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Warnings: None whatsoever… perhaps it will change later in the fic (winks). Oh… if Shinji appears to be too confident; he isn't under the effect of the OOC drug. It's just an outer-layer of his true wounded and lonely self (if only someone came along and changed all that). (winks again)

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Winter in Haïa

Chapter 1

A new student ("20 September, 2017, Thursday")

"Berliner Messe"- Arvo Pärt

The scenery was a modest one… a spacious office with a large pine desk in the centre covered mostly with papers, a small laptop computer, a few portraits, a telephone with an intercom and a glass of water. There was someone sitting at a desk… a man, probably at the age of fifty, grey hair with some leftover strands of dark hair, slim long nose, dark eyes, thin mouth wearing a very obvious frown and white somewhat stretched skin; you could say he was a man with whom age had been kind enough. His attention was now focused on one particular pile of papers, as he shuffled through as many as he could… you could make out from some stray pages from the pile…

Acceptance of entry to the course of trumpet:

-Gloria Fanwick

-Jonathan Braley

-Catherine Estevan

The man sighed as he stamped yet another one of the seemingly endless papers. He laid back on his seemingly comfortable chair and took a small sip from the glass of water… a lively blush came to his white cheeks (it was actually vodka). He grumbled a bit and returned to his work… he lifted from the chair in an effort from the desk and walked to one of the various cupboards that adorned the green walls. This one was filled with various books with titles raging from "Composition in the Soviet Union" to "Cicconia and the renascent contrapuntist works"… but the male figure went for the small, obviously old stereo system. He pressed the play button and almost immediately the room was filled with the sounds of a chorus singing calmly a Messe.

Ah… Pärt… you always seemed to catch the true essence of the coldness of winter in your composition.

He resumed to his desk grabbing another parchment… he sighed and rubbed his forehead wincing at a supposed headache.

And wasn't composing that made you happy… wasn't it what fulfilled you? Instead of this idiotic bureaucracy to help the Cultural Ministry pretend they had everything in order… you should be finishing that stupid symphony. Of course it would be much easier if you had a single drop of talent in you…

The intercom buzzed with some static before a female voice sounded from it.

"Hmm… Mr. Fuyutsuki… we have the new student you had asked to be warned about. He's right here in the waiting room so you can just call me when…"

The female voice was interrupted by Fuyutsuki when he interrupted her with the most delighted voice.

"Please… I don't want to keep the young man waiting… send him in right away."

He turned off the apparatus and went straight to one of the desk's drawers and took out a parchment similar to the others. You could make out the title of the document: "Acceptance of scholarship". The man rubbed his hands like a child looking at his Christmas present already knowing how good it would be even before it was unwrapped. He quickly resumed a more relaxed and formal stand, with a wide smile still planted on his lips, bringing out several wrinkles on his face.

Even if you don't have talent you can still…

The door on the other side of the room squeaked as it opened letting in a male figure. Fuyutsuki's smile widened and bid the figure to sit on the chair in front of him with a welcoming hand. The figure proceeded to sit while he was greeted with a joyous welcome.

"So good to see you have arrived well… it's been such a long time."

you can still help those who are blessed with it.

"I trust you had a nice flight…"

The new figure smiled… a teenager, probably in his sixteen-seventeen's, frail body, long arms and legs; his eyes were a dark shade of blue (the kind you get when you stare long enough at the night sky), his hair a messy black bundle adorning his scalp, small perky nose, little mouth, and skin a little more tanned than that of the older man. He looked around with wondering eyes and they stopped at one of the cupboards… the one from where the music was coming. The young man became aware he was supposed to answer and quickly spoke with a soft voice still showing some signs of puberty due to the somewhat high-pitch.

"Thank you for having me here… the trip was very calm. I'm sorry for acting so far-out… it's just that I'm a bit sleepy after the flight."

The older figure chuckled. "Nonsense, it's perfectly natural after a 10 hour trip. I'm surprised you haven't passed out yet… just the jet-lag would be enough to leave me unconscious"

The blue eyed teenager scratched the back of his head, feeling a bit awkward. Fuyutsuki continued.

"I was expecting you would go to your room to get some sleep before coming to see me… but since you're here we could finish up on some business I wanted to take care of. Do you feel well enough to continue?"

"Yes, of course." The response came quickly.

