Title: Unimaginable Domestications
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: T
Disclaimer: HP & all others are trademarks of JK Rowling. No profit is made from the use of these trademarked entities. No animals were harmed in the typing of this fic. Void where prohibited, see store for complete rules and details. Any similarities to actual events are strictly a coincidence.
Summary: Tonks isn't as bad as she comes off… in fact, one might be surprised at what such a clumsy lass is capable of. RLNT
AN: Loosely inspired by the fact I am a lot like Tonks in personality and clumsiness (I trip on air all the time) and some people are actually surprised about the things I am good at…
Part One
Six rows of gold then six rows of maroon. Five inches across and six feet long. She carefully whirled the yarn around the crochet hook before continuing on with her double crochet style. A pleasant smile was on her face as she finished out the final row of gold and swapped back over to the maroon. It left a tiny little knot on the corner between the two colours but she left it that way.

Hand made things were generally considered more thoughtful that the easily done magical method, in her opinion anyways. Besides, she never really mastered being able to double crochet with magic… "homemaker spells" were never her forte. And using spells to perfectly combine the two colours at the change took away what she called "character" in the scarves. And it wasn't everyday a wizard could brag about having a partner that wanted to take the time to make something by hand for their lover.

As long as he could give him one up on the rest of the wizarding society, she was willing to go the extra mile. Besides, once people found out who made it, they were amazed that she actually had the hand-eye coordination to do it.


Tonks jumped slightly and looked at Hermione standing in the doorway of the study. "Yep?" she grinned. "Do I look too much like Ginny again?"

Hermione walked closer, slowly, in case she was just hallucinating. "A little," Hermione said. "But, you're knitting. How is that possible?"

"Crocheting," Tonks corrected. "Can't knit one jot but I can crochet until my fingers bleed."

Hermione scrunched her brow slightly as if confused. "But, it's you doing it. No offence or anything but I never would have figured you to be one that would be able to do something like that much less actually do it."

"My mum had me learn it, thought it would improve my coordination," Tonks shrugged. "Only improved my hand coordination though but I still do it just to relax or when I want something to do. Besides you know what they say about idle hands and how they get you into trouble." A small smile went to her lips. "And trust me, my hands were about to get me trouble before I came down to do this."

Hermione was quiet a moment, analysing Tonks words for hidden meanings. But, other than the idle hands comment, Hermione couldn't think of any. "Tonks."

"Yeah?" Tonks chimed.

"Could you teach me to crochet? I could teach you to knit and then we would both be able to knit and crochet. I can even teach you the bobbles and such too, the fancier things. Can you do anything other than scarves?"

"Certainly. I've made blankets this way before," Tonks said casually. "Socks… gloves… house slippers… sweaters… You name it I can find a way to make it. I'm just making this for the coming fall for Remus. He needs a new one, the one he's got now was… ripped to shreds by Buckbeak… accidentally."

"I'm certain it was," Hermione grinned. "And it didn't have and ferrets attached to its ends did it?"

Tonks suppressed a grin. "It may have. I'm not too sure, he snatched it from me so quickly that I couldn't tell if some just happened to be tied to it."

Hermione snickered slightly before scampering off to find her yarn bag.