It has no doubt been done, but not by me, and that's all that matters

Should old acquaintance be forgot…

"Typical." Buffy looked across the crowded nightclub to where Angel and Spike were trading blows with a bunch of humans working for a demon. They took care of their opponents, then for some reason started on each other, "Absolutely typical…"

"What, those two?" Methos asked, "I haven't seen them in ages!"

"You know them?" The Slayer asked.

"We met, once. Well, I say met: I knocked them out and left them hanging from the ceiling of a barn. They had the inhospitality to then kill the man I sent to release them. You try and apologise for a little misunderstanding, but some people you just can't get through to…"

"What did you do to them?"

"Let's just say that having a little fun at the expense of the Scourge of Europe and William the Bloody helped pass the time."

"No, seriously, what did you do to them?" Buffy looked genuinely concerned.

"Apart from knocking them out, very little." The oldest Immortal smiled, "But the two female vampire's they were with…"

"I don't want to know."

"You asked." Methos grabbed his glass and downed what was left of his drink, "So, you want to stay here, or go grab something to eat?"

"Considering the dynamic duo no doubt came here looking for me, a change of sensory may be advisable, especially if they have hard feelings about you."

"I sure you my dear, I have ever been the perfect gentleman."

"I hope not." Buffy grinned, grabbing her coat, "And don't forget that you promised to help Dawn with her history homework."

"I can only tell her what I remember, not what the history books say." Methos followed her out of the club, "If only the First had gone after both sides of the Watchers Council…" He punched out at the shadows, causing a young man to fall to the ground, winded.

"This is from someone who was a Watcher?" Buffy smiled shrugged, then looked down at the hapless young man, "I thought I told you guys to back off?"

"Orders." The Watcher gasped, trying to get his breath back.

"Consider them revoked." Buffy took Methos' hand and started to walk away, "You'll have to forgive Giles: he's very protective."

"A small price to pay for your charming company." Methos smiled, kissing Buffy on the cheek, "I must remember to send Spike and Angel a gift, to show there's no hard feelings…"

The End