Chapter 1-the party


"Guys! Guys, guess what!" Will Vandom looked around to find her friend Cornelia Hale running toward her and Irma Lair at top speed, Hay Lin was close behind, struggling to keep up.

"Jeez Corny, I haven't seen you run this fast since that half off sale at the mall!" Irma was a natural born comedian, and had a joke for everything in the world.

"Haha, very funny", Cornelia had finally gotten close enough to where she could stop running, and stop yelling. Hay Lin caught up to her, and sat down hard next to Will, breathing heavily,

No one said you had to keep up with me", Cornelia informed her. "Anyway, like I was saying, I have great news!"

"You're getting help for your obsession over clothes and shopping?" Irma, of course.

"So what's your big news?" asked Will curiously.

"Not until Taranee gets here", she said in a teasing voice. Right then a voice behind them yelled, "Hey guys!", and they turned around to see an African American girl running toward them.

"Hey Taranee", Hay Lin greeted Taranee Cook as she approached.

"Hey. Whatsup?" she asked as she got closer to where they were sitting.

"I've got big news!" Anyone could tell Cornelia was ready to burst waiting to tell them.

"So tell us all ready!" said Irma impatiently.

"You all know what's next week, right?" Cornelia asked.

"Uuuummm…another week of school?" Irma guessed.

"Funny. And no, it's Halloween" Cornelia answered.

"So what, are you going trick-or-treating as yourself? Cuz that would sure scare me" Hay Lin cracked up, and even Taranee smiled at that one.

"You're hilarious", said Cornelia sarcastically.

"I know", said Irma with a smile.

"So is that your big news?" asked Will.

"No! My big news is that my mom is going to let me have a Halloween party!" Cornelia was obviously excited about this. "And you're all invited!"

"A whole night at your house?" Irma asked incredulously. "Thanks, but I'd rather jump in a pool of gravy!"

Before Cornelia could come up with a comeback, the bell rang, signaling another day of school.

As the girls made there way toward the entrance, Cornelia talked about her part, Irma made jokes, and Will thought about how she had made such great friends.

It had all started with the move. Will had moved from her old town of Fadden Hills, which also meant changing schools. New home, new school, and some new friends. Will made instant friends with Hay Lin, Taranee, Irma, and Cornelia. But they were more than just friends.

One day, while they were at Hay Lins, Yan Lin, Hay Lins grandmother, had showed them this crystal, called the Heart of Candracar, and told them of a kingdom called Meridian, where an evil entity called Phobos had taken over. The only thing that separated Meridian and Earth, was a veil. Not something lacy, like a wedding veil, but an invisible barrier, that covered the entire world. Every now and then though, tears in the veil (more commonly known as portals) would appear, and it was the job of people called guardians to close the portals. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Sometimes evil would come through, and it was the job of the guardians to fight the evil, and send it back to Meridian. After her story, Mrs. Lin told them that portals had started appearing once again, and that it was the job of the new guardians to close them. Who were the new guardians? Take a guess. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin. The new guardians of the veil. Fortunately, they weren't completely powerless.

Will was the Keeper of the Heart of Candracar, and had power over absolute energy. She was a horrible math student, and had a mom that nagged way too much.

Irma, besides being the comedian of the group, had power over water. She was funny, and had a joke for everything in the world.

Taranee had power over fire, which was ironic, because it was one of the many things that scared her. She was also the only person Will had ever met that actually liked school.

Cornelia was the most reluctant of the guardians. She had power over Earth, but she never wanted to be a guardian. Recently though, she had been given a new reason to fight. Her best friend, Elyon Brown, had turned out to be the princess of Meridian, and while the guardians had done everything to protect her, Phobos still took her, and now she was in Meridian, listening to every lie her brother told her. And now Cornelia just wanted her friend back.

Hay Lin had power over air. She was a natural peace keeper, and the first to laugh at any of Irmas jokes (of course, they were best friends, so that would explain it).

Together they were W.I.T.C.H., a combination of the first letters of their names.

"Deep thoughts?" asked Taranee, snapping Will back to reality.

"Why don't you tell me?" Will joked. Taranee had the power to read minds, and usually used when she was bored .

Before any more could be said though, they had made to school, so they split up, and headed off for class.

Save the world, but only after you do your homework, Will thought.