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One of the Guys

Chapter Twenty-Two

Hermione's Teen-life Crisis

Hermione broke apart from Evie and opened her eyes. She gazed at Evie nervously. Evie seemed shocked and swayed a bit. Her eyes widened and then softened a bit.

"Er…" Evie paused to think over her words. Her voice was soft and Hermione got the feeling that Evie enjoyed their kiss. "We should get to class," She mumbled with a blush.

Hermione felt her heart sink a little but nodded. She smiled apologetically at Evie as the girl turned to walk away. Hermione stayed where she was but was quickly surprised when Evie turned back to her and held out her hand. Hermione reached forward and grabbed it. Evie gave her a squeeze and then finally walked away.

When Evie was gone, Hermione let out a deep breath. 'Well that happened', she thought. 'That' being a kiss. Their first kiss, actually. She mentally stopped herself from doing a happy dance, though she really wanted to.

Hermione was feeling a little delirious, scared and entirely too hopeful. When she finally made it too her first class of the day, she spent her time writing a letter to her parents about letting go of that dream about grandchildren instead of focusing on the lesson at hand. To be fair, she of course already knew what they were learning. She had read it in a book a while ago and knew she could pass any surprise test her teacher could toss at her.

Terry was confused. He had just seen a very familiar owl deliver a very familiar letter to a very unfamiliar person. What was that owl doing delivering his Christmas letter for Hermione to some strange foreign boy?

Terry watched as the French boy turned and stumble back into the castle. Unfamiliar at first, Terry found the boy but after watching him closely, Terry got a good look at his face.

Wait a minute…

"Hermione?" Terry mumbled. He gazed at the curly haired boy who had just kissed the Bulgarian girl. That couldn't possibly be Hermione. He squinted his eyes at the 'French' boy. Now that Terry thought about it, Mathieu spoke English too perfectly with no accent. He had the same hair color as Hermione and thick almost curls that resembled Hermione's own bushy mane.

How did Hermione become a French boy named Mathieu? Why did she become a French boy named Mathieu? Why was the French boy—who was actually Hermione—kissing the Bulgarian girl?

Terry was so confused but then he realized he was a little excited. Hermione as a boy was weird. He made a face at the sight of his cute adorable girlfriend as a boy, but Hermione making out with girls was hot.

Maybe they could work with this. It would surely bring some spice to their relationship. He would just need to tell her he understood and they could move through it together…with another a girl or two if they wanted.

Terry decided to get ahead of himself. He needed to talk to his girlfriend first.

Dear Mum and dad

I had never been a rash creature. I liked to rationalize and analyze my actions before committing them and you would know as you two have often teased me about how meticulous and slow I am on making decisions. Lately, however, I have felt like my life has spiraled out if control And I know that was all due to this project I have embarked on. I have been living life and attending classes as a boy and my only confident has been my best friend, Ginny.

It was really her idea, though I was a willing participant. I had only hoped to write a fun story for my newspaper project and I had only hoped to entertain readers with my observations and experiences from the male perspective, but I can only say that I've found myself in over my head.

I've realized a few things about myself. I've met someone very important to me and I care for her a great deal. That's right, her. I can't tell you what will become of this relationship as I still have so much to figure out. I hope you aren't disappointed in me and will be patient with me.

I love you.

She stared at her letter for the past half hour in a dirty corner of the owl tower. She had written the letter earlier after the kiss and wasn't sure if she wanted to send it. On one hand it felt nice to come clean and write out her feelings on the parchment but on the other hand she was worried as to what her parents would think. In all honesty, her parents weren't very passionate people and were quite had to get fired up. There idea of a wild night was Wednesday's bingo night and then coming home to watch old spaghetti westerns.

She didn't think her parents would be mad at her feelings for Evie, but she feared they might be a little disappointed by them. They had told her they wanted her to find a nice husband who treated her right and would raise her children with nice values, like they themselves had done with her.

She didn't know how Evie would fit into their dreams for her.

What caught Hermione in her ponderous storm was her inability to figure this out and have the undeniable answer ready to go.

She couldn't understand her feelings for Evie other than that she had them. She couldn't explain why she had kissed her other than she thought it felt right. And she certainly couldn't explain why she wanted to do it again other than the thought that it might bring her comfort.

Hermione normally would have analyzed and quantified these answers but life was quickly slipping through her fists that held it. She was no longer in control and she was worried.

She looked up at the school owl that fluttered across from her and stared at the letter she held in her hands.

She folded it up and pocketed it. She wasn't ready yet.

The day went by quickly for Hermione and she was enjoying leisure studying in the library. She had cornered her own private table and arranged her books and scrolls before her in order of what she would like to focus on first. Her mind was still a little distracted from earlier

She reached into her bag for a quill and grabbed a loose envelope instead. She pulled it out and realized it was the letter she received earlier. How could she have forgotten it?

