Hey! This is my first anime crossover type of thing! It's of my two fav anime of all time, Card Captor Sakura and Inuyasha… enjoy!

Note: No Clow Magic, but the entire Feudal Japan prospect is still here!

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Title: The Mystery

Summary: Sakura goes to visit her cousin Kagome and meets the cute guy next door, Li Syaoran. When the three go to search for something in the well hut, Sakura and Syaoran fall into the well... and land in Feudal Japan. InuKag, SakuSyao

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Rating: R (M)

Aging: Kagome & Sakura: 16 --- Syaoran: 17 --- Inuyasha: 18

Chapter 1: Cousin Kagome, Cousin Sakura

Tomoeda, Japan

"SAKURA…" screamed Kinomoto Touya.

"WHAT?" 16-year-old Kinomoto Sakura yelled back at her brother. Sakura was brushing her waist length auburn hair. She then pulled it up into a high pony tail. She quickly put on her socks before running downstairs to see her brother ready with the car keys.

"What?" Sakura said raising a brow at him.

"You're going to Kagome's house today," Touya said referring to their cousin Kagome Higurashi living in Tokyo Japan.

"I'm going to her house for the next two weeks." Sakura reminded her brother. Sakura's mother, Nadesiko Kinomoto had died while giving birth to Sakura and her father, Fujitaka Kinomoto was currently in Vietnam for some research project, leaving herself and her 23 year old brother Touya.

"And you better not do anything stupid with any boys Sakura," Touya said warningly.

"I won't man! Aunt Korari, Jii-chan, Kagome and Souta are with me." Sakura growled. Korari, Kagome's mother, and Nadesiko, Sakura's mother, were sisters. Their father lived in the Shrine because he was a priest and Korari took care of him because Nadesiko married and moved to Tomoeda. Touya, Sakura, Kagome and Souta are first cousins and Tomoyo is their second cousin because Sonomi is Korari and Nadesiko's cousin.

"And you better not go around flirting with boys." Touya said.

"Do I ever?"

"Takashi and Eriol," Touya reminded.

"Oh please! Takashi and Chiharu are dating and Eriol and Tomoyo are dating, I just mess around."

"What if Kagome has a boyfriend?" Touya asked.

Sakura knew about Kagome's journeys to Feudal Japan. Sakura is one of the few people that know. Touya and Fujitaka don't know because Kagome only wanted Sakura to know. Sakura also knew about Inuyasha and Kagome's insane love for him.

"She doesn't." Sakura said surely.

"Right." Touya said as Sakura stuff a piece of toast in her mouth before running outside with her brother.

"Take care of Kero and Suppi when I'm gone." Sakura said meaning her dogs.

"Yes, yes I will. Don't go murdering Buyo either. He's a cat," Touya teased.

"Har har, just because I prefer dogs to cats don't mean I'll kill him." Sakura said.

"Riiight Saku-chan." Her brother chuckled.




"Inukkoro." Touya smirked.

"I am not dog turd." Sakura growled as she slapped his head.

"Fine, fine, dog turd is way better then you."

"BAKAYARO!" Sakura screamed causing Touya to go deaf.

"Man, girls and their voices." Touya shook his head as he reversed the car. Sakura's sleeping gear and what not were in the duffle bag in the trunk of the car.

"YAY!" Sakura squealed

Tokyo, Japan

"KAGOME! OI KAGOME!" Screamed 10-year-old Souta Higurashi.

"Whhat?" Kagome mumbled as she woke up rubbing her eyes. It was currently 12pm Saturday in the Higurashi Shrine and everybody (excluding Kagome) was preparing for the arrival of Cousin Sakura.

"Sakura-chan is coming in half an hour!" Souta cried as he jumped into Kagome's room.

"SAY WHAT?" Kagome shrieked as she jumped up. Souta nodded as he shooed Buyo out of his sisters' room.

"Mama and Jii-chan are preparing the place. Mama's cooking, Jii-chan is sweeping the outside. Mama wants you to clean the bathrooms, living room and your bedroom since Sakura-chan is sleeping in here."

Kagome nodded as she grabbed her clothes and launched into the bathroom.


"WHAT?" Souta screamed as his sister called him from the bathroom.


"ALRIGHT!" Souta said before rushing downstairs. He cleaned his bedroom for his cousin's arrival and right now it was his turn to clean out the kitty litter.

"Is Touya going to come in?" Souta asked his mother.

"Of course, I am not letting that young man leave without food in his stomach." Korari said to her son.

"Sakura and Touya are so cool." Souta said in awe. He really admired his cousins. Touya was the boss of a local restaurant and was very successful. He was engaged to Kaho Mizuki and he lives with her in a condo. Sakura was the cheerleading captain, girls' soccer team captain, girls' blade group captain as well. Sakura can handle daggers like they were her own hands. She in-line skates, ice skates, skateboards, bikes, plays any kind of sports imaginable and still has time for her family.

"I wonder if Tomoyo will come to visit too." Korari said thinking of her niece.

