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Chapter 1: New Duelist on the Block

"Hi, my name is Brian Matthews. It's nice to meet all of you," I said. It was my first day at my new school. I was a little nervous because this was the first time I had been in this town and I didn't know very many people. Alright, so I didn't know anyone. But, these kids looked nice enough, maybe I could make some new friends.

I walked over and took a seat next to a girl with brown hair. I looked over at her and she smiled when she saw me looking at her. I felt my face start to turn red so I turned away to hide it. "She's kinda cute," I thought. "Who am I kidding? I barely know her. Still, she seems pretty nice."

The rest of the morning went well, as far as school goes that is. At lunch I saw the girl from class, so I thought I'd go over and talk to her.

"Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here?" I asked her.

"Sure go ahead. I'm waiting for a few of my friends. You can join us if you want," she replied. "Oh, here they come."

A few moments later three boys came over to the table. "Hey, Téa, who's this?" one of them asked. He was tall and had light brown hair. I presumed Téa was the girl I met.

"This is Brian. He's new here," Téa said. "Brian, these are my friends."

The boy with light brown hair spoke up first. "My name's Joey Wheeler. You might remember me from the Duelist Kingdom tournament. I got second place."

"Yeah, it shows just how lucky someone can get," said the second boy. He was a bit taller than Joey, but had dark brown hair.

"Hey! Watch it, Tristan! I'll take you on right here and now!" Joey shouted at him.

"Uh…shouldn't someone stop them?" I asked.

"Don't mind them. They're always like that. I'm Yugi Moto," the third boy said. He was shorter than the others and wore a strange pendant around his neck.

"Wait, the same Yugi Moto that won the Duelist Kingdom tournament? I've read about you in a bunch of magazines and websites," I said.

"What have you read about me?" Joey piped in.

"Well, nothing," I replied.

"What? Aw, man…" Joey responded.

"You're into Duel Monsters then, right?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah, of course. I'm pretty good in a duel, too," I said.

We talked about different things in town until the bell rang to go back to class, so we got up and went back to class. The rest of the day went by pretty quick and soon school was over. On my way out of the building Téa caught up with me and told me that Yugi's grandfather had a game shop and that they were going to hang out there later. She asked me to come and I agreed. I stopped at home first and changed clothes, then went to the shop. When I got there everyone was waiting for me. Yugi greeted me.

"Hi, Brian. This is my grandpa's game shop," he said.

"Nice place. You guys hang out here a lot?" I asked.

"Yeah, we're here all the time," Téa said. "Hey, I never got a chance to ask where you are from."

"I'm from New York," I replied.

"Wow, really? So what are you doing here?" Tristan asked.

"My parents passed away recently and I had to move in with my older sister, Paige," I told them.

"Oh, that's awful. I'm so sorry," Téa responded.

"You said you were into Duel Monsters, so I was wondering if you had a deck." Yugi said, changing the subject.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I do. I have a lot of rare and powerful cards. My deck contains some of the most powerful cards in the game," I told him.

"Sounds like a challenge. I'd like a chance to go up against that deck," Yugi said.

"You saying you want to duel him, Yug?" Joey asked him.

"Sure am. So how about it, Brian?" Yugi responded.

"A chance to duel with a champion would be an honor. I accept your challenge, Yugi!" I said.

"But where are you gonna go?" Joey asked. "It's kinda crowded here."

"Well we could go ask Duke if we could use his duel arena," Tea offered. "Or we could go see if Mokuba has an open arena for the day."

"Duke or Mokuba? Who are they?" I wondered.

"Oh, that's right. Brian's never met them," Téa said. "Duke Develin owns the game shop on the next block. He invented the Dungeon Dice Monsters game. Mokuba is Seto Kaiba's little brother."

"Ok, I'm not sure I'm following all this, but if Duke is closer, I say go there," I told them.

Everyone agreed that Duke's game shop was more accessible so we went there. At first I was expecting a table with a dueling board on it, but when we arrived and I saw how big the shop itself was, I quickly changed my mind. His shop was huge. It had to be at least three stories tall.

"Whoa. This place is incredible!" I exclaimed.

"The duel arenas are down stairs," Yugi told me.

"Hey there, Yugi!" Someone said. He had black hair that he wore with a headband. He also had an earring with a die on it.

"Hey, Duke. Do you mind if we use one of your dueling arenas?" Yugi asked him.

"Sure, but there are new rules that had to be uploaded to the arenas," Duke said.

"New rules? I've never heard about any new rules," Tristan replied.

"Yeah not too many people have. These new rules came from America. Each duelist starts with 8000 life points and fusion monsters can't attack in the same turn that they are summoned. Also a new type of summon is thrown in. It's called a Tribute Summon," Duke explained.

