Authors Note

Okay, so this is just an authors note. I REALLY LOVE the character Silas in the Da Vinci Code

and only found ONE story about him. This to me is unexceptable so I would like to write a story about him. The problem is

I only have SOME ideas so I need YOUR help.

I would like all who read this to review and give me ideas on things they would like to happen in a Silas story. It will be romance.

I have only read DVC once because my mom borrowed it from a co-worker.

I don't have the book so like I said I would need help. I feel like I can do this but I want to make a story that YOU the reader would like

(I hope!).

so far this is what I have:

Its romance,like I said before.Silas is hired to bring a young girl named Mona to his teacher all the way from New Orleans. Things happen along the way that delay their travels. They spend sometime together. I guess one day he goes to far with the cilice and loses alot of blood. I need ideas of what happens before and after this. PLEASE give me ideas and tell me if you like the story line.Also, should Mona's last name be De Bourbon or Flamel?

I also need a reason as to why the church would want her. Here is a SMALL preview of what I have in mind until you send me your ideas (and I WILL give credit where credit is due).


Thanks again!


To Jackson square it is!

"Why the fuck do I have to go to this stupid thing?" Mona asked as she got ready for her families annual Christmas party.

"Watch your language Mona! Most of our church members will be here and you better be on your best behavior. Its Christmas for pete's sake! Can't you be good for once?" her mother ask with her thick southern accent.

Mona just rolled her eyes as her mother helped her zip up. Her family was as catholic as you could get. Both of her parents had attended a private Catholic school, the school she currently went to, and were avid peristioners. Her older brother was studing to be a priest, which thrilled her parents 'to the bone', as her mother often said. Mona hated only being able to listen to Catholic music, television, and only aloud to date Catholic boys, but not before her parents had approved of the boy.

Most of them, unfortunatly for her, were also very religous and didn't even kiss her cheek after the frist date because they found it inappropriate.


What did you think? Sorry if I mispelled somethings, but my best friend who normally does the spell check is away at choir camp for the week so again I'M SORRY! Please don't flame. If you don't like, don't read.