Author: Ataris

Genre: Romance; Angst

Rating: PG

Plot: Five years after the formation of the galactic empire, anti-slavery laws have been abolished, the innocent are imprisoned and the corrupted are awarded. Emperor Cos Palpatine, no longer capable of producing an heir to the throne of his mighty empire and wishing a legacy to extend all others, had ordered his second-in-command to produce an heir. Lord Vader still in love with the memory of his deceased wife Padme, refused his master's order to find a new mate and produce a child to play puppet to the galactic empire. Unknown to the Emperor and his apprentice is that Padme Naberrie-Skywalker and her twin children survived the turbulent child labour on Polis Massa. After returning to her home planet of Naboo, she and her children were sold into slave trade. Frustrated with Darth Vader's refusal to take another woman into his bed, he condemns Vader's action to the guardianship over the planetary system of Naboo in hopes that he will find a suitable mistress from one of the exotic women that holds her body for sale in the cold, damp streets of the former glorious city of Theed.