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Chapter one

The Switch

"Harry, why are you making a polyjuice potion, in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?" Ron asked his best friend.

"What's wrong with my bathroom?" Myrtle asked, screaming.

"Harry, have you seen Trevor?" Hermione asked.

"Neville's toad?" Ron asked as Harry filled his goblet.

"Ron, I'm going to find out what they don't want us to know?" Harry answered Ron, ignoring Hermione.

"Harry, how is becoming Lupin going to help with that?" Hermione asked him, as he put the gray hair in his goblet. Harry shrugged as he drank it.

"I hate this part." He said. Harry scrambled to get to a stall, covering his mouth. He fell to the floor. The door swung open revealing that he was unconscious.

"Ron, what's that?" Hermione asked. Ron turned to look.

"Trevor? Hermione go get his invisibility cloak. Hurry!" Ron yelled at her.

He didn't have to tell her twice. Hermione turned on her heel and ran to the Gryfindor dormitory.

"James what are you doing?" A sixteen year old Gryfindor asked a boy with short, black, ruffled hair.

"I'm making a potion RJ. Can't you see that?" He told him.

"Don't call me that James!" Remus ordered, annoyed.

"We're not going to take that from an ickle prefect are we?" Sirius said jokingly. He turned to Remus, "Let Jamsie make his little love potion, everyone needs a goal in life."

"What's yours?" A rat looking Gryfindor boy asked.

"Well, Pete, mine's to see inside the Ministry of Magic. Find out where they keep all the prophesies. I bet I could guess yours though." Sirius explained.

"What is it then?" Peter asked, doubting his 'friend'.

"To see the inside of Lily's trash can!" Sirius joked. He had a jock going with them about how they all had a crush on Lily Evans, except him.

"James your not going to just let that slide are you?" Remus turned to James, who was sprawled on the floor unconscious. His potion had obviously exploded in his face.

"Ron, we should be heading back to the common room, it's almost our curfew." Hermione suggested. James shot up in shock of hearing the stranger's voices.

"Harry you are so stupid! What could be so important that you'd almost kill yourself over?" Hermione yelled at him

"You know you sound like Lily. Are you a friend of hers?" James asked. "What are your names, anyway?"

"Fred and George, Harry. You're not fooling anyone Potter."


"Remus, we should be heading to class." Lilly suggested to Remus, who was sitting next to her. Peter came in carrying five books, James' homework from the day before. He set them on the floor near James' bed. He turned to Lily. "Hey, Lily, do you want to go to Hogsmade with me?" He asked. She stood up.

"Sorry Peter, I'm already going with…Remus." She grabbed his arm and pulled him close to her. "Sorry." She smiled at Remus and let go of him as she walked out.

"James isn't even dead and you're movin' in on Lily?" Sirius asked as he came over to them.

"Me? What about Moony? He's the one who's going to Hogsmade with her, on Valentines Day too." Peter pointed out.

"Why do we even keep you around?" Remus asked him.

"Because we feel sorry for him and that he looks like a rat?" Sirius suggested.

Harry shot up, in shock at hearing the missed voice.

"Ahhh!" He yelled jumping up.