"Level five and six monsters require one monster as a tribute and any monster of level seven or higher need two," I continued for him. Everyone turned to look at me. "Is something wrong, guys?"

"How did you know that? We've never even heard of the new rules and you seem to be a master of them," Joey responded.

"They're from America remember? I've grown up on these rules," I told them.

After the explanation, they lead me to the arena that we were going to use. The arena looked more like a stadium. The table, as I thought it was, was actually a state of the art, holographic arena, using the Kaiba Corp technology.

"Ok you guys ready? You can begin anytime. You'll go first Yugi," Duke announced.

"Don't you have to run the shop Duke?" Téa asked him.

"No way. Yugi, one of the top duelists who's trying out brand new rules, against a new guy who seems to have already mastered them. This isn't something I want to miss," Duke said.

"Ready, Brian?" Yugi asked me. Something was different about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. He drew a card then announced his first move. "I summon Obnoxious Celtic Guardian in attack position."

"Let's see…your Obnoxious Celtic Guardian is unaffected by attacks of 1900 or higher," I thought out loud. "So, I'll summon Blackland Fire Dragon. Now my dragon, destroy his Guardian with your Fire Breath Attack!" The fire from my dragon's mouth surrounded and engulfed Yugi's warrior and, when the fire vanished, Yugi's monster vanished with it, along with 100 of his life points. "One more thing before I'm done, Yugi. I set one card face down."

"That was a good move." Yugi replied. "Now I'll summon Gamma the Magnet Warrior in defense position and set one card face down. Your move."

"Your Magnet Warrior only has 1800 defense power. My next monster can handle that. I summon Luster Dragon!" This was my next move. My Luster Dragon had 1900 attack points. "I also activate my trap card, Dragon's Rage. Normally when your monster is destroyed in defense position you don't lose life points, but this trap card changes that for all of my attacking dragons. Luster Dragon, go and destroy Gamma with your Sapphire Crush Claw!" The monster attacked and Gamma fell. Another 100 of Yugi's life points dropped as well. After that Blackland Fire Dragon took another 1500 from him. Yugi only had 6300 left.

"Wow," I heard Téa say from the sidelines. "Who would have thought that Yugi would be at a disadvantage here?"

"It's not over yet," Joey told her. "Yug's just getting started."

"My turn." Yugi said. "I summon Kuriboh in defense position. Then I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your trap card. That's all for this turn."

"Not bad Yugi. I summon Lord of Dragons in attack position. Now, Blackland Fire Dragon, destroy his Kuriboh!" I watched my dragon attack, but instead of being destroyed, Kuriboh multiplied into five copies!

"Surprised? My magic card, Multiply, makes duplicates of my Kuriboh." Yugi proclaimed. I destroyed two of his Kuribohs with my other monsters and ended my turn. Next it was Yugi's move. After he drew, I saw a slight smile form on his face. "My next move is Card Destruction! It forces both of us to discard our hands and draw new ones." We both complied, I drew four cards and Yugi drew three. "I sacrifice one of my Kuriboh and summon Dark Magician Girl! And I'll use her to destroy your Lord of Dragons. Dark Magician Girl, attack with Dark Burning Magic!" The attack cost me my monster and 800 life points.

I drew and looked at what I had in my hand. Thanks to Yugi's Card Destruction I held my Dark Magician and Buster Blader. All I needed was one more card… "I play Swords of Revealing Light! I'm sure you know how this works, Yugi?" He nodded. I then destroyed his remaining Kuriboh with my two monsters.

Yugi drew then summoned Big Shield Gardna in defense position. One turn down, two to go. I drew a card then pondered what to do. "Armed Dragon LV3? Not what I was looking for but it may help me out later," I thought. Nothing I had could destroy either of his monsters, so I ended my turn.

Yugi drew then cautiously inspected his hand. "Your Swords may prevent my monsters from attacking, but it doesn't protect them from magic cards. I activate the magic card, Raigeki!" My last two monsters were destroyed by his card, but I was still safe from a direct assault, for now.

"See? What'd I tell ya? Yug's not out of the game yet," Joey said after Yugi's move

"No, but this is getting pretty exciting," Tristan replied.

Two turns down. I drew another card. "Masked Dragon. Darn! Still not what I need," I said in my head. "I'll summon Twin-Headed Behemoth in defense mode and end my turn." I stated, a little disappointed.

"Let's see how you like this. I activate Brain Control and I choose to take over your Twin-Headed Behemoth. And now I'll sacrifice it and my Big Shield Gardna to summon Dark Magician!" Since he couldn't attack he ended his turn. When his turn ended my Swords of Revealing Light faded and my Twin-Headed Behemoth was summoned back to my side of the field.

"Last chance. I have to believe that my deck will come through for me," I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and drew. The card I drew was… "Yes! I just drew the card that will win me the duel, Yugi! I play Polymerization! And for the monsters for my fusion, Dark Magician and Buster Blader!"

