The Room of Requirement

By: neen

Just a little note to help reduce the confusion…this story takes place in their SIXTH year! Thanks.


"So. So," Sirius said, eyeing James as they sat in the Common Room. Sirius glanced beadily over at James, who was busy tickling his nose with his long eagle feather quill. Lily had returned his cloak without thank you. He wondered—she must really hate him or something.

"Yeah. So," James repeated, bored. He twirled the quill around.

He had been thinking all morning. Lily must like him somewhat. She wouldn't have been waiting for him at the lake that long if she didn't. But, another voice pointed out, she could have just woken up and stayed there, enjoying the lake. He shook his head hard, making himself rather dizzy.

"Stop that. You'll get a concussion and Merlin knows I don't want you to fall for my irresistible charm," Sirius said, whacking James in the head. James stopped shaking his head.

"So how come you're not doing one of your favorite obsessions?" Sirius asked, smoothing out his sleeve.

"Quidditch?" James had purposely asked, dodging the 'Evans' subject.

"Of course not! Stalking Evans," Sirius said promptly, rolling his sleeve up to examine his muscles. Sirius slid the sleeve back down, apparently satisfied.

"I dunno." James said dully, staring at the fire that was dancing with bright flames. He scowled terribly at it, wondering how it could be looking so cheerful when he was feeling so very miserable.

Sirius eyed him in disbelief. "You don't know? What type of answer is that?"

"Well, yeah, I do know. But it's just depressing, see? She just doesn't like me, Paddy—I don't think she ever will, even as a friend—"James said, sighing, a glum look on his face. "And there's a teensy thing that she never walks out with her nightgown on."

Sirius snorted at James's nightgown comment.

"Of course it's depressing, dear Prongsie! I mean really, having a deadly handsome and extremely charming best friend that gets all the girls while you—lanky, Quidditch nerd that's pining away at a very nice-looking redhead."

"I'm not lanky, all right? I'm just not fat, and so what if I'm too tall? I'm—I'm muscular. Girls like me! And are you suggesting that you like my girl?" James threw Sirius a dark glare, daring him to say so.

"No. I'm just saying that she's very pretty and that if I asked her out, she would say yes. Oh, and she's not your girl." Sirius beamed widely.

"Sod off, Padfoot," James said grumpily. "You don't want me repeating your words to Serenity, do you?"

Sirius tittered slightly. "Blackmail! Some friend I have!" Sirius muttered darkly, throwing a nasty glance at James, who went back to examining his quill.

"I'm going for a walk," James said suddenly, standing up a few minutes later.

"Good," was Sirius's curt reply.

"Good?" James raised an eyebrow, shooting a questioning look at Sirius who grinned broadly.

"Yes, good. Need a hearing check? Serenity and I have the room to ourselves now. I'm ah, tutoring her. She wants to study some French and because, well, you know, since I've been abroad to the wonderful country of France so many wonderful times, I volunteered," Sirius said, smiling.

James looked past the eloquence with a shrewd glance. "Snogging session again, I suppose?" He asked, exasperated. "You could have said it in simpler terms—it would have saved me a couple brain cells…That mouth of yours, Paddy.."

Sirius winked at him openly. "Now, Prongsie, really! All I said was that I'm giving Serenity French lessons…I have no idea where you got 'snogging session' out of my words," he said loudly. "And my mouth's not just used for talking either."

James shook his head in disbelief and left, crawling out the portrait hole.

Serenity came out of the girls' dormitory, looking flushed as she saw Sirius waiting for her downstairs. She smiled.

"Good day. I am Professor Sirius Orion Black, and I'm a Frenching expert, at your service. My dear Serenity, are you ready for lesson one?"

Serenity laughed.


Lily was walking through the halls and looked surprised when she saw that her feet had brought her to the hall of the Room of Requirement. Such crazy memories that room held. She turned around to go back but saw that James Potter was also walking this way. What a coincidence. Lily turned back around, hoping that he wouldn't spot her. Why, oh why, did she have flaming red hair? Why was she the only girl in the entire school that had red hair?

"Lily?" His voice was hesitant. "Is that you?"

Lily mentally groaned and dragged her feet around, pasting on an overly cheery smile that actually looked like she wanted to heave up the contents of the morning's breakfast. "Potter! So good to see you here. Great!"

"What's wrong? You look like you're about to be sick," James had walked up to her and looked hard at Lily's face, staring at Lily's grimace.

"Um—no. I'm fine," Lily said, looking away, staring at the golden door handle of the Room of Requirement's that had suddenly materialized, gleaming in contrast of the dirty gray stone walls.

Then came a few other moments of awkwardness as James stared at Lily. Suddenly, he took Lily's hand and led her to the Room of Requirement, flinging the door wide open.

"We need to talk."

Lily snorted at James's words. "You make it sound like we're about to break up or something and we're not even going out!"

"Well, we do need to talk."

"About what, precisely?" Lily asked, wrenching away her arm as soon as they were in the room. She knew that she had promised Serenity to be somewhat nice to James, but this was a bit too much. James shut the door behind them once they were inside.

"You and me," James said simply and requested two comfy armchairs. They sat down.

Lily did not glance at James, choosing instead, to stare at a bright pink heart shaped rug sitting in the middle of the room. "There's nothing between us. Enmity, perhaps, but nothing else. No affection whatsoever. You should know that." Her voice was trained to be cold, indifferent to emotions. She did not like the tingly feeling she had in her heart when she glanced over at James.

James sneezed. Lily was reminded of how he had saved her yesterday by the lake. Her heart softened some as she looked at James's good-looking face.

"You're wrong. I like you a lot, Lily. I mean it. And I know that you care for me somewhat, but you just won't say it," James said quietly. He was crossing his fingers in his robes, hoping that she really did like him a bit. It was time for drastic actions in extreme situations.

Lily opened her mouth to protest, though nothing came out. James had swooped down on it, covering it with his lips. Lily closed her eyes and let James kiss her. She kissed back, reminded of her first kiss with James in this same room, under such different circumstances. James had liked her then and she did not like him back, while this time…she wasn't so sure. She—She liked him this time.

But she couldn't…or could she?

Slowly, they broke away, and Lily drowned herself into James's warm pools of hazel that looked so loving and inviting. He had saved her—at the lake—he was her savior.

She smiled brightly, slightly drunk from staring at James's eyes. Her knight in shining armor had finally come.

James stared back at her and whispered softly in her ear, "I love you, Lily Evans."

Lily was struck dumb at his words. Her heart was pounding something loud. Her heart pace quickened and she felt dizzy with sudden comprehension. It overwhelmed her. He loved her. Loved. And she—she had been in love with him all this time. All this time! How was she so stupid not to realize it before? And James—James would do anything to save her…how many guys would do that for her? She knew the answer…she had the answer all along…just one. James Henry Potter.

She smiled brilliantly at James.

"You know…I was so worried at the lake that day…I lied to you—I'm so sorry…I thought you died," Lily said softly after a while, her eyes watering at the thought of never seeing James again. "I don't think I would've forgiven myself if you did…"

James smiled. "It's okay, Lily. Everything's okay now. We're both safe and that's all that matters."

"I love you too, James." The tingly feeling in her heart had evolved into something wonderful and very warm. It engulfed her mind, heart, body, and even soul. She was in love.

James smiled when he heard Lily call him by his first name.

She laid her head on James's shoulder, feeling the small and comforting prickle as they touched. She enjoyed the warmth it gave out and James wrapped her in his arms, both feeling blessed.

Finally, after so much crazy times stuck in the Room of Requirement and Lily's stubbornness, they were together.

Author's Note:

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