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Harry sat by the charmed notebook. An enchanted fountain pen in place to take down the next thoughts that entered his head. He enjoyed using computers but to write a book there was no better way than to enchant pen and ink to take the thoughts strait from your mind. It made everything so much easier. It was a request put forth by the three ladies in his life, a way to tell any future family and any others that wanted to know the truth of the happenings around the famous and notorious Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Fleur Delecour and Ginny Weasley. Quietly in the back of his mind, Harry also wanted something to tell his story, his legacy, should the worse come. And so he agreed to write the story of his rise to power and how much he learned by forging his own path in the world.

Since the day they had left Britain, Albus had tried his hardest to smear the good Potter name. With the help of the Ministry they had done a pretty good job of it too; within the island nation at least. Outside the British Isles the country was the laughing stock of the world. Harry hadn't been idle after he had left. The large group of warriors had taken a little time to themselves with a visit to a few Caribbean islands, a place Harry liked so much he considered buying a larger island for somewhere to live once all his messes had been put to rights.

"So where was I?" Harry looked down at the paper as the expensive pen inked the same words he had just said onto the paper. This was the only thing that was bothersome with this method of writing. He smirked as he figured he would just let Hermione go though it after he was done to erase any of these little mistakes he had made in the previous 900 pages.

"After the battle with Voldemort in the Atrium in the Ministry of Magic most of my band of misfits left England. We didn't realize at the time that the move might have been a perminant one. Other than Fleur, and Hermione to a smaller extent, none of us had ever stayed any length of time outside of our little island nation. I know we certainly didn't think it would be over two years before we would set foot onto its rocky shores once more. We will be returning soon though. I can feel it. The final battle is about to begin. Hell the first skirmishes have been fought already, but that is for a later time."

"Once we left we all decided a nice warm beach vacation was needed by all. I was still on the mend from the partially blocked curse Voldemort hit me with. The others started to realize too that the fighting and killing of deatheaters was becoming all too easy. We had been on a secluded island somewhere in the Caribbean when it hit Hermione only a few days after we arrived. She cried for days at taking so many lives that day. Ginny wasn't much better. We all sat in a group around a fire on the beach and had a group counseling session between the seven of us. With all our training with both magic and blades it almost seemed like another exercise to them. I think Fleur was the most help during this time. I couldn't really comprehend what the others were going though. I had killed a lot of deatheaters since the war had started and I had already come to terms with having to fight them and kill them. It turned out that with the others the deatheaters hadn't seemed like really people. Let's face it, when your entire body is covered in clothing and you have a mask over your face it would be easy to list this as just another of our faceless training dummies and I will admit to having made the training dummies we used for practice into the likeness of deatheaters for the shear purpose to keep those I cared most for from freezing during battle."

"You see for me I had never really turned my opponents into mindless drones. I knew that every time I landed a blow that ended a life I was taking away a father or husband. I was cutting short a life that might have meaning. But what could I do? My side was losing, badly, when I left. The government was only days away from collapsing. I couldn't even imagine how much more difficult it would have been to fight a war if Voldemort managed to take over the Ministry."

"It ended up taking a few weeks before the guilt started being placed with the proper people. I had called Jean Delecour and he put me in touch with a councilor who specialized in post war depression and conditions. I flew the woman out to the little island we were stay at and paid for her to say with us for a few months. All of us received help from her."

"After six months on the little island summer was beginning to set in with extremely hot and sticky days. We decided it was time to move around. We had to be careful where we went. We knew Dumbledore was doing his level best to find us but we were quite adept at not being found by now. So now a little history lesson to you. The world of magic is broken up into seven different governments. England, the first to set a separate government for its magical subjects, set up to only take care of those on the British Isle. Later an Eastern European and Western European set up in France and Bulgaria respectfully. The old Soviet Union has its own governing body that didn't get demolished during the uprisings that broke the country apart. The Pacific Rim Ministry covers Asia, China, Japan and Australia. The final two ministries are for South America and North America. Since the Americas are so large it is easy to move about in them and not be found. That was one of the reasons we had moved across the pond to escape from Dumbledore and Voldemort. Still it was fairly easy to get lost in the crowd anywhere other than England."

