these guys not to mess with us why do you say Dita?" Asked Hibiki over a video feed which shows up directly beside Dita who then gives Hibiki a large board smile and replies.

"Ok mister alien let's combine!" Dita's Dread then flies straight into the air as Hibiki's Vanguard follows, Hibiki's men look shocked as it looks like both Dita's Dread and Hibiki's Vanguard as it looks they are going to crash in instead there is a flash and Vandread Dita is ready to fight.

"Ok mister alien let's get them!" Dita jumps up and down as the Vandread Dita's shoulder cannons fold into place locking down over the Vandread's shoulders, the cannons power up firing a very powerful blast of green energy which streaks through space destroying all enemies in its path, there is a large chain explosion as all the fighters and enemy mecha explode with a very loud but impressive bang.

"Yes we have done it mister alien! But what is that bright that." Dita squints her eyes as does Hibiki, though on the Nirvana the power readings are going off the scales.

"Everyone get out of there now! The planet killer is firing its weapons!" BC slams the console as the blast streaks across the battle field like the angel of death killing all in its way. BC can hear the screams of all those people over the com as fifty percent of the remaining allied forces are suddenly destroyed.

"No…" Hibiki and Dita watch as the explosion brightens up space around them; Hibiki and Dita both close their eyes as Hibiki clenches his fist in anger.

"All those people." Added Jura as she too looks away in disgust as the battle continues to rage on around her, the sadness on Jura's face could soon over whelm her but she then hears Barnette's voice over the com.

"This is terrible guys we can't let that thing fire again you guys all better combine and stop that thing!" Yelled Barnette as she watches the planet killer like a hawk just in case it begins to power up to fire.

"I agree; ok Barnette you take command of our Dread teams while we combine, Atsuko and Samui will help you out, does everyone get that?" Asked Meia as she turns her Dread around heading towards Hibiki and Dita with her Dread at top speed.

"Yes Meia over and out. Are you ready Atsuko?" Asked Samui as he turned too look at his sister who was sitting behind him, Atsuko nods and smiles before replying with a prideful warriors tone in her voice.

"Yeah I am ready to go how about you Goliath?" Atsuko starts hitting a few buttons and Goliath replies very proudly in a metallic tone in his voice.

"I was built to carry out your wish I am ready." Replied Goliath as he stopped cold in the middle of the battlefield.

"Ok begin the separation process and armour me up." Atsuko then hits a few buttons, the Dread shaped fighter then changes into its humanoid gargoyle form, it then ejects some thing from its stomach which then transforms in to a smaller Dread like craft which has Samui inside. Back inside Goliath a large metal exoskeleton the attaches itself to Atsuko, the black and red exoskeleton is a figuring suit which lets Atsuko operate Goliath using her own body, the connections are now finished, Atsuko's eyes glow red just like Goliath's now Atsuko's true fighting power will be shown, Goliath's mass begins to grow to the size of the ultimate Vandread.

Though back with Meia everyone else except Barnette has made it to the desired location Hibiki then begins to talk to everyone over the com.

"Ok this is it guys remember to keep our thoughts clear and we all will for the same thing." Hibiki and the others all close their eyes at exactly the same time all of sudden the their dreads and Hibiki's are swallowed in a bright white light, a number of enemies spot the light and they move in close to investigate only to be destroyed by the bright light, the light fades and the ultimate Vandread and stands there floating in space ready to fight, Both Atsuko inside Goliath and Samui in his fighter craft fly up beside them.

"Ok guy's; is everyone ready to end this?" Asked Hibiki as he looked at everyone who sitting around him and to Atsuko and Samui whom of which, Hibiki is looking at over the video screen.

"Me and Samui were born ready for this let's go." Smiled Atsuko over video screen before cutting it off, Samui also gives Hibiki the thumbs up and he too cuts off the video feed.

"Well they are ready how about all of you?" Hibiki turns to each of his friends and they all nod in agreement. "Alright then let's end this once and for all!" Everyone sits at their control consoles at the ready. The ultimate Vandread then rushes forward with Goliath at its side firing its own weapons mounted in its fore arms. A large blast fires from the lift arm of theVandread; the blast arcs through space destroying all the enemies effortlessly. Samui shoots two more enemies down before his sister calls him over the com links.

