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'Chapter One'

'Hello, how do you do?'

'Oh, honey! Look at that!'

'Hand me my sunglasses…'

The voices of the residents of Domino jingled in the background. The sun shone in all its glory through the skylight roof of the building, which was a contrast to the pouring rain that had fallen the past few weeks. You could smell the cheery air people gave off as they crowded here and there.

Still, not everyone cared to stop and smell the roses. He in particular, regarding his surroundings with bored and calculating eyes was one of them. He, with bored and calculating eyes strode into the mall, accompanied by a small raven-haired boy who barely reached half his height.

"Thanks so much for taking me up here, big brother!" the young one chirped, guiding his brother to their destination.

His answer was a grunt as his brother followed suit, walking up to the elevators on the first floor, and pressing down on the button that read "up" in red letters.

"I really, really appreciate it!" the younger one thanked again, enthusiasm in his voice. "You hardly ever have time to take me places, with your work and all…"

The older one sighed. He certainly had his share of work cut out for him. It was nice to spend time with your one and only sibling once in a while, even in places like this…

'Domino Mall, such a creative name,' he thought. Cobalt eyes rolled back with sarcasm, and arms akimbo, he got more impatient by the second. What was it about this place that fascinated his younger brother? He could buy the whole mall, and more.

He, Seto Kaiba, had money to spare.

Finally, the elevator opened, and people stepped aside for the young multi-billionaire and his younger brother. As they stepped in and the door closed with a "ding", he could've sworn he heard a female voice yelling, "Dammit!" Not caring, he brushed it off.

She was not having the best of days.

Waking up at eight am on a Saturday morning, to find out that your alarm clock failed you and that you were supposed to wake half-an-hour ago, was not fun. Waking up to find that you should be at work in less than ten minutes, brushing your teeth and dress up in a hurry, not having time to sit down for the most important meal of the day, and not having the time to wait for the bus and therefore rushing "up" the streets to your work place, was just pushing it.

The seventeen-year-old girl was going to be even later than she already was. The whole huge mall only had three elevators, two out of order and one which had closed just in time to leave her out, forcing her to wait another good five minutes.

She could've sworn someone up there hated her, and was laughing their ass of at her, hard. She puffed her cheeks in frustration.

"Can I help you?" a voice drawled.

'Yes, I would like to know if you have access to the fictional World of Harry Potter and posses a time turner and knowledge of apparition spells which could help me get to places on time…' Anzu shook her head.

Turning around, the brown-haired girl's eyes widened, as she laid her eyes upon who she would consider to be a very stunning woman. While she was as straight as a ruler (not that there was anything wrong with liking the same team in her opinion), she had always had an appreciation for the female anatomy and marveled at the beautiful woman in front of her. This black-haired woman's skin was a dusky colour, so unlike her own pale complexion. A bit under six feet of height, the woman nearly towered over her five feet and four inches, and from what she could see had a slender, yet sturdy-looking figure. She looked around her early twenties, give or take a few years…

She nearly slapped herself for staring. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid! You don't stare at like that! What would she think?!'

"Um… miss?" the blue-eyed stranger tilted her head in confusion. Blinking, Anzu snapped out of her train of thoughts, offered a sheepish smile and waved, "Oh erm, hello err…?"

"Isis, Isis Ishtar," the woman smiled, reaching out her hand. "You seemed distressed. Are you alright miss?" She asked sincerely.

"Anzu, Mazaki Anzu," She offered her hand and couldn't help but envy the grace with which Isis shook it.

"Eh, erm…" Trying to remember why she was so distressed in the first place, Anzu stuttered. Finally finding her voice, she answered the woman's previous question, "Oh, I missed the elevator, and I'm surely late for work and…" She paused.

Late for work, late for work… The words rang in her head…

"AACK!" She shrieked. "I completely forgot, excuse me, but I need to get upstairs right away, and… Oh crap an elevator must have come and left again… Stupid, stupid me!" she cried, wanting nothing more than to sit down and wail her heart out. But instead of doing something so unreasonable and indecent, she panicked. "Now how am I supposed to get up to the fifth floor without being any later than I already am? I wouldn't be surprised if the boss fired-" she was cut off by Isis's bewildered voice.

"There are always the escalators…"

And that's when she really wanted to slap herself silly. How could she have forgotten that…? Was she turning into Jounouchi…? God forbid!

