One day the worst witch Mildred Hubble was flying her broomstick, she was a terrible flyer, she kept on flying into things. Like all the other girls in her flying class she was desperately trying to impress the professor that had come from the school Hogwarts. He was there to select the best flyer so they could go to Hogwarts and play in his houses quidditch team. His name was Snape and every girl who walked past him would stare at his beautiful face, she even heard that one girl at fainted because she was so shocked at his beauty. Mildred thought he was good looking, but not as good looking as her favourite rapper Jesse McCartney. Snape was standing next to Miss Hardbroom, the flying instructor, Snape whispered something in her ear and Miss Hardbroom looked at him as though she was very shocked. Miss Hardbroom nodded her head in the end and blew her whistle very hard, "MILDRED HUBBLE" she screamed at the top of her lungs. All the girls stopped flying and looked at her. She quickly flew to the ground but crashed and scraped her knee on the hard grass. "Come with me you fool" said Miss Hardbroom. She led them into the castle to an empty classroom. "Sit" she barked at Mildred. Professor Snape took a seat opposite her, she gazed into his dreamy eyes. "I would like you to come to Hogwarts and play for my Quidditch team, would you do that?" asked professor Snape. "Yes" she said in a dreamy voice, she was still gazing at him.

"Very well, go and pack your things, we will leave at 6pm." Said Professor Snape, with that both teachers left the room. Mildred was left there looking very stupid, for she was still gazing at the spot where Prof. Snape's eyes had been. She quickly realised her mistake and got up and left the room, as she went to pack her things heaps of girls some her friends but many she had never talked to before came up to her and asked her if it was true that she was going to Hogwarts. She replied, "yes" at least a hundred times. She was quite glad when she got to her room for she was left in peace and quiet. She used a spell to make her packing easier, though she accidentally chanted the wrong incantation and instead of packing her suitcase it rose and whacked her picture of Jesse McCartney that was hanging on the wall. At this she gave up her idea of using magic and used the muggle way of packing by hand. At 5 to 6 she had finished packing, she said goodbye to all her friends, she was going to miss them all. She got to the bottom of the castle and Prof. Snape was waiting for her in front of the fire. Prof. Snape walked into the fire, let go of the floo powder in his hand and shouted "Professor Snape's office, Hogwarts." He then disappeared into the flames, Mildred grabbed a handful of floo powder and dragged her trunk into the flames, and she then screamed "Snape's Office, Hogwarts."