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Chapter 14-Another Day

Irmas' POV

"So, did you hear what people are saying around town?" Will asked the next day.

"No", Cornelia said, giving her a weird look, "What?"

"That all of last night was just one big prank, setup by the mysterious 'flying pixies', or whatever it is they're calling us now", Will said, rolling her eyes, "I mean, who would spread a rumor like that?"
"Irma", Cornelia said instantly, throwing the water guardian a suspicious look. Irma tried desperately to keep an innocent look on, but Hay Lin cracked up, giving her away completely.

"Thanks a lot Hay Lin", he said sarcastically, throwing the girl a dark look.

"Don't blame it all on Irma", she said quickly, looking over at Will, who looked mad about this news, "I helped spread it along. I figured it's better then people thinking it was all real monster or whatever, right?"

"Yea…" Will said slowly, "Yea, all right, I guess it was a good idea?"
"I hope none of the teachers expected us to do our homework last night", Irma said, changing the subject. Will may have given in, but it was better that they forget the subject completely, "I mean", she continued, "I doubt they're going to except the excuse that we were saving two friends who didn't even know who they were from an evil being, and trying to save Heatherfield from the monsters formerly known as kids. Could be me though"
"Haha Irma", Cornelia said sarcastically. She was a little ticked about the whole scene from the night before, with the whole, not knowing who she was, thinking she was a supermodel fiasco. Taranee hadn't been much happier about it.

"Hey guys!" speaking of Taranee. She walked over to them smiling, but Irma could see something was bothering her. The thing from the night before was bothering them all, really.

"Now class", their history teacher was saying later, "I'm sure you all heard about the little Halloween prank from last night. I trust none of you were involved, and hope that-"


Kids were darting out of the room before he could finish his sentence, Taranee, Irma and Hay Lin among them.

"Prank, yea right", Irma scoffed as soon as they were out of earshot of the teacher, "Some great prank that was-"

"Irma, sh!" Hay Lin said before Irma could say anything more. Irma had to admit, the prank theory was her fault, just her and Hay Lin trying to do some damage control, but still, how many people actually bought into their story, really?

"I'm willing to guess you guys got the same lecture?" Will asked as she and Cornelia approached. They had Algebra together at the end of the day, which made it easier for the five of them to team up at the end of the day and leave.

"Of course we did", Irma said, "ABOUT TWO MILLION TIMES! How many kids are gonna actually come forward and say they know about what happened? Not many, I'm sure!"

By this time, they had walked out of school, and were making their way down the street. Trash and broken glass littered the ground from everything that had happened last night, and people were already hard at work picking it up.

"Well", Will said with a shrug, "The whole thing is out of our hands now. At least it isn't our problem"
"Yea right-"

"Hello Irma!" Irma cringed and whirled around. Her dad was standing behind her, smiling pleasantly.

"Uh, hi Dad", she said, "Well, we were just leaving, see ya-"

"You know Irma", he said, cutting her off, "We could sue a little more help picking this stuff up. Would you and you friends mind lending a hand?"

"What?" Irma cried, "Dad, come on-"

"Come on now Irma", he said, handing each of the girls a bag and some gloves, "You don't have any big responsibilities, just lend us a hand"

"What, you don thing having to save the world is a responsibility?" Irma muttered as she and her friends set off to a weary work. There had to be laws against this somewhere.

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