The realization sunk in… and time seemed to stop for a moment. Then she jumped suddenly with a shriek "Ayah! How could I have forgotten! Ehh… Thanks a lot Miss Ishtar, but now I need to be on my way… Bye!" Isis barely had the time to mutter back as Anzu literally zoomed passed her, running all the way.

"Well that… was strange," Isis muttered.

"Nii-san, when is the waiter going to get here?" The smaller Kaiba whined, giving a pleading look to the older one

"Soon Mokuba, soon," The older one assured him for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"How do you know that?"

"Because if they don't, I'll makes sure they never work in this town again." The brown-haired CEO muttered casually and went back to reading his newspaper. Mokuba quieted down. He did not want another restaurant out of business, especially this one. He loved Chinese food, and it just so happened that his favorite restaurant was located on the fifth floor of this mall.

Meanwhile, the waitress on the other side of the restaurant was having a bit of trouble.

"This is the third time this week you've been late Mazaki."

"I know sir, and I'm incredibly sorry-"

"One more stunt like this and you're fired Mazaki, got it?" The fat, balding man with 'Manager, Ben Young' written on his name tag rubbed his moustache with one finger-- that was always a sign that he was in no mood to kid around.

"Yes sir," the brunette gulped and straightened her uniform. She watched her boss walk away.

Sighing, Anzu glanced at the table her boss had motioned her towards. Sitting there was an adorable raven-haired boy, who looked around his early teens. Beside him sat a tall-looking man, a newspaper hiding his face from her view. She took out her notepad and pen; ready to write, and walked over.

She coughed slightly to grab their attention, "May I take your order?"

Mokuba, cheering up instantly, chirped, "Oh, I want the fried rice with chicken, shrimp, and eggs, mandarin chicken, Thai soup, chou mein, and some grape soda if you have any." Anzu briefly wondered where he put it all.

"And you, sir?" She almost regretted asking the taller boy, who put down the newspaper and shot a glare her way, "What the hell took you so long waitress? Are you just itching to lose your job?"

Clenching her teeth, Anzu resisted the urge to smack his face. She spoke with forced calmness, "Sorry sir, I ran a bit late, what can I get you?"

"Unless you have coffee, nothing I suppose," He scoffed.

"Sorry sir, we don't serve that."

"Then stop wasting precious air. Get lost and fetch our order."

Anzu seethed as her left eye twitched. This guy was really getting on her nerves.

Kaiba on the other hand, was mentally laughing. A slight smirk twitched at his lips before he spoke again. "Oh and do stop prancing around in your hideous uniform. Fuchsia is painful to the eyes."

Anzu's eyes widened, and then narrowed. It was not her fault the owner had horrible taste and assigned uniforms consisting of frilly lemon-yellow pants and blinding pink shirts. She fisted her hands and tried to keep calm, not wanting to create a scene. "Sir… this is the uniform. I did not design it."

"Excuses, excuses. Stop wasting time and get us our order."

"Duly noted, sir," Anzu replied with a forced smile, which transformed into a scowl as she walked away.

'Who does he think he is? Ass!'

After fuming for a good fifteen minutes, Anzu grabbed the tray filled with food and stalked out the double doors of the kitchen. The chefs had gracefully given her moral support while she'd raved on about the unfairness of it all.

To be honest, what really bothered her was the fact that she couldn't say anything in retort. It wasn't just because of the job's restrictions and the horrid phrase -a thousand painful deaths to whoever came up with it- 'The customer is always right', either. Lately her biting (and justified) fire had been forced at bay by those around her. Teachers, friends, acquaintances, and others chastised that she was immature, unpleasant, and that as class representative she should be more demure. After hearing the same things day after day, the words had slowly taken a toll on her.

She placed the dishes in front of the two males without looking at either one, and was just about to leave when she heard a feminine whine.

"But, please…!"


That was odd; she didn't remember seeing a girl with them. She stopped a moment to listen in, forgetting her morals on eavesdropping.

"But I've liked you for a long time…"

'Who in their right mind would like him?' Thought Anzu.

"Big brother, she's cute!"

Though, Anzu had to agree on that. She really was pretty; doll-like and petite, with a cute red bob and clear green eyes.

"Please, I ask for one date… Look, I brought you a cake and…"


Anzu's eyes widened at the red-haired girl; whose face was now covered with strawberry icing. The box holding the ruined cake dropped to the floor and the girl quivered.

