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Dear paper who shall serve as my diary,

Silas sucks. I don't know if you get me? But he sucks (and not in the sexually pleasing way my dreams have lead me to believe!) I woke up this morning wanting cheesecake, but NOOOOOOOOOO. Mr. I'm so depressed I haven't showered in days decided to get up today and he threw away all our junk food! Now all I'm left with are oatcakes and other oat like products until we go shopping in two days. TWO days. How am I supposed to satisfy my craving for something thick and milky?

At least he's better today. He actually smiled at me! I know he's still grieving but I don't think he wants to be sad in front of me anymore. I think he feels guilty about killing my family, but the odd thing is paper diary, I don't blame him one bit for what he did. I'm angry they were killed, but I blame Aringarosa. I blame Opus Dei, but I don't blame Silas.

Mom always told me that to be a good person, not just a good Christian, we have to forgive those who have wronged us. I don't think I'm ready to forgive Opus Dei or Aringarosa for what happened to my family. I don't know why they were killed and I don't have the courage to ask Silas yet. Hmm this gives me an idea….

Things to ask Silas:

Why was my family killed?

Why was I kidnapped?

Do you love me?


"Mona?" Silas's voice drifted from behind the wooden door. "I have made us dinner." He entered the room and saw her asleep at a desk, lightly drooling. His heart skipped a beat as the last remaining beams of light floated in through the window and illuminated her porcelain skin and soft lips. Silas walked over and gently lifted the sleeping girl into his arms and laid her slowly on the bed. He smiled as he heard her sigh softly. She was his angel.

A white sheet of paper caught his attention as he finished placing a blanket over her small frame. He went over the desk and read the drool covered entry.

Silas released a small breath and made a decision. He sat down and placed pen to paper, ready to answer her questions.