summary: the deep thoughts of Jake Clawnson

"click click click" you could hear the faint noise as a tanish tom-cat repaired some gear. He sat there in complete silence. The big black jet with red and blue on it, stood there in silence. His mind wondered, him and Chance had been best friends and partners. He could hear the faint sound of the TV and if he listened close enough he could hear the thunder up above. He moved some parts around, but his mind was thinking about something else.

Was this what he wanted when he was real little? Did he see himself, getting kicked out of the enforcers and then having to pay debt to the enforcers and on top of that being a SWAT Kat? Chance was always there when he needed it and was always pulling him out of sticky situations, but did Chance really deserve a friend like him. He worked his way through school and the acedmeny only to become a low mechanic and a SWAT Kat. Yeah he enjoyed some of the things that he got to work on or how he did things, but was this really what he wanted to do. His father had told him how disappointed he was, when he heard about what had happened. He was ashamed to face them after that. He was there only son and he failed his father.

He didn't really have to worry about the she-kats. They went after Chance, not him. He was the lonely tech for everything. He could fix things in a heart beat and could analize most things that were tossed at him, but no woman wanted him. He built the TurboKat and everything else, him...the tech, the geek, the brainica. He was the best with a woman, yeah he talked to Callie when he could, but he had given up on her and handed her over to Chance. Chance can make a fool out of him self around her, not him.

But what was the cat risking being a SWAT Kat. Yeah he saved the city numbered of times, but no one knew who he was. He didn't want the glory like Chance sometimes wanted. He did it, because he loved doing it. He flew with his best friend and dealt with his craziness of Chance. He was always in the back contraling the weapons. Chance would always call back asking if he had one of his crazy plans and everytime go along with it. Chance trusted him and he trusted Chance, but what really was that trust. Was it the best friend thing or the partner thing, or was it just being there for each other.

He set his tools down and knew he couldn't concentrate now. He headed up the ladder and headed towards the roof. It was a little windy, but he had to get out of there. Chance had just looked at him and then turned back to the TV. Chance the one thing that kept him steady, while he went through the hard times of his mothers death. And then his father telling him that he was disappointed in him. How he could go far with his brains. But he stuck with his friend and helped in the salvage yard. He opened the door to the roof and let the wind whip by him. It blew his fur back and the thunder rolled. He saw a flash of lightening strike in the distance. He could smell and feel the rain in the air.

His friend stuck by him through it all. Chance would worry about the smallest thing. If he didn't radio back every 10 minutes Chance would get up tight about it all. He would stand by Chance when something didn't go right and stay perfectly calm...but deep down he was worry and uptight. Chance would pull him out of the littlest thing. But what did he do to return the favor? Nothing.

He stood there on the roof and let the rain wash off of him. Chance would most likely come get him in, but maybe not. Then the door opened behind him and he knew it was Chance.

"you need to come in buddy" Chance said

"yeah I will be in, in a minute"

The door closed and he looked up at the sky and said, "this is my life and I like just the way it is, no matter what my father said"