"Neville and Luna decided to go to South America to study plants and find some rather fanciful creatures Luna came up with. We where not sure if the amazing animals she kept spouting about were real or not seeing as we actually found a few of them she was referring to during our journeys so far. Ron took off to Egypt. He wanted to find treasure and Egypt seemed to be the best place to start. Even if the expeditions did end there they all began there. As for me and my girls we decided to go onto Japan with a stop over in France to see the Delecours once again."

"The next year and a half were exciting ones. We never stayed in one place over long but managed to make friends where we went. Neville had ensconced himself in the Amazon and acquired numerous titles to his name, potions grand master and master botanist just to name two of the most prestigious. He and Luna had also broken a ring of rouge vamps that had been terrorizing a few of the little towns though out the rainforest. Ron, after a few expeditions that made too many other people money, decided to start his own and decided he would become the head of security. It quickly became one of the most profitable and most successful treasure hunting outfits around. It seemed that his chess master mind was good for something else. Ron had hired the right people for the job to actually run the company and do the research of where the items the were searching for actually where then he and a group of curse breakers would go out and look for them. My best friend loved his new job even though it was dangerous. I had to go out and help him once. He was out in Africa and had his entire team killed around him. It was only thanks to the training I had giving him that he survived long enough to call me via tattoo. That was a hard week for my friend. We managed to beat off the monsters that were attacking, actually we destroyed them, but as we made it back to Ron's headquarters he had to notify the surviving family members. I was surprised by the tact Ron had acquired over time. During our years in Hogwarts Hermione had likened Ron's emotional depth to that of a teaspoon. Now though Ron amazed me at the sensitivity he used with the bereft. After that Ron hired more people. There was never a short supply of just out of school idiots wanting to make a name for themselves. Ron though made each new hire go though a year long training course. I heard later that only twenty five percent of the entrance that took his course finished the entire thing. Those that did finish were soon recognized as some of the most well trained wizards and witches on the planet. Fatalities still occurred. In that business everyone knew the risks. What Ron didn't expect though was for the Pacific Rim to enter into contract negotiations to train up their hit wizards. It should be known that after only having the first training class in place for a little over three months, and only a quarter of the way through, the press have already sent out world wide releases that the Pacific Rim had the best force on the planet. I fully expect Ron's time to go on expeditions to be limited in the near future."

"As for the girls and me we moved around a lot. Mostly we kept our ears to the ground. When we heard that an area was having magical problems we would go help out. Over the course of our time we ended up in Japan, Africa, Italy, Fiji, Russia and a host of other countries. Basically we would help out the people in the area and then they would teach us something in thanks. I can't even tell you some of the amazing things I have learned thanks to my travels. Things like magic circles, item enchantment (better than even the goblins), magic portals that can take you from one side of the world to the other just by stepping though a doorway and BAM your there. No tight tube or spinning at all. Rune work and combinations that some of the best curse breakers would do anything for. It was a good time and I don't think I will ever have that sort of freedom again."

"Now would you believe that it is only two weeks until Ron, yes you heard me correctly, Ron gets married. I guess a little back story to this would be appreciated. During one of his adventures Ron and his team managed to run across a warlock that was using minor demons to find a certain tree. While the rest of his team moved on with trying to find the artifact they had been searching for my friend decided to go after the warlock. At first it was only because the demons he was summoning would go to a village and kill one of the muggles there and assume their likeness. Ron then found out what they were after and all his treasure hunting instincts came to the fore. Every full moon a rift in space happened deep in a forest that had no name and inside the rift was another world. Well more like a pocket dimension. I was taught how to make these during my travels but to actually find one is almost unheard of. Inside the pocked though was a small forest only a few hundred acres in size. In the center was the tree of life, the first living organism to grow on this earth. I don't need to tell you that if something that powerful managed to get into the hands of a demon or evil warlock the damage they could do with it. Not in the least is that the sap of the tree healed any wounds and pretty much acted like the philosophers stone that Flammel had made. "