"Samui could you return to Goliath? I need your craft for additional weapons." Atsuko grabs an enemy mech, ripping both its arms off before shooting it in the head blowing up the mech completely.

"Yes sis on my way now." Samui gets fired upon but by barrel rolling his craft the shot misses; Samui fires a couple of rear missiles destroying his target as he makes his way back towards his sister Atsuko whom of which, is fighting in Goliath not to far away.

Hibiki with his friends whom are all aboard the Vandread they used to defeat the harvest the first time, they begin to move towards their prime objective; Jura looks up at Hibiki and yells out.

"I have loads of object's coming up behind the planet killer what do we do Hibiki?" Asked Jura as she franticly turned and looked at Hibiki waiting on an answer.

"Enemies I am not sure, umm ah hell just shut up Jura I am trying to think." Hibiki franticly looks around as chaos begins to take over the Vandread's crew all except Meia who is trying to figure out whether they are indeed enemies or allied only to be disturbed by Jura yelling once again.

"I am no picking up a very large heat signature they are going to fire!" Jura covers her head as more gun fire can be heard, though the shots aren't aimed at them. The blasts strike off the planet killer's rear shield, and then are large one fires bringing the shield down.

"Sorry we are late we had to clean up the reinforcements the rear shield is now down I repeat the rear shields are Argh!" There are lots of small explosions and one large explosion as the planet killer fires its planet destroying blast blows up the remainder of the defence fleet that the Nirvana aided just weeks ago.

"Don't let those lives go to waste Hibiki get in there and destroy that machine and quickly they died and gave you an opportunity take it!" The captain of the Nirvana nearly gives herself a heart attack with the amount of emotion she put into her statement; she then immediately cuts the com as BC turns to face her.

"It looks like we are leaving our fate with him again." Smiled BC before looking back at the battle again; watching as Bart continues to fire at the enemy.

"Yes it would seem we are depending on him and the others yet again, fate deals hands like that sometimes. Let's hope they can do it again." The captain nods and BC turns back around issuing orders to the troops, while the doctor and Paiway help out with the many injuries that are coming in due to the Nirvana taking many enemy hits, though for now the shields are holding firmly.

Samui has caught up to his sister Atsuko, his ship flies along side her attaching to Goliath's arm, then Samui hits a few buttons and his ship begins to transform taking the shape of a bow, Samui then gets on the com to his sister. "I am ready Atsuko lets finish this so I can go see Meia." Atsuko's head quickly turns to the video screen and she shakes her head and replies.

"Ok Goliath we have to hurry up so that Samui can on his date; are you ok with that?" Atsuko waits on Goliath's orders as the bow gets pulled back; the energy takes the shape in the form of an arrow.

"I am ok with that master let us finish it quickly." Goliath releases the energy arrow which impales an enemy mech before exploding taking out the enemies around him, Atsuko let's out a sigh before she fires weapons mounted on the fore arm of Goliath, she destroys a few more enemies.

Though inside the planet killer Hibiki and the gang have almost made it to the centre of the vast vessel the only problem is they have got three mecha very similar to their own. They smash through a chamber wall only to find the three mecha waiting for them, this is it the final battle.

"Ok you guys this is it we need to take out the three of these guys and destroy that core, let's go!" Hibiki flies towards the first of the mecha a black and red version of their own Vandread. "Get out of my way!" Hibiki's Vandread then buries it's massive knee into the other Vandread's stomach area before ramming the Vandread's hand in to it's head knocking it back Hibiki quickly changes the Vandread's arm in to a sword and he quickly slashes it in half the mecha blows up as they other too coloured variants smash into them knocking the gang and their Vandread into a wall, there is a loud crash as rubble and dust kicks up from the wall as Hibiki's Vandread pushes it self out. "That's it I am going take them rust buckets out!" Hibiki the zooms towards one of the mecha striking down with his sword only for the enemy to block his attack with it's own sword.

"He's cheating he shouldn't be doing that." Jura is getting pissed off by the enemy mech the tension has finally over whelmed her.

