Ordered To Love

Author: Ataris

Disclaimer: I do not own or have any affliation with the Star Wars saga.

Genre: Romance

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He had crushed the death stick beneath the heavy toe of his boot. He pushed out the filtered breath of smoke that held in his cloned lungs. He had stared down at the lifeless corpse of the death stick that spewed its ashes onto the titanium tiles that dressed the abandoned medical centre.

He touched his finger to his soured lips. The torrent taste of chemicals haunted his mouth, in the undesirable aftermath of a gentle kiss. He had tried to escape the allure of death sticks but found their craving too strong to be allowed to arrest the habit.

He pushed the swollen package of death sticks into the deep folds of his dark cloak. He had purchased the neatly wrapped package in a small shop in the tight crevice that unfolded in the deep, exotic wood of Felucia after he ended the mission.

It had been a simple enough mission, though the Emperor had plagued him with the thoughts of wanton victory. The rumour of Jedi had been a lark. A whisper of fallacy that had fallen onto naive ears that screamed to the Empire for assistance. There had not even been a trace that any Jedi have ever been to Felucia since the dawn of the Empire.

There had been similar whispers of Jedi establishments across the galaxy. The Emperor had urged the solo missions to the involuntary planets that sparked with delight over the unfounded rumours that had swept through the star systems' core. He had always had a feeling that Palpatine had not liked him though no words had ever been exchanged between them.

He had brushed the errant strands of red silk that spilled into his honey glazed eyes. He pulled the neutral band from his hair to allow all of his light orange hair to tumble free of its confinement. He had thought of cutting it once, though he had found he had enjoyed the roguish feel of the uncut hair against the curve of his neck.

He felt the familiar tickle of arousement grow in his groin. He had taken a piss since he had landed on the asteroid. There had been little time to stalk the untreasured establishments that wore their welcome away with the rustic whine of forgotten droids.

His fingers had untied the unruly threads that held his standard imperial army pants together. He relieved his penis from his navy blue pants and levelled it to the whitewash walls that had begun to yellow from age. The heated nectar drew down the wall, as he relaxed for a moment.

"Why am I not surprised to find you here with your pants down, Lord Sykes." She had hissed in discontent. Her tight blond ringlets curtained her porcelain face. Her lips had thinned in disgust.

"I am surprised that the Emperor has released you from his bed. Is he displeased with your actions in bed?" He retorted. She remained stilled in the enlightened corridor of the estranged medical facility. He had squeezed out the last few drops of piss.

"The Emperor asked me to check up on you and make sure that you got all the medical records from Polis Massa. Where are the flimsis?" She drew in a sharp breath. He had tied the loose cords of his pants together in a tender knot.

"What are so important about five year old medical profiles that the Emperor is having his beloved soothsayer Alia, check up on me? " Sykes had asked. His hands crossed before his stomach.

Alia leaned forward, her hand stroked his smooth white skin that remained free of the scars of facial hair. She allowed her lips to gentle caresses his swollen mouth before she had released them in sour note.

"What could Lord Vader say if he heard that you were smoking?" She laughed, "Come, I heard that Lord Vader is desperate for your companionship."

Sykes had nodded, as he followed the young woman into the womb of the imperial starship. His lips tasted of her soft flora fragrance. He could deny the fortune that the emperor held each night when he made love to the woman that he had craved since she had opened his eyes on the second anniversary of the empire.

"Are you going to hurry or am I going to have to order a few battalions to level you onto the ship!" Alia barked, annoyed with the slow pace that Sykes had taken toward the disheveled path to the ship. He had sighed as quickened his pace to the ship.

There would be time later to find the questions that had puzzled his dreams. That roared in his ears the forgotten name: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master and friend to Anakin Skywalker.


To Be Continued...

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