She opened it up and pulled out a holiday card with a snowman on the front and a folded note. Who sent her this? She opened it and her heart stopped.

"Terry…" She whispered. She opened the note and saw that he was writing her an invitation to spend Christmas Eve with him. How could she have completely forgotten her boyfriend? This whole time she wasn't single? How could she have forgotten him?

"Merlin, help me," She mumbled and shoved the letter and card into her pocket. She would need to think about what to do next.

"What letter?" Ginny asked as she pulled out a muffin from their pile of goodies. The two made a detour by the Great Hall for lunch and brought food with them.

"I wrote a letter to my parents…about Evie," Hermione confessed.

"Seriously?" Ginny chuckled. "You've got it bad."

Hermione groaned frustrated. "I didn't send it. It was more cathartic than anything else." She paused for a moment. "I practically told them to forget about grandchildren."

Ginny choked and coughed on her muffin.

"Oh, are you alright?" She asked and Ginny nodded catching her breath.

"You're life reminds me of a radio show mum listens to," Ginny said and then took another bite of her food, chewing with her mouth open. "You honestly wrote that?"

Hermione nodded with a blush. "I didn't send it, remember?"

"Good, because your poor parents wouldn't even understand the context of that statement."

"Yeah, I was rather rushed in writing it."

"Or deranged," Ginny said then held out her half eaten muffin, "Have the rest of my muffin."

"No thank you and don't talk with your mouth full."

"Now you sound like my mother." Ginny mumbled and then stuck her tongue out with a chunk of half masticated muffin.

Hermione made a face and then giggled. "Ginny, stop it." She looked away.

"So what happened at breakfast? You ran after her, just the two of you for once, no 'egg-children' around and considering your stupid letter, I can assume it went well?"

"Horribly so."

"Uh oh," Ginny smirked. "Watch it or you might end up with a girlfriend."

"This endeavor has proven to be nothing but trouble. I'm a girl but she thinks I'm a boy."

"She also thinks you're French too," Ginny said. "You're two for two; So far you're not off to a good start."

"This is a nightmare."

"Yeah, there's no salvaging this if she finds out."

"What am I suppose to do? We made plans to spend Christmas here together. That reminds me, I need to write another letter."

"No! No more letter writing!" Ginny cried exasperated and through her hands up in the air. "Here's some advice: Take a deep breath, maybe do some yoga, drink a cup of tea…and then think some more and then you can decide what to do with Evie."

Hermione sighed. "Winter break is coming up soon. I guess by then I'll know how I feel."

Ginny sighed, "Who would've seen this coming? You know, I use to think you'd end up with my brother."

Hermione made a face. "Eww."

"No, really," Ginny smirked as Hermione pretended to be sick. "The way you two fought, I was confident it was sexual tension."

"Try hateful-tension."

"Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe," Ginny shrugged.

Hermione sighed miserably. "I miss being ignored in my relationship with Terry."

Ginny paused at that. "Terry? I always forget about him?"

Hermione nodded then paused and gave Ginny a worried look. "Yes, about that." She looked sheepish for a moment. "Well he sent me a letter."

"Wow, after all this time," Ginny chuckled. "I was sure you dumped him with the way you've been mooning over Evie."

"Yeah…" Hermione blushed. "I kind of…maybe forgot about him as well…"

Ginny stared at Hermione for a whole minute. "You're incredible, did you know that? How long have two been dating?"

"Since the beginning of 6th year," Hermione said. "I just forgot. It happens. Girls forget about their boyfriends sometimes, right? I'm not a bad girlfriend? Merlin, I hope this isn't indicative about how my relationship with Evie might end up."

Ginny just shook her head. "You should have taken care of business with Terry first before even considering Evie."

"I know and now it's Christmas season," Hermione moaned. "I can't break up with him over Christmas break. That would be heartless."

Ginny just shook her head. "Well, you need to do something."

Their conversation lulled after that and they finished their lunch. Hermione then volunteered to help Ginny carry her bags to Hogsmeade.

"You know," Ginny said at the train station. Hermione helped her pack her bags and the two returned to the station for their final goodbyes. "I should feel upset with your recent behavior."

Hermione bowed her head.

"But its too damn entertaining," Ginny chuckled. "It distracts me from the fact that Neville might break up with me soon."

Hermione raised her head and gave Ginny a wide eyed look. "Ginny, why didn't you say anything?"

Ginny shrugged and gave a sad smile. "It's okay. Really it is. I'll enjoy what time I have left with him. But you," She grabbed Hermione's shoulders. "Good luck. And Keep me updated."

They hugged and Hermione soon found herself alone as she watched the Hogwarts train ride away.

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