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Chapter 9-Another Day

They were back in the woods. And back to being regular kids. When they hit the ground, Will had lost the Heart, and that pushed them all back to being regular girls.

"We're home!' said Irma sitting up. "Lets never do that again"



I'm with you"


That last one was Hay Lin. She crawled carefully over to where Will was laying, and was shaking her gently to see if she was okay. The others looked around at Will. She groaned slightly, but sat up and rubbed her head. Hay Lin sighed happily to see that her friend was okay.

"Now will you take a nap?"

"So does anyone know how Will's doing?" it was about a week after they'd rescued Elyon, and now they were all back in school. Well, almost all of them. None of them had seen Will since Irma and Hay Lin walked her home. And she hadn't been in school.

"I called her house earlier", said Hay Lin. "Her mom told me Will wasn't feeling good, and she probably wouldn't be back to school for another week or so"

"She's gonna miss a lot of work", Taranee pointed out. Cornelia rolled her eyes. "That's the least of her problems"

"Well I'm just glad she's okay", said Irma.

"Same here", Hay Lin agreed.

"Yea", said Elyon.


"Hello Mrs. Vandom, is Will here?" it was after school the same day. Elyon was over Wills house.

"She's in her room Elyon", said Ms. Vandom, letting Elyon in. "If she's sleeping, try not to wake her, okay?"

"Sure thing"

Elyon looked in Wills room, and saw that she was sleeping. Or so she thought. As she went to close the door, she heard Will say, "I'm not sleeping"

"Oh", said Elyon. "Did I wake you up?"

"No", said Will, sitting up. "I'm just up here humoring my mom" Elyon laughed, and asked, "How are you?"

"Been worse", she answered, shrugging.

"I'll bet", said Elyon. They were quiet for a moment, and finally Elyon said, "I'm sorry"

"For what?" asked Will.

"For too much to actually say", said Elyon sadly. "I can't believe I ever believed Phobos! I should have known better"

"We all make mistakes", said Will, shrugging.

"Yea, but I made a big one", said Elyon. "And I almost got all of you killed"

"Yea, but are we dead? No, where still here. And no one even got hurt. Well, not bad anyway", she added as an afterthought.

"Still-" Elyon started again, but Will cut her off.

"You can't be responsible for everyone, you know", said Will.

"I guess you're right", said Elyon.

"Finally, she listens to reason", said Will happily.

All Elyon could do was laugh

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