The Room of Requirement

By: neen

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Settling Differences

"No, Serenity! You can't do this to me! Serenity! I'm your best friend!" Lily shouted as Serenity and Sirius locked her and James Potter in the Room of Requirement.

"Sorry, Lils! The door will automatically open after you two sort out your childish differences. Have fun!" Serenity said through the door and Lily could see Serenity's grin.

"Oh yeah, if you ever need anything, just say so," Sirius added. The two could be heard walking away.

"This," Lily pointed to the door, "is what our dear friends do to us! I mean they know we hate each other! The nerve of them!"

"Exactly," James agreed, nodding furiously.

Then an awkward silence filled in.

"Merlin! This is such bad timing. I need to go to the bathroom," Lily's voice became panicky, breaking the silence.

A toilet appeared in the corner.

Lily's eyebrows shot up. "Well! Potter, be a good boy and turn around," Lily commanded.

"No thanks. I don't think so. I might like this—blackmail of my mortal enemy," James said, smiling cheekily.

"I need a toilet in a separate room," Lily cried out desperately.

The toilet quickly disappeared and was immediately replaced by a door. Lily eagerly grabbed the door handle and went inside.

"Damn! Where's the lock?" Lily cursed. A lock appeared and Lily rapidly bolted it.

A few minutes later, Lily walked out, feeling much more relieved, and noticed James staring at her, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Evans, was that lacy pink underwear your first non-cotton piece of knickers?" James asked sweetly, the smirk now firmly in place and visible.

Lily gasped. "You—you saw me?" she spluttered angrily.

James just gave her a suggestive smile.

"The nerve of you!" Lily screamed again and sat down huffily on a squishy armchair James had requested for himself before.

"I would like some butter biscuits and some pumpkin juice, I believe," Lily said, trying to control her anger and a platter and a jug appeared on a table.

"Mind if I take some?" James asked before grabbing two of the butter biscuits. He had just requested another chair, which situated itself rather close to Lily's chair.

Lily just scowled at him, throwing his a glare before munching on one.

"You know," James began suddenly after a few minutes, "sometimes I wonder how we ever got to be enemies. How is that?"

Lily looked surprised at his question, but merely shrugged. "I think you started it by pranking me senselessly in our first year."

"What were the pranks like?" James inquired.

"I can't quite remember. Funny. But it was so long ago," Lily trailed off, reminiscing before snapping back into her fiery self. "It was your fault , of course," she added quickly.

James chuckled lightly. "I'm terribly sorry, Evans. Can you ever forgive me?"

Lily was shocked now. "You know I can't, Potter!"

James looked confused. "Why not?"

"You're just an arrogant git that hexes innocent people for the fun of it! You're a cruel prick!"

"Listen, Lily," James said softly. The word 'Lily' sounded rusty in his mouth, as it hadn't been used in a long time. Lily looked up at James as he said her name. Her face had on an expression James could not place.

"I'm really sorry, whether you believe it or not. I've never exactly regarded you as my enemy—never since our fourth year. In fact, I believe I've taken a liking to you, Lily," James said and Lily could feel his breath on her cheek. Without another word, James tilted Lily's head by her chin and pressed his lips onto Lily's.

Lily was on fire. She felt his soft, gentle lips on hers but could not resist for some odd reason. James now had his hands running in Lily's hair. Lily's mind was screaming, "He's your enemy, for Merlin's sake! He's James Potter!" But Lily's heart wouldn't listen. She kissed back, eager to see how it would go—to see if it was like how the other girls said he was—a very nice snog.

As James stroked the back of her neck, however, her senses came to her and she pulled away, with great effort, as if she had been glued on.

"Potter, this did not happen." Lily spat out, rubbing her lips with her sleeve, as she jolted up furiously from her chair.

"But—you kissed back!" James protested, getting up as well and took a step towards her.

"I didn't, Potter. Why would I kiss you? Your brains are addled—besides, it was perhaps a figment of your overly large imagination," Lily shot back.

"You're right. Why would you?" James said, now in a doubtful tone, sinking back slowly into his chair. He had on a hurt expression on his handsome face. Lily had a sudden urge to swoop down and kiss him to make it all better, but she wanted to toy with James Potter a bit more—bring down his arrogance a notch.

"I mean I don't have any reason to," Lily continued on, even though guilt was eating away at her.

"No reason to," James echoed dully, his hand ruffling his hair absently as he thought.

Even though Lily would have eaten spiders (the thing she detested most) before admitting it, she thought him very cute, sitting there with a vulnerable look on his face then.

Her emotions came over and she said, struggling, "But I don't hate you, Potter." She resisted giving him a hug before she bolted for the door, praying it was open. She couldn't suffer any more embarrassment today.

It was unlocked.

Lily sprinted out quickly, running away from her emotions, thoughts, desires, and most of all—she suspected, appalled, that it was the start of her crazy feelings for one charming James Potter.

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