"Cousin Tomoyo too? She's not as cool as Sakura." Souta said.

"Of course she is." Kagome said walking downstairs with a towel wrapped around her head. "Tomoyo knows anything about camcorders imaginable. You can give her an ancient wooden camcorder and she'll be able to work it. She is the leader of the A/V club and she designs clothes, making her the captain of the sewing club too." Kagome smiled.

"Wow, we have such cool cousins." Souta said in awe.

"Yes we do." Kagome said as she started clearing the table.

Within 20 minutes flat Kagome finished cleaning the rooms that she was supposed to. Korari finished cooking and cleaned the family room. Souta managed to straighten up the well hut and as he was walking back, he felt himself being lifted into the air.

"Inuyasha!" Souta said excited.

"Hey squirt." Inuyasha said as he put Souta on his back. He ran up to Kagome's room opened the window and jumped in.

"KAGOME! INUYASHA'S HERE!" Souta screamed. Kagome rushed upstairs to see Inuyasha sitting on her bed.

"Oh good, Souta go downstairs, Sakura is here in 5 minutes."

"Sakura?" Inuyasha raised a brow.

"My cousin from Tomoeda. She's coming today and she knows all about you." Kagome said as she fussed with trying to get her bed sheet to straighten.


"My moms' sisters' daughter." Kagome explained.


Kagome sighed as she started to fix up her computer desk. Inuyasha heard somebody outside of the bedroom tiptoeing close to her bedroom. He assumed it was 'Sakura' so he didn't bother telling Kagome. He sat on the bed as Sakura slowly opened the bedroom door. She saw Inuyasha and her eyes widened. He nodded and she knew right away who he was. Sakura smirked as she launched onto Kagome.

"RAPE!" Sakura yelled as Kagome screamed senseless.

"Hi Kag-chan." Sakura smirked.

"SAKU!" Kagome shrieked as she hugged Sakura tightly. Sakura gasped for air.

"Kag- bre-th." Sakura choked.

"What?" Kagome said pulling back. Sakura inhaled seven times before squealing. "KAGOME!"

"Oh man! I haven't seen you since forever." Kagome said as her mid-back length hair flew everywhere thanks to the airy breeze outside.

"Where's Touya-kun?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha's eyes twitched. 'Touya? Who the hell is he?'

"Onii-chan's downstairs. Oh man! Souta's grew a ton! I haven't seen you two since your 15th party Kag, and that was when you fell into the well and released our hanyou." Sakura winked at Inuyasha who 'keh'd and moved his head.

"Man, he's worse off then Eriol." Sakura snorted.

"Oh, oh, oh! Speaking of Eriol, I want you to meet this KAWAII guy next door named Li Syaoran!"

"What does that have to do with Eriol?"

"He knows Eriol!"

"He does, does he? Tell me is he hot cute, or baby cute?"

"Hot cute Saku-chan!"

"I feel so disregarded." Inuyasha snorted.

"When did you learn that word?" Kagome said raising a brow.


Sakura squealed as she hugged her cousin again. "You have to show me Hojo. Oh man, listening to what you've said about him, I'd say he's a pansy."

"He isn't a pansy!" Kagome said.

"Is too!"

"Finally, somebody agrees with me." Inuyasha said. Sakura looked at him and squealed. She ran up to him and rubbed his ears. "Aw man Kags, you're lucky you're traveling with such a cute hanyou!"


Sakura pulled back gasping and her lower lip trembled. Kagome snorted and Inuyasha's eyes widened. "Don't cry, god dammit don't cry."

Sakura giggled. "You're right, he does have a weakness of crying girls." Sakura said before walking out of the bedroom, following her is Kagome.

"Inuyasha, stay here. Her brother doesn't know about you." Kagome said as she ran downstairs with her cousin.



After goodbyes and take cares, Touya left leaving Sakura at her cousins house. "Oh man! The shrine looks just like how it did last year."

"It never changes," Jii-chan said.

"Next year, Kag's you're sleeping over." Sakura said.

"Hai, hai, if we find the Shikon no Tama by then."

"You will sis," Sakura hugged her cousin once more.

"Stop the stupid hugging already!" Inuyasha growled.

"What an angry demon." Sakura said as she shook her head. Inuyasha mumbled some words before standing up. "I'm going back tonight ok."

"Why?" Kagome asked.

"You two girls need some time alone, I'll tell the rest you're back tomorrow." Inuyasha said.

"Aww, you're being nice." Kagome smiled.

"Keh! Don't want you to sit me to hell."

Sakura's eyes widened. "OH THE SIT!"

Kagome smirked. "Osuwari," Inuyasha fell face first as Sakura howled in laughter. "Oh man, that is as funny as you said it would be!"

Inuyasha stood up, glared at Kagome before leaving.

"Poor hanyou." Sakura shook her head.

"Eat up, get some sleep, tomorrow we're visiting Syaoran." Kagome smirked.

"What are you going to play matchmaker?" Sakura raised a brow.

"Oh yes I am."

"Souta, shoot me." Sakura moaned as she ate her oden.

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