Chapter 4- Viva Las Vegas!

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"Okay, so while I'm feeding Piper's gambling addiction in Vegas you'll be here trying to get the Nexus." I asked as Alex and I walked downstairs.

"Correct, oh and while your there pick me up a guy stripper, will ya?" He asked. I nodded, even though I wasn't going to.

"Hurry up, let's go!" Piper urged, already walking out the front door. "I'm not gonna lose my money standing here!"

"I'm coming!" I call. Then whisper. "Here comes Cole," "Cya!" I beam then Piper and I leave.

"Oh Alex sweetie!" Cole called.

Alex cursed under his breath then turned around. "Yea?"

"I invited my parents to the wedding!"

"Aren't your parents dead?" Alex looks sick.

"Dead never really means dead." Cole said then walked away, all gay-ish…ewww.

"Finally," Alex says and starts walking to the basement. He had managed to get it out of Cole where the Nexus was. For a price, he shuttered. Suddenly Paige came walking in.

"I know what you and Nicole are doing." Paige said coldly.

"You do, do you?"

"Yes, I know that you bought off our shares of the Manor in order to get to the Nexus. Once I figure out where Piper and Prue are we're going to stop you both." Paige said confidently.

"Hmm, well Nicole took Piper to Vegas, and Prue's in the closet, but I doubt you'll be telling anyone." An evil grin spread across his face as he inched closer to Paige with the baseball bat. Paige screamed and Alex knocked her out.

"Duh, orb!" Alex mumbled as he dragged Paige's body and threw it into the same closet Prue was in. Prue was waking up, but got knocked out again as soon as Paige landed on her.

"Now if that's all the distractions." But it wasn't. Leo and Cole came running in. Giddy as the girls they wished they were.

"Alex we just have to show you the dress I'm getting!" Cole squealed.

"A dress?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"Yea, a peach gown. We figured white wouldn't be appropriate." Leo said.

"Clearly, ya know what? Let's not jinx anything. I don't need to see the dress, so if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go bang my head into the wall." He walked away.


Piper and I walked into the casino. Piper looked around at all the slot machines and craps tables and her eyes lit up like a junkie in a drug store. She started jumping up and down. A security guard walked up to us.

"Excuse me, but how old are you miss?" He asked.

"Oh don't worry officer, she's with me." Piper vouched.

"Not her, you. I'm gonna need to see some ID." He said. Piper showed him her ID. "Sorry for the mix-up, but I suggest you take some Riddilin lady." He laughed and walked off.

"Uh huh, yea, Riddilin." Piper nodded blankly then ran over to a slot machine and shoved a coin into it and pulled the lever. Cherry, Cherry, Lemon. "Shit," She tried again, nothing. She continued this process.

"So ah Piper, um can I get you to sign something for me please?" I asked sweetly and pulled out two pieces of paper.

"Sure," Piper said blankly. Not even looking at me. She pulled out a pen.

"Good, sign here, initial here, scratch here, sniff that, no not that! Okay thanks." I smiled and pocketed the papers.

"Hey go to the change machine for me okay?" She handed me a $100 bill and kept feeding coins into the machine. She had probably only won $20 out of the $110 she started with.

I nodded then walked away. I stopped as soon as I rounded the corner and pulled out the documents and smiled wickedly. Piper had signed her own divorce papers. Now Leo was all mine, because I had tricked him into signing also, saying that it was a petition to bring back bike shorts. Two small horns sprouted from the top of my head, I pushed them back in and laughed evilly. Then stopped. "Ooh, Martinis!" I followed the drink guy.

Back at the Manor…

Alex had managed to dig through the concrete to the very spot where the Nexus should be. He jumped out of the hole, with much effort of course. Then took out the incantation and started to recite;

'Ooga Booga, wasabi inri mufasa

blee blah bloo, ohgee akma, shiri!'

Suddenly a light opened came from the hole and a dark cloud oozed out. It floated briefly then forced itself in through Alex's mouth and nostrils. He shook momentarily then stopped. His eyes were now jet black. He smiled.

"It's done," He said in a deep voice.


My cell phone started to beep. I set down my 4th Martini and pulled out my phone. I got a Text Message. I read it with blurry vision.

To: Nicole,

From: Alex,

Message: "It is done,


I laughed evilly, everyone started at me strangely. I stopped laughing and threw up on the lady next to me.


How weird was that? My apologies, Alex is better with this particular story.