Chapter 1-The Fight

"Cornelia I know your upset, but", Will never got to finish her sentence, because Cornelia decided it was her turn to talk.

"I told you right from the start that we should have told Elyon the truth!" Cornelia was furious. "I never should have listened to you!"

"Cornelia Will, that's enough!" yelled Hay Lin, trying to make herself heard over the arguing girls.

"I said right from the start"

"Cornelia we know what you said!" yelled Will, losing her patience.

"Come on you two, stop fighting", said Taranee tentively.

"No!" yelled Cornelia. "We should have told her the truth. Look what happened because we didn't! Elyon's gone! Are you happy Will?"

"Is that what you think?" Will asked furiously. "I never asked for this! I never asked to be a guardian, never asked for the responsibility! I liked Elyon to, but we had a job as guardians' to"

"To what? Destroy our friends?" Cornelia was starting to go over board in a big way.

"No!" yelled Will. "To protect the world. I'm sorry we lost Elyon, but what could we do? Phobos had enough of her power to destroy both worlds. We can't risk losing two worlds, just because one person might get hurt!" Cornelia looked as though she had been slapped in the face. Irma, Taranee, and Hay Lin looked at the two girls, unsure of what to say. The five girls had recently gone through a terrible fight, which had resulted in loosing a friend.

You see, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin were not ordinary girls. They had powers no normal person could. They had seen things no person their age should.

They were guardians. Five girls chosen to protect the world. They had powers over water, fire, earth, and air.

Will Vandom was the holder of the Heart of Candracar. She was the leader of the team, and normally blamed for anything that went wrong.

Irma Lair was the water guardian. She was a comedian, and could find a joke for almost anything.

Taranee Cook was the fire guardian. She was smart, and hated to see her friends fight.

Cornelia Hale was the earth guardian. She was obsessed with shopping, and was the most reluctant of the guardians. And Elyon had been her best friend.

Hay Lin was the air guardian. She was normally care free, and was a natural peace maker. Normally.

Their job as guardians had been to protect the world from evil, and to stop the evil being known as Phobos from taking over the world, as he had already done to Meridian. However, in order for him to maintain his power over Meridian, he needed to find his long lost sister, who had been taken from Meridian after she was born, to be protected from Phobos.

Still he found her. After the girls had discovered that it was their friend Elyon who was the true heir to the throne in Meridian, it had been Will who made the call not to tell Elyon the truth about who she really was. When Elyon had found out the truth, and found out that her friends knew all along, she grew mad, and went to Meridian.

Recently though, Phobos revealed his true plan to Elyon. He would drain her of her powers and life force, just so he could increase his own power. The guardians had put a stop to the plan for the most part, but not before Phobos had taken enough of Elyons power, so that he had a strong connection to her. In other words, anything that happened to Phobos, happened to Elyon. Phobos's power had been too great for the guardians to stop him without hurting him. They had been forced to destroy him, and in the process, they had destroyed Elyon as well.

"Elyon was not just another person in the crowd" said Cornelia, beyond furious. "She was my best friend, who got hurt, all because of a decision you made"

"It's not Wills fault!" said Hay Lin, coming to Wills defense. "It's Phobos. He's the one who started this, he as the one who hurt Elyon"

"And where the ones who destroyed him!" yelled Cornelia. "And, oh yea, we destroyed my best friend while we were at it!"

"Is this always gonna be my fault?" Will asked angrily.

"It was your decision not to tell her!" yelled Cornelia


"You know what?" said Will, standing up. "I am sick and tired of you blaming me for everything. I've had it. Phobos is gone, and you know what? Now that we don't have a job to do anymore, I can do what I've wanted to do for a while", she pulled the Heart of Candracar out of her pocket, and flung it down hard on the table. "I quit!"

And with that, she walked out the door, leaving her friends to sit there and look shocked.