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"Sara, are you nuts?" Ray asked as little shards of glass fell from the ceiling. Sara had aimed the gun up at the ceiling and pulled the trigger, shattering a light bulb up above.

"No, I'm not nuts," Sara snapped. "I'm just pissed off right now!" She turned to look at her husband. "You didn't even notice me when you came in here."

"Because I thought you were home, back in Texas," Mark said. "And J had been kidnapped by this psycho asshole." He glared at Ray.

"This psycho asshole happens to be my cousin," Sara said, rolling her eyes. "So your little tramp was kidnapped, and you just felt this burning desire to be her hero, her knight in shining armor?"

"J being kidnapped was not in the script," Mark pointed out. "And I knew that she had a restraining order against your cousin here so I thought she was in danger."

"She is in danger," Sara confirmed. "Grave danger."

"Hey, Sara, have you talked to Rebecca lately?" Shawn interrupted.

Sara turned around to face Shawn, in the process, turning her back on me, Mark, and John. "You want to discuss your wife at a time like this?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah," Shawn said nonchalantly. "I haven't talked to her in two days. Have you?"

"Of course I have. She's my best friend," Sara snapped. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh, and she's pretty pissed off at you, too. Just giving you a fair warning."

"Why's she pissed at me?" Shawn asked curiously, glancing over at me, Mark, and John. He was creating the perfect distraction. John was working quickly to untie me from the chair. Mark was standing in front of me protectively, just like he had before. Batista and Ray noticed what was going on, but I guess by then they had deemed Sara a psycho because they didn't say anything.

"She's pissed at you for the same reason that I'm pissed at him," Sara said, turning to look at Mark. "She's... What the hell?" By that point I was standing up, and she noticed. "Who the hell untied her?"

"It was like magic," John said, pretending to be amazed. "One minute she was tied up and the next minute she was bathed in this golden light, and then bam! She was standing here. Magic, I tell you, magic!"

"Shut the fuck up before I shoot you," Sara threatened. She aimed the gun at John, then Mark, then me. "Who the hell untied her?"

"...I did," Mark lied, holding his chin up. "Problem, oh beautiful wife of mine?"

"Don't try to sweet-talk me," she said angrily. "I told you! I told you that if you touched the rope, someone was going to fucking die."

"Well, my wife wouldn't kill someone," Mark said, trying to use some kind of reverse psychology on her. "My wife enjoys her freedom too much to kill someone."

"You think I'm going to kill someone? No way. I'm not getting my hands dirty," she said. "He is." She looked at Ray and grinned.

"I never agreed to kill anyone, Sara," Ray said, turning pale. "I didn't even know you had a gun."

"You're gonna do it, though, right?" Sara asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes. Talk about mood changes!

"No," Ray said, shaking his head vehemently to emphasize his point. "Kidnap J? Yes, I'll do that. Kill someone? No ma'am, I'll pass."

"You little pussy," she said, clenching her teeth. She looked over at Batista. "You're a real man. You gonna shoot somebody for me?"

"Hey, I'm a wrestler," Batista said, putting his hands up in front of him. "I'm not a murderer, honey."

"Both of you are wimps. Guess I'll have to do it myself," she said angrily. She looked slowly around the room, staring at each of us. "Who...should...I...kill?"

Mark raised his hand. "How about me?" he volunteered, walking slowly towards her. "It's me you're mad at, right?"

"Yeah, but it's because of her!" she said, glaring at me. She aimed the gun at me. "How about I do us all a favor and shoot her?"

"NO!" everyone exclaimed.

"Why not?" she asked, still pointing the gun at me. "She's the reason this is happening right now!" She looked the gun in her hand, then back at me, as she put her finger on the trigger.

"Sara, you can't shoot her," Ray said, walking over to stand in front of me. I was surprised that Ray was willing to try to protect me, even after the whole obsession thing and the fact that I had a restraining order out on him.

Sara, it seems, was even more surprised than me. "So now you're protecting that whore, too?" she asked angrily. "I mean, what is this? Is today National Protect-A-Home-wrecker Day?"

"No, but I do have some ethics," Ray said, frowning. "And despite the fact that she doesn't really like me anymore, I still like her. She was my favorite student... And she's..." He stopped talking for a minute, then went on in a low voice. "Even if you're my cousin, I just can't let you kill her."

"I'm disowning you, then! You're nothing but a pussy!" she exclaimed, frustrated. "Hell, I'll shoot you if you don't move out of my fucking way so I can get a clear shot!"

"Disown me, shoot me, I don't care. But I'm not moving," Ray said. True to his word, he stood there, but I could see him shaking ever-so-slightly. He was nervous, and rightfully so, because of what happened next.

"Shoot you? Well... If you say so," Sara said, and she pulled the trigger.

Everyone gasped as Ray crumpled to the floor at my feet.

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