"I told you I don't give a flying fuck. Now get out before I have you thrown out of the mall."

Anzu stood speechless as the trembling girl picked up the box, and scooped up the remains of the cake off her face and shirt. Giving one final sob, the girl turned on her heels and sprinted off. The brunette turned her head towards the brown-haired man, the pity for the girl in her eyes changing into sharp malice. Seeing the aloof expression on the offending man's face, something in her snapped.

"Is that how you always treat girls?"

Subtle surprise tugged at his features as he turned his gaze onto her, one eyebrow raised as if daring her to continue. "Did you say something?"

Anzu huffed and took battle stance. This guy had drawn the final straw. The mocking look in his eyes only fueled the fire. Her resolve was gone with the wind, and before she could stop herself her fist met with his face.

The resounding 'smack' echoed throughout the room. Everyone stopped to stare.

An old lady gasped. Some little kid dropped his ice cream. Two people in a fight froze themselves and turned their heads. Anzu paid no heed to the audience.

"That was in the name of that poor cake and that poor girl! What do you think of yourself? That you own the World? I don't know if you're some big-shot or not, but nothing gives you the right to treat people like that!" she spat out with venom. "This girl was merely offering you a token of her affection, which was gravely misplaced! Don't be so full of yourself!"

Kaiba sat there, shocked and now on the ground. He was left dumbfounded. Fortunately he did not notice the awed look on his brother's face or the suppressed giggles. After a long moment, his eyes widened, nostrils flared, and he stood up and yelled, "What kind of service is this? Where a customer gets punched by a mere waitress?! I did not come into this third-rate place to be insulted!"

Everyone scattered to the corner, that is, everyone except Anzu.


Anzu cringed at her boss's loud voice. "Sir, I can explain-"

He cut her off. "There is NO EXPLANATION for punching a customer. And Seto Kaiba no less!"

Anzu's eyes widened. Seto… Kaiba?

He was only all over the news, all over her school and wait… Wasn't he in the same class as her?

The irony. This is what happens during summer vacation, you forget people's faces, especially famous ones you couldn't give a damn about… Not that recognizing beforehand would've made a difference. She would've punched him anyway. But she was definitely…

"-Fired. Mazaki, needless to say, you're fired."

'Saw that coming…' Anzu grimaced. Today was not her day.

'Stupid, STUPID Kaiba!' She though, imagining rather gory ways to get back at him for being such an ass, and for making her lose her cool as well as her job. He'd always treated her friends like crap too. Was this guy ever nice? If she didn't hate him before, she certainly did now.

Kaiba seethed. The punch had thrown him to the floor. It hadn't hurt, but people had seen him getting punched by an insignificant girl. There was no way she was getting out of this Scott-free, not a chance in hell. "Let's go Mokuba." With that he grabbed his little brother's hand and headed out.

Mokuba, who had witnessed the whole thing, followed his brother meekly, while the owner of the restaurant apologized all the way to the door. He felt sorry for the girl. After all, he knew just how obsessed with revenge his brother could be.

Anzu was left desperately in need of a job. And a job she got. It wasn't the most flattering job, but the pay was good. Thus here she was, standing outside a huge pair of gates, at five-thirty in the morning.

'Hopefully today will be better than last week.' She yawned, still half asleep.

"A maid at the Alister mansion doesn't sound too bad…" She mused, standing in front of her to-be workplace.

The two guards by the gate saw her approach, and blocked her way. "What business do you have here, miss?" One asked.

Not at all intimidated, Anzu calmly answered, "I'm here for the maid job? The papers said to start at six o' clock in the morning." The guards nodded and whispered something into the intercom. Then they allowed her in. She stepped inside the black gates, and started walking down the pebbled pathway. When she finally looked up, the sight of her surroundings made her halt.

Everything was… was…

'Simply breathtaking.'

The grass was lush green, and there were two fountains at each side of the path, all of which seemed to have been made with marble. The trees and plants were beautiful, the flowers bright and sunny. The pathway was embedded with little pebbles, and the mansion was even more breathtaking.


It was huge. It was made of light peach bricks and off-white marble with a curved staircase leading up to the veranda from the pathway she stood on. Anzu shook her head and continued on. They said she got to live in this place… This job wasn't so bad after all.

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