"Very well... I commend your stamina, but after all, you are much younger than I am. But I don't want you to keep you away from our sleep any longer so I'll be quick. Firstly I need you to sign this little paper… it will confirm that you have arrived and you are well enough to start you classes." He handed the boy the paper, which he quickly signed. "Good… now that you have signed I can give you these for your reading."

Fuyutsuki opened another drawer and took out a load of about thirty pages, neatly incardinated and handed it to the dark haired teenager. The young man looked at him enquiringly.

"What you have there is basically your guide for your first year of classes here. It has information on the courses you have picked, the ones that will be lecturing you, the plant of the school and the various facilities. It also has your schedule… since you are an exchange student you will have one extra class. I hope you don't mind, but the thing you must master first hand is the native language; don't worry many people had to go through this… including myself."

The young man gave a friendly nod, smiling.

"Well… just thought you should know. You will be expected to give your best, which I'm sure you will. As for the courses themselves… as you know, you have a very versatile instrument, so you'll be expected to be qualified to play pieces from all the musical periods. Since you have that problem… you'll need to choose in your second year what your area will be… ancient or classic music. Don't worry yourself about it just now; first enjoy your courses."

Fuyutsuki cleared his throat trying to give emphasis to his next words.

"Beyond that information you will find a few envelopes which only you should see their content. They contain vital information like your new ID number and card… consider yourself a new Dutch citizen, at least for the next four years. It also contains the code to your bank account since you are here on scholarship you'll have to be able to use your money… spend it wisely. Last but not least… you should be able to see a little page containing various addresses; they are the addresses to various shops that will give you a discount when you show your school card."

The boy nodded as he inspected said page. The older male lifted from his seat and walked to one of the bookcases. The boy followed him with wondering eyes. Fuyutsuki returned to the desk with a heap of books.

"Your luggage and books have already been delivered to your bedroom… by the way; you do know where the dormitory is located?" The young man nodded. "Good… as I was saying, you already have your books there… but I wanted to offer you these, they will come in handy when making your own repertoire."

The boy quickly jumped to attention. "I can't accept those… they are so many… I just couldn't!"

"Now… please, you know you don't have to act like that with me. I have known you since you were born; I was a great friend of your mother… I was even there when you first played the cello. It's only natural that I should want to celebrate you being accepted into one of the most prestigious Institutes of the world. Now please take them; they range from Bach to Shostakovich pieces… just to help you make up your mind."

The male youth blushed a bit as he accepted the books; yet he wasn't able to hide his happy and anxious expression as he took a look at the titles. "Thank you so much… I don't know what to say" He thanked between "uhs" and "ahs". Fuyutsuki chuckled.

"The pleasure is mine for having you here. You should be really proud of yourself… we have one scholarship per course to give each year… you were the youngest of the applicants, 16 years old, and you succeeded. You have made yourself quite a reputation among your teachers."

The blush became more vivid on the boy's face. "Please… it's not necessary for you to embarrass me." That resulted in a chortle from Fuyutsuki.

"I don't want to detain you any longer. You have the key to your room… you better get some rest. Classes will not start until next week, but there are already some few students here since it's where they live; just like you. Oh yes… I moved a few strings and managed to get you a Japanese roommate. I know he will help you settle in… you'll enjoy his company I'm sure."

"Thank you uncle… I mean director Fuyutsuki."

"Don't go formal with me when it's only us… you used to call me that when I lived near you. It was good to be a kind of honorary family member. I want to remember those times and I know that with you here it will be much easier. Now… off you go. I think you want to know this… she's here as well, since she's a permanent like you. I think she's over at the piano section… you might want to say hello; she's been expecting you."

"Great… first thing I'll do then…"

The teenager got up with the heavy bundle in his arms. As he walked out the door Fuyutsuki got up.

"Oh… just one more thing… welcome to Haïa Shinji-kun…"

Shinji chuckled. "Thank you uncle Fuyutsuki…"

He walked away living the older man alone. He sat by his chair with a happy sigh and returned his attention to the pile of papers… he was frowning in an instant.

Arvo Pärt/ (1935- ) still living, 70 year old Estonian composer; his work is known for the extremely mystical and secular character of his works. Although simple, his composition is exceptionally deep and melodically complex… he is known to say that "it is enough when a single note is played beautifully".

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