Scam Baiters

Summary: Goren and Eames have to team up with a scam baiter to catch an online scammer whose scams end in murder! Bobby battles wits with a scam baiter! Alex goes undercover! Carver gets his day in court! And naturally: BA shippyness!

Rating: T for themes and a bit of language…

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters associated with Law and Order: VDO- I mean CI… Sadly Bobby, Alex, Deakins, and Carver do not belong to me- but I'm glad Dick Wolf lets me borrow them. I stole the concept from a website that baits 419 scammers and thought it would be really cool if Goren had to face off with one of these guys. So, without further adue, an original work, based off of a hilarious website. Please don't sue.

Chapter 1

It was one of those days. Alex leaned back in her chair and began to spin in circles. Bobby had his nose buried in a book. They were bored, and for once in New York City, all was quite at the MCS. Well, ok, Goren and Eames were the only ones not working. The rest of the place was buzzing. Their unofficial vacation had begun per say. It was either do mindless paperwork, or do nothing. Bobby chose a book; Alex chose nothing.

Alex was making her third circle in her chair when Deakins walked up, waking her from her stupor.

"SVU just called. Rich girl from California was found raped and murdered. It's the 5th in a string of similar murders. I want you two to go check it out," he said.

Alex groaned and swung her chair around to face him. Bobby carefully marked his place in his book with a sticky note. "Where to? Crime scene or SVU?"

"Crime scene." Alex slowly got up from her chair and grabbed her purse. She and Bobby had made it half way to the elevator when Deakins shouted out "Thanks," half-heartedly.

Alex mumbled a "Ya-ya," as they got on the elevator.

Crime Scene

"What's up?" she said approaching Stabler and Benson.

"Victim was found raped and strangled with a belt. ID on her says she Sarah Cummings from Fresno, CA," replied Eliot.

"How'd she get here?" asked Bobby rather stupidly. Eliot looked at him like what the hell?

"We have no idea," replied Benson. "This is the 5th girl we have found in the past few months. Younger, from out of town, raped and strangled with a belt. Cash gone, but credit cards and IDs still there."

"We'll need to see the files from the other cases," said Bobby.

"Yah sure, we just need to get out of this crime scene first."

"We'll take this one and do some digging. We'll let you know what we find and we can compare files, see where this leads," said Alex.

"Sounds good, give us a call. I left Deakins all of our contact info."

"Thanks," said Bobby as they headed back to the SUV.

One Police Plaza

Alex sat back down at her desk, now much more awake from the rigors of working again. Bobby fallowed shortly behind her with 2 cups of coffee.

"Iced for you and boiling for me," he said as he sat them down on the desks.

"Thanks," she said taking a sip. "Have the parents been notified yet?" she asked.

"I don't think so. Perhaps you should do it- and while you're at it, ask about the trip, and anything else that strikes your fancy," he said in an upbeat tone.

"You sound happy," she said.

"My book wasn't that good," he replied as he reviewed the police report.

Alex got out a pen and notepad, carefully arranged them on her desk, dialed her long distance code, and then the phone number for the parents. There was a pause, then "Hi, Mr. Cummings? This is Detective Eames from the Major Case Squad in New York City… I have a few questions to ask you concerning your daughter, Sarah… Well, sir, yes, we did find her. I'm sorry to tell you this over the phone sir, but she was found raped and murdered this morning… Sir, I'm terribly sorry to tell you this over the phone, if there were any other way… Well, sir, we're trying to gather information so we can find who did this to her… Sir, I can't ask you to do that…Alright…what's that address?…Thanks, I'll talk to you then." Alex hung up. "Ugh- I hate doing that over the phone. I can only imagine what Olivia and Eliot have to deal with." She shook out her shoulders.

"That was quick. What's happening?" asked Bobby.

"They're going to fly out to come get her and they said they'd talk to us when they got here."

"How long 'til then?"

"They said they'd catch a flight tomorrow. I took their e-mail address to send them our contact info. They're going to call us when they get into town," she answered.

"Did he know she was here?" he asked.

"No, she'd been missing for almost 3 days."

"Lets get her flight plan."

"It says here that she flew in last night and checked into the airport hotel. There are no credit card charges within the past week besides the ticket. The hotel was paid in cash, I'm assuming from the $10,000 that was withdrawn in cash from her bank in Fresno before she flew out here."

"To buy drugs maybe? Bad deal gone wrong? Rich California kids…" added Deakins in response to Alex's overwhelming information.

"It's possible, but unlikely. Why fly to New York to get drugs? There is a more than adequate supply in California, there's really no reason for her to fly out here for it." Deakins rolled his eyes whatever. "We should check her cell phone records and her e-mails," said Goren.

"Way ahead of you," said Alex. "Her cell phone record shows calls to a payphone in Queens about once every 1 or 2 days."

Bobby looked at her in amazement.

"What? I don't have the laptop yet, let's not get excited," she said suppressing a blush.

"Yet…" he mumbled.