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Torn Apart

"Plato's dead," Jim Stark thought, as he drove home from the place where he and his two best friends had finally found and lost a family. "Plato's dead. And Buzz is dead. And it's all my fault."

He had Judy in the passenger's seat beside him. Neither of them had spoken since they'd left the planetarium to go back for his car.

In the end, it was Judy who broke the silence. "Jim...you did a good thing back there."

Jim snorted. How could Judy say something like that? "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"Helping Plato like you did," Judy replied, reaching for Jim's hand.

"Helping him? Helping him get shot, maybe." Jim wished her were a little boy again, and that he had a chance to live his life all over.

"Oh, Jim, you musn't say that," Judy said. "You gave him a chance."

"I should've taken the gun from him. Judy, why didn't I take the gun from him?" He looked at her for a moment, as if she truly had the answer.

But in the end, the answer wouldn't matter. Because Plato was dead. And Buzz was dead.

And, at least to Jim's way of thinking, it was all his fault.

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