Hao and you!

This is a fic dedicated to Ko! I dunno why but she's the inspiration for all of us! I guess it's our group's thing. Enjoy!

One beautiful summer night in some remote place in Japan, the stars were out and bright and it felt like you could just stare at them forever under a fully bloomed cherry blossom tree. Sakura

Hao sits up from his star gazing position and so do you.

"Aren't the stars so beautiful?" Hao said as he looked at you with his chocolate brown eyes.

"Yes they really are….." You replied to him

"Just as beautiful as you?" Hao asks as he smiles gently

"Oh I wouldn't say so." You get a major blush and look away

"Oh but you are! You're as beautiful and as unique as a star!" Hao disagreed

You looked back at his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. You feel like you're trapped in a void under his gaze. You both lean in closer….. and closer…. You close your eyes ready for whatever would happen. Then you slowly pull in for a kiss. You wrap your arms around each other. You fell backwards with Hao on top of you. The kiss from Hao? It would've felt like new years day with all the fireworks and church bells. It ended and you move away from each other. You feel so weary after that kiss. It was the most breath taking experience of your life.

Hao stands up and smiles, "Shall we go back?" He reaches out his hand

"Ya. Tonight was great. Thanks for showing me this wonderful view." You smile back and take his hand.

Hao summons the Spirit of Fire and you both take a ride home under the bright cool summer sky. You fell asleep. Hao takes off his mantle and wraps it around you. You slightly move and whisper "Thank you…." And Hao smiles and leans forward and kisses you on the lips and says "Good night…. Sweet dreams…."

That was short wasn't it? Anyway I hope you would support me in my first romantic fic. Enjoy! Oh and I'll try to do my best and keep this off the humor and try to make it more on the romantic.