You have heard the story of the Beauty and the Beast. The enchanted rose, the sorceress at the doorstep, the hidden castle glamoured by magic. That is the story, the fairy tale. I am here to reveal to you the truth. The true story, no magic, no enchantments, so curses, just the truth.

Much is still the same in the true tale. The beastly prince, a castle guarded by rose hedges, the beauty, in a way I suppose. The transformation from a beast to a true man, as well, in a way.

You may ask how I know the true tale. You see, I was in it. I was the beauty. And it is here now that I will reveal the truth to you. Because you see, the truth is much more powerful than any fairy or curse.

yeah, its short. I can't guarantee I will update this soon, cause the idea just sort of popped into my head and the words just came out, but I suppose I can try. Let me know what you think, should I continue it, etc. Thank you!