"Jura keep quiet for a minute will you!" Hibiki orders the team to fire at the mech Meia hits a few a few buttons on the console for the mech to fire and Hibiki raises the arm as a blast is let out aimed straight at one of the mecha, there is large explosion as sparks fly as one of the machines flies backwards crashing of the wall. Hibiki then quickly fires again blasting the other one into the wall with a shower of sparks falling to the floor. "Alright who wants to Argh!" Everyone gets thrown around in the cock pit as both enemy blast Hibiki and the gang back with their own fire power Hibiki and they keep firing at them. The shots crash into the Vandread's armour causing them all to panic.

"Hibiki we better do something or we will die and won't be able to see Samui again." Meia quickly covers her mouth and Jura quickly jumps in saying.

"This is no time to be discussing this we need to fight back and do something or we are all toast." Jura turns round as everyone nods and agrees the gun fire continues to bombard the Vandread, Hibiki moves the controls so that the Vandread guards the part where they are located. Hibiki then tries to stand but the weapons fire is keeping them. "We need a miracle if we want to get out of this alive." Sighed Jura her hope of staying alive slowly fading.

"Ok we have remained focused on the same thing, focus on staying alive." Meia quickly gets everyone calmed and focused again and their Vandread begins to slowly but surely stand to its feet.

"Ok we are going to win this fight so back off!" The Vandread suddenly leaps forward grabbing one of the mecha and throwing it on top of its friend; Mean while out side the battle is still going on as the Nirvana and the other allied forces continue to shoot down enemy fighters and destroy enemy mecha and warships as they show.

"I wonder what is taken them so long Atsuko I am worried about them." Commented Samui over a video link to his sister; Atsuko smiles back over the video link and replies.

"Alright you want to see Meia alright we will go in after them. Nirvana this is Atsuko, I and Samui are now proceeding to enter the planet killer to check on them over and out." Atsuko then flies forwards towards the planet killer entering the hole in the shield and in through the hole in the ships rear. They quickly make their way towards the location of Hibiki and the others to find both enemy mecha on top the Vandread pounding down on it. "Two on one isn't very is it now get off!" Goliath grabs one of the enemy mecha throwing it the ground and then leaping on top of it.

"Let's see how you like it eh!" Atsuko starts punching and her mech Goliath does the exact same thing his large metal fists smash and bash at the enemies skull, Hibiki and the others in the Vandread quickly push the other one into the air, Hibiki quickly fires again and the enemy mech explodes, Hibiki then quickly runs over and with Atsuko, Hibiki's Vandread and Atsuko's Goliath pick the enemy up throwing it to the ground Goliath draws one of it's energy arrows and Hibiki draws his Vandread's sword. The Vandread slashes the mech and Goliath unleashes an arrow striking it right in the chest, just as the Vandread turns around to walk away the mech explodes.

"Alright thanks for that you guys!" Smiled Hibiki over a video feed as he gave them the thumbs up, Atsuko returns the gesture and she replies.

"Quickly destroy that core and let's end this damn battle." Goliath folds his arms as the Vandread turns around holding it's sword into the air.

"Let's end this!" The Vandread leaps in to the air bring it's sword down striking the power core for the planet killer, there is a large rumbling noise as the power drains before an alarm sounds. Hibiki then slashes a few power cables which spark a start a chain of explosions. "Ok time to bail!" The Vandread's engines roar as it roars off down the passages towards the exit again.

"Ok Samui let us go as well." Goliath's engines roar as well as they race down the passage after Hibiki to get out of the now about to explode planet killer.

Back on the Nirvana however they notice that all the enemies are shutting down and exploding. "It looks like they did it captain the planet killer is going all dark and I can read explosions." One of the crew turns to BC and she nods telling all ships to prepare for a large explosion. The crew member nods turning back to her station and she informs every allied ship still active. There is a large explosion as both the Vandread and Goliath get clear just in time as the planet killer blows up in large ball of light.

Back on the Nirvana the message now has been broadcast to ally allied ships that they have dealt with the planet killer but to be on their guard for possible threats, BC and everyone cheer as Meia and the rest of them come home safely to a round if applause from the whole crew, everyone gives them all a wave but as others stay both Meia and Samui walk of together leaving the rest of the ship to celebrate with out them.

Will Samui and Meia get together? Are they truly safe who knows?

Well that is the end of Vandread Corruption I hope you all enjoyed it I might write a sequel but I am not sure see you all hope you enjoyed.