"Of course Ron followed the warlock and his demon horde into the rift. The battle was long and drawn out. The demons were pretty much fodder, still they were effective fodder and while they might have had an easy time with muggles they would give a pretty good fight for a good wizard. Eventually Ron took out the demons and moved on to the warlock. The problem was that not only did have a mouthful of sap but he had a wood nymph to use as cover. Two other nymphs were huddled away by a rock. In the fight that followed the nymph the warlock was hiding behind was killed and Ron ended up transfiguring the warlock into a tree after all his attempts to kill the man failed. From what I understand it would take many millennia before the protective runes around the thing will give way. It really doesn't matter since the other two nymphs helped Ron transplant the new tree into a different pocket dimension that will only open given a certain set of circumstances. Ron wouldn't give me the conditions but assured me they should only happen once ever few thousand years. Good enough for me."

"The two nymphs ended up being bound to Ron for some reason that even he can't figure out. From what I have been told it is much like the bond I have with Fleur, Hermione and Ginny without the sex and marking thing. Ron doesn't seem to mind though. I don't know if you have ever seen a nymph before but there are very good reasons that they are referred to in legend as seductresses. The two girls are beautiful. Since they didn't have names Ron named them Forest and Rain. Hermione just rolled her eyes at the lack of imagination with the naming. You might have guessed that Forrest is a wood nymph while Rain is a water nymph. Both have a wonder figure but Forrest has light purple eyes and hair as green as new leaves on a tree. Rain has these wonderful sea green eyes, like the water off the coast of St. Marrtin and hair blue as a deep ocean. "

"After a year with the two Ron proposed to his two companions. I don't even want to get into how that affected my own relationships. Let it be known to all men out there that if you have a friend that marries their lover expect to either making your own announcement soon or condemn yourself to the couch. Luckily I had already brought up the 'M' word with my girls and we all decided that we would wait until after our lives had calmed down."

"Last week Ron, Neville and I all went out for Ron's bachelor party leaving the explanation as to what that is for the other girls in the group to explain to Forrest and Rain. And even though the girls complained far too much about us leaving I know they were secretly happy that they could have their own party. What we didn't tell them is that we didn't plan on coming home until a week went by. Okay, really that was my fault, but damn we had a good time. ""I managed to sneak out one of our big time turners for the trip as well. For the most part we had stopped using the time turners because we didn't really need them any more. We weren't trying to get years of training and learning done in such a short time like we all were before. That and we were all starting to feel the effect s of such constant time travel. Hermione, Fleur, Luna, and Ginny all wrote a very good book on time travel that I think the Unspeakable are even using now. We men ended up staying away for a month to us but only a week to the rest of the world. Our women knew what we had done though. It was kind of hard for them not to when for a week global newspapers listed all sorts of strange and weird happenings. I'm proud to say that we got into more trouble that week then we have ever. We snuck into a space shuttle launch in Florida and mooned everyone as we launched. I probably won't do that again as we were all tossed around that little cabin with our pants around our ankles. Also let it be known that bubble-head and impervious charms work great as space-suits. Unfortunately I don't think those astronauts well every be going up again. Really they should have known that a NASA would find them crazy when they described the game of tag we had while on our own space walk. Let's see what else, oh we transfigured a big rock into a replica of Godzilla and set it loose on Tokyo. It probably would have scared some people to death except we colored it purple and had it singing the 'Barney' theme. Come to think of it I think some people did go into shock because of that. We set up a reenactment of the Troy/Spartan war. From what I heard it was a real hit. We faked an alien invasion. The Eiffel Tower was turned into a giant penis. The Statue of Liberty did a strip tease for a day. And the list goes one and one. My favorite was turning Hogwarts into a living prank machine. It took days to find all the kids. Needless to say we had a great time. "

"That brings us to the here and now. A week before Ron's wedding. We are planning to go to Ron's parents' house to inform them of the date. Ron was against inviting them but Ginny put her foot down on this one. I just have a bad feeling about this. On the upside, we are having the wedding in the pocket world under the Tree of Life. This should be interesting if nothing else. I'll be sure to let you know what happens. Until then."

