I'