summary: the deep thoughts of Chance

It was a dark night, a figure stood on a rooftop letting the wind blow his hair back. He looked out over the city, him the protector the one that saved the city time in and out. But no one knew who he really was. He longed to be the one that got the praise and would stand there time in and out. He wanted everyone to know, but if he did, it would cause a greater risk.

A lonely mechanic day in and out, but a hero by night. Was that what he wanted with his life. He wanted to be one of the best pilots in the enforcers, but one dum thing went wrong and he got kicked off. Yeah his friend stood beside him the whole way and helped him, but is this what he really wanted. Did his friend really want to see his career go down the drain along with his friends. His friend covered it up so well, he seemed to enjoy being put behind the mechanics and build the gear that they used, but is this really what he wanted. Yeah they were partners and friends, but was Jake covering something deeper down in side of him up.

The figure could only wonder. He sensed a storm brewing in the distance. He should head in and help his friend, but he couldn't leave. Yeah he was called in the time of emergancy and helped people when they needed it, but is this something he really wanted. He would cover up his true identity and then come back to the salvage yard and go back to the lonely low mechanic. Feral hated them and how they had reacted everything, and he definetly returned the whole thing, but could Chance be like, not just T-Bone. Yeah was the muscle one and always trying to look out for Jake, but Chance was the one that so many girls couldn't found over, but T-Bone, Callie even liked him more than Chance. He couldn't understand it. Him, he was both, but something came out when he was T-Bone that no one saw in Chance. Heck is own mother didn't even know who he was. He would talk to her once and a while and when the SWAT Kats saved the day she would rave over them, but her son was one of them.

The thunder had gotten closer and he saw a flash of lightening in the distance. He could feel the dampness in the air and smell the rain. The wind blew again making his fur ruffle with the wind. How could he do this. He couldn't keep bring the people that he loved on. And what about Callie, was she ever going to know who he really was and how he felt for her. Yeah Jake liked her to, but Jake had given up and had stopped chasing her. Chance though kept on going. The wind blew again and this time a little bit of the rain came with it. He ignored the rain that came down, he looked back at the city.

He couldn't even have a wife, due to the risk that is caused and the danger that came with it. He couldn't tell anyone who he was. Could this be the end of it, would he die a lonely death. Would the only person by his side be Jake when he is laying on his death bed. He couldn't have descendants due to the risk.

But Jake and Him and were a team. He could do this, and who cares that he couldn't have everthing that the other normal cat could have. Who cared that the only person by his death bed be Jake. Who know maybe it wouldn't be like that, maybe by some chance he could have someone of his own. Him and Jake were a team and no matter what they were going to be like that. Jake counted on him and he counted on Jake. With that the down pour of the rain hit, he spread him arms wide and put his head up and whispered, "this is my the life".