Harry looked at the drying ink feeling a little more than apprehensive about the coming wedding. No he was happy for his friend but giving Molly a week to run her mouth to Dumbledore would lead to nothing good. All he could do was hope. With that he closed the large leather bound tome and moved off to be with the people that meant more to him than any other.


"Are you sure we should be doing this now?" Neville asked for the thousandth time.

"Better now without the whole Order there." Ron replied in a stained voice. He hadn't spoken a word to his mother or father in over two years now. As a matter of fact the last time he had even seen them both had been lying on the floor of the atrium in the Ministry unconscious.

Harry was quiet as they walked to the door. Really he didn't think he should even be here. Molly had blamed him for everything that had happed to tear her family apart. Even now, from what he heard, Molly refused to believe she was to blame at all for the evens occurring after what would have been his sixth year.

As Harry was thinking the little group moved over the boundary wards. A negligent flick from Ron's wand and a nice hole was made for the three to walk though. The tall red head smirked over at Harry and Neville thinking of how powerful the wards they had placed so many years ago were. It did appear that deatheaters or other sympathizers had tried to make it though a few times. Really a few times were all that was needed though. After seeing your comrades flayed alive it tended to make you a little more cautious.

The knock on the door seemed incredibly loud to the three as they waited in the still morning air but they didn't need to wait too long. All too soon for all involved the shuffle of feet and the unmistakable voice of Molly Weasley could be heard.

"Coming, coming. And who is it at this time in the morning?" The door was opened in a manner that showed that the woman had no fear anyone with ill intentions would be on the other side. And rightfully so with the warding the group had done around the house. As the matron glanced at the assembled men Ron spoke.

"Hello mother. I'm getting married!"

After the woman was revived from her fainting spell an argument the likes not seen in the Burrow ever was underway. Molly refused Harry entrance which didn't really bother him much. Ron then refused to enter if Harry couldn't. Half and hour later Harry was seated in the living room with the rest of the boys. Molly then was livid about Ron's choice of wife, or wives as the case may be. The idea that her son would have more than one wife was unacceptable to the woman and when she heard the story about how the two had gotten together with Ron it started off on a whole different argument about the dangers of his job and how Ron should be settling down with a good girl, one girl, 'Like that nice Hermione before this Satan spawn corrupted her' and be a nice Ministry paper pusher where the most danger he would see was a paper cut.

It took most of the day to get out of the house and after Molly had cursed both his parents as well as the 'French Slut' Harry had nearly broken the woman's legs. As it was Dumbledore showed up purely by coincidence and that set off a running battle between Harry and the old man.

Dumbledore was convinced that Harry had to be used to kill Vodemort then killed. The boy was far too powerful and willful to be allowed out into the world at large. He had already ventured into the dark arts do deeply that he could out duel the Dark Lord with the spells and he had gone so far as to mark followers and force women to be his sexual slaves. Unfortunately the aged headmaster knew he was not longer a match for the young lord of Hogwarts.

Later that night Harry arrived back in his little house on the Mediterranean with a pounding headache but in high spirits. He had managed to hit Dumbledore with more than a few curses. Most benign. A lactating charm he learned from a very weird chap in Queens New York. One that would give the man cramps and then explosive diarrhea. Another would make his beard attack him. The most vicious had been the one that would cramp different muscles across his body nonstop. Harry had only used that one when Dumbledore upped the stakes and started trying to bind his soul with a ritual.