Chapter Three- Marik

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Warning: Lime ahead. Yaoi. General male/male flirting.

The bouncer had been too busy with a trio of severe looking adolescents, one of which was toying with a spike in her pink Mohawk and cursing at him angrily. ( " Baka, what do you mean we can't go in!")

He grinned with excitement as he feasted his innocent eyes on the sight and walked deeper, twisting out of the way of wild dancers and chattering teens.

It seemed they continued the motif, for the whole place glittered with gold and turquoise, emblems of King seals, and icons and still more bogus Egyptian writing. The tables were made of polished cedar with an old-fashioned lantern at each one, and the serving girls all wore the ancient garb of the slave. Their white kilts and halter tops shifted enticingly as they took orders, though Ryou found the black wigs and over-abundant eye liner a little on the cheesy side.

The albino took a seat to the left of the dance floor, (which was covered with sand) and tuned his attention to the stage. There, an obviously foreign and very well rounded band was playing, for their instruments did not include a synthesizer and their lyrics were English. A lithe, unremarkable brunette girl with large blue eyes played the keyboard, once in a while belting out an odd series of tribal sounding moans that went with the tune. A tanned, sandy-haired man played guitar while a uni-spike haired individual of about the same age bashed the symbols and the drums.

But it was the lead vocalist that truly caught his interest.

Dressed in a pair of kacki cargo pants, black boots, and a mauve midriff held closed with gold chains, his form reminded Ryou of the one etched onto the sarcophagus of Tutenkamun. His bronze, lean limbs were adorned with much jewelry, accentuating their perfection, and his body swayed with the words he sung. His face was triangular, with large lavender eyes below thick, white/blonde eyelashes and full, generous lips. His hair was pale as the moon and layered very attractively so that it hung longish behind his ears, and his gaze fell upon the albino as he repeated the chorus.

"Forever may not be long enough for our love.

I have a will but I'm lost inside your touch.

Open your heart to me, make me feel, don't be afraid!

Forever! Forever…"

Ryou flushed and absently ordered a sprite and tuna sandwich from one of the waitresses then tried not to listen to Bakura as he devoured his meal.

/Come on Ryou. I think he likes you. Go over and talk to him. He's just finished his last set, and the last time I had anyone was over five milleniums ago/

Ryou frowned and flipped through the menu boredly, desperately trying not to look across the room, where the singer was mingling with his more assertive admirers.

/ You said ' old soul.' Do you know him? You kept telling me you were from Egypt./

/ It's not that I know him, it's that I feel his spirit; his intermingled destiny. Anyway, that's more than I care to understand at the moment./

/ Come now, Bakura. I've had boyfriends before. Why are you acting as if I'm some loser starved for intimacy/

/ Because making out for a few seconds behind London's clock tower isn't exactly what I had in mind./

Ryou rolled his eyes, then froze as he realized something.

/ Dear God, he's coming over/

/ Well, just act natural you idiot/

The albino slumped a little in his seat, his spikes falling across his forehead, creating a shadow as his fists clenched and unclenched nervously. He was suddenly aware that the singer was talking to him, his voice easily distinguished over the loud, abrasive acid that had begun to blare from the speakers.

" I like your necklace." Said the blonde flirtatiously, his highish tones caressing the albino's ears.

Ryou's head came up and he smiled.

" Thanks. Y-you were good up there."

The blonde shrugged nonchalantly.

" They all seemed to enjoy it." He said, waving a hand casually to his band members, who were reveling in the attention shamelessly.

" I'm Marik. Marik Ishtar. You're not from here, are you?"

Ryou's heart was racing.

" No. I, just arrived. From London."

Marik grinned wryly.

" I love London. Particularly its natives. My sister's more into the locals of Cairo, but as you can see, I prefer to travel. She has a necklace just like that one, sort of, along with a staff of the same design."

/ I thought so! More millenium items/

/ So/

/…You're right, Ryou. I'm in the mood for something much simpler at the moment./

Ryou paused and looked at this perfect stranger, feeling his desire rise painfully.

He made his decision.

" Your sister and I have something in common."

Ryou answered in that same cultured, infinitely polite English accent.

" We both adore Egyptian men. I'm Ryou Bakura."

Marik blinked quickly at this blunt admission, then chuckled and leaned forward, his lips hovering over the albino's ear.

" My place isn't far from here, and the band won't miss me. Do you want to…?"

Ryou arched his back as Marik's hand came up under the table, feeling for the excitement he saw in his pick-up's eyes.


Bakura sniggered as his light accepted the tanned one's offer. It was amazing what the right atmosphere and a bit of prodding could do to a virginal seventeen-year old. It wouldn't be long now. Soon his host would lose all innocence, and when that happened, he'd make sure the boy never wanted to come back or fight him.

Ever again.

This can't be me, Ryou thought as the apartment door closed behind them. Marik wasted no time, and immediately started kissing him. Ryou opened his mouth against the Egyptian's, closing his eyes as he surrendered himself entirely, allowing his body to take over. His tongue battled against Marik's, engaged in a savage dance with the other. He was barely aware as he pulled his shirt off, the garment becoming an obstacle in the way of their touching.

/ I hope you're into this, Bakura./ He murmured mentally, the tone mocking.

/ Hmmmm…very./

This can't be me! Ryou told himself as he tore away the rest of his own clothing with newfound aggressiveness, then began to work on Marik, who had led them to a large and comfortable looking sofa in the middle of the room. The Egyptian laughed quietly as he ran his fingers serpantinely through the albino's hair. His mouth had moved down to the white neck and was suckling at it mercilessly, his fingernails digging deliciously into his flesh.

This can't be me! Ryou screamed inwardly as their formed rubbed and worked against each other, his moans echoing through-out the loudly silent room as Marik possessed him, licking at his throat and whispering soulful sighs as he writhed and danced above the albino.

This can't be me! He all but shrieked inside himself as later on his passion crested with one final kiss from his pale-haired partner, and he was thrust into the most miserable, shameful pleasure he had ever known…the brutality and simplicity revolting him and imprisoning him all the same.

This can't be me.


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