"Summer!" Autumn whispered. "Summer, this isn't funny!"

A giggle sounded in the little grove of birch trees.

"Summer?" Autumn went over to where she heard the giggle. There was no one in sight. "SUMMER!" she called, beginning to get a little worried.

"Up here!" Autumn looked up.

"Okay, Summer that was not funny." Autumn reprimanded her friend as she climbed up the red maple to join Summer.

"What wasn't funny?" Summer asked innocently.

"Your giggling and hiding from me." Autumn sighed.

"I wasn't giggling." Summer look surprised.

"Well someone was!" Autumn replied, exasperated.

"Shh, someone is coming." Autumn and Summer hugged themselves to the tree, trying to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible.

Entering the grove was a pair of women. Both seemed to be in their mid-forties. One was tall, with dark brown hair down to her shoulders, hair that was just beginning to grey. The second was shorter, and rather plump. She wore glasses and her hair was a blonde/grey. They were engaged in conversation.

"I wonder why Ceridwen has called a meeting. I can't even remember the last time we had a meeting." The tall one was saying.

"You're right. That last meeting we had was, oh before the battle of Tirrannah. "the shorter one replied.

"Was it really that long ago?" the taller one asked.

As they were talking, more women began filtering into the clearing. There were about eight women all together. They sat themselves in a circle, around a large boulder. They seemed to be waiting for someone or something.

Each of them was wearing a pale green peasant dress. They fit in with the forest, as though they were faeries or tree dryads.

They were chatting leisurely. Suddenly they all stopped talking. Entering the clearing was a tall, refined woman. Her auburn grey streaked hair was tied back in a low bun, a few wisps framing her face. Beneath her glasses her eyes were a stern grey, as she surveyed the women circled about her. She took her seat in the center of the circle, on the boulder. The rest of the women looked at her expectantly.

"I suppose you wonder why you are all here." She announced her voice cutting through the silence of the woods. The women surrounding her nodded their heads. "Then I shall tell you."

"It has been over 100 years since the battle of Tirrannah, and even longer since that last meeting of the Circle."

Autumn leaned forward. She could not have heard that right. Hadn't the women earlier been talking about that meeting? And they couldn't possibly be that old. Her thoughts were interrupted when the center woman continued speaking.

"For that meeting, we discussed the possibilities of the outcome of a battle. Slaine here had a premonition, but not even that could foretell this." The faces of the women were grave.

"Magic is ebbing out of Quiryn. Something must be done."

A woman with long light brown hair and teal eyes raised her hand to speak. The center woman nodded.

"Ceridwen, what can be done? What cane we do?" the young woman asked.

"That, Azura is an excellent question." Azura beamed. "From what I know and have found, our answer lies in the Daughter. "the women gasped, and looked amazed. Ceridwen continued.

"Yes, the answer lies in the Daughter, whom vanished the night of Morana, the night after the battle of Tirrannah. The Daughter," Ceridwen's voice gained volume. "The Daughter, Vanaja."

"Where can we find the Daughter?" a curly red haired woman asked.

"From what I gather, from the Orb of Knowledge Vanaja managed to escape into the human realm. Into this realm. And in this realm she is known as Autumn Kanan. "

Autumn gasped. That was her!

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