"Now, Yugi, see the power of my mightiest creature, the Dark Paladin!" I exclaimed. "He already has 2900 attack power, stronger than both of your Magicians. That's not all either. My Dark Paladin gains 500 attack points for each dragon on either side of the field and in either graveyard. My graveyard has five dragons and I have one on the field. I also noticed that when you played Card Destruction you discarded Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress. All those monsters raise my Dark Paladin's attack by 3500, giving it a grand total of 6400 attack points!"

"6400? That's amazing!" Duke said in astonishment.

"No kidding. I've never seen anything that strong," Téa added.

"Fortunately for you, my Dark Paladin can't attack yet. So it's your move," I said as I ended my turn.

Yugi looked troubled as he started his next turn. "I set this card face down and end my turn," he said. He looked a bit relieved after his turn. I wondered what his face down card was that could make him comfortable against my creature of immense power.

"My turn now. I summon Gray Wing and switch my Twin-Headed Behemoth to attack position," I said to call my move. "With Gray Wing added to the field Dark Paladin gains another 500 attack points. Now watch as your Dark Magician Girl is wiped from the field!"

My Paladin charged but Yugi just laughed. "You've triggered my trap!" he cried. "Go, Magical Hats! Conceal and protect my monsters!"

"Oh great," I thought. "A minor setback, Yugi. Paladin, attack the hat second to the left with Dragon Destroyer Slash!" My monster charged the hat and it disappeared in a large explosion. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing! I had chosen the wrong hat! I didn't want to try with my other monsters since they would be destroyed if they found either of Yugi's monsters, so I passed he rest of my turn.

"Now I'll place this card under one of the Magical Hats. Now there are three hats, two of which hold my monsters. But let me warn you, under one of the hats is a nasty little surprise," Yugi said proudly.

"Great move, Yug!" Joey called from the sidelines.

"I admit, it does make me reconsider attacking you, but two to one odds are still in my favor." I told him. "I'll add another Luster Dragon to the field and another 500 attack points to my Dark Paladin. Now Dark Paladin attack the middle hat!" My Dark Paladin attacked, sword in hand, the hat I chose. When the hat vaporized Yugi's Dark Magician appeared and it was cut in half before shattering to tiny fragments and disappearing. Yugi lost 4400 life points from the attack leaving him with only 1900 to my 7200.

"Oh man. Yugi almost bit it there," Joey said.

"Yeah, that was way too close," Téa added. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that her eyes were trained on me, even though her head was facing towards Yugi.

"Alright, now I'll play Pot of Greed to draw two cards from my deck," Yugi was saying. I had been paying so much attention to Téa and the others I hadn't even seen him draw.

"Not so fast, Yugi," I stopped him. "I'll activate my Dark Paladin's special ability!"

"Special ability?" Yugi asked.

"That's right," I explained. "If I discard one card from my hand I can negate and destroy a magic card that you play. The card that I choose to discard is Armed Dragon LV3, a dragon type monster. You know what that means. My Dark Paladin gains yet another 500 attack points."

"Well, I have nothing more I can do this turn, so I'll end it." Yugi told me.

"Now it's time for me to finish this. Dark Paladin…" I paused. I had a fifty percent chance of hitting his Dark Magician Girl. But what about that trap card? "What harm could it do?" I asked myself. "Attack the hat on the right!" I finished.

Téa, Joey, Tristan, and Duke watched in suspense as my monster rushed the target. The hat disappeared in a large burst of smoke and when the smoke cleared, instead of the Dark Magician Girl, there was two identical tubes sitting next to each other, and my Paladin was gone!

"It seems that you've found the trap that I hid," Yugi smirked. "It's called Magic Cylinder and it sends your attack right back at you, directly at your life points!"

"No! I only have 7200 life points left and my Paladin has 7900 attack power!" I cried. The Dark Paladin charged and attacked me. I shielded my eyes as the attack hit its mark and my life points drained to zero.

I stood there, stunned. I couldn't believe it, my best monster defeated. No one had ever beaten my Dark Paladin before and now it had been crushed by someone I had just met.

"Hey! That was a great match!" a voice said from behind me. It was Yugi, but it was like he had a different personality all of a sudden. In our duel he was so determined to win and now it was like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Uh…yeah…it was," I replied, still in shock.

"Are you alright, Brian?" Téa asked with a worried look on her face.

"He's fine. He's still surprised that Yugi beat that insanely strong monster of his. I'm sure we all still are," Tristan said.

"It's starting to get late. We should all probably head home," Yugi said.

We all agreed and went to leave. I was the last one out preceded by Téa. Before she got out the door, she turned and gave me a little wave and a wink then continued on her way. I felt my face go red again. I walked home that night feeling happier than I had been in a long time.