Title: Unimaginable Domestications
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: T
Disclaimer: HP & all others are trademarks of JK Rowling. No profit is made from the use of these trademarked entities. No animals were harmed in the typing of this fic. Void where prohibited, see store for complete rules and details. Any similarities to actual events are strictly a coincidence.
Summary: Tonks isn't as bad as she comes off… in fact, one might be surprised at what such a clumsy lass is capable of. RLNT
Part Three
Dancing with Wolves
"Yucca Root?" Remus asked again.

"Yes, yucca root," Tonks said with a nod. "Hey, before we got together I would pick up random things at the market and cook them okay? And the day I picked those up a little old lady told me how to make the fries."

Remus opened his bedroom door. They both looked around and hurried into the room and closed and locked the door behind them. Remus slowly removed his robes and lay them over the back of a nearby chair. He took off his coat and did the same.

"She can knit, she crochets --" he removed his new scarf as he said this "-- she can cook. But, can she dance?" A walked a slow circle around Tonks. "This stunning young lady with three left feet can do anything that resembles the finer qualities in a woman in addition to recently receiving Domestic Goddess status from one of my dearest friends. So I suppose the real question still remains… Can she coordinate those three feet for a romantic dance with a lonely werewolf?

"Her eyes shine with fear at the simple question," Remus grinned. "Or perhaps they shine with a challenge she wishes to take on?" He flicked his wand at his record player and a slow tango started playing. He started walking away and froze when he heard her stamp one foot with a sharp tap against the wood floor. He turned to look over his shoulder. "Did she accept my challenge?"

"First of all, dancing is a learnt pattern of strategically placed steps," Tonks stated, matter-of-factly, her arms crossed stubbornly.

"You have peaked my canine senses," Remus said in a low tone as he approached her.

"Unlike walking," Tonks said, taking his hands in hers. "They are timed and learned in perfect synchronization. It's an art in itself." He pulled her close to him. "Walking is an unplanned dance with sporadic steps, dancing isn't."

"Is there a second?" Remus asked, the two of them slowly moving in a very close tango with each step seeming to be perfectly planned.

"And second," Tonks grinned. "I took dancing lessons from a dorm mate since my fourth year at Hogwarts. She thought it would help my foot coordination so I wouldn't trip all the time."

The tango ended and was replaced by a gentle waltz tune. Remus looked down at her challengingly. "She can tango… but can she waltz?"

"Of course she can," Tonks grinned, easily switching dance styles. "She also knows karate so if you don't stop with the 'can she's' she can kick your butt."

Remus gave her a pleasant and innocent smile as he purposely waltzed them into the side of the bed, sending them both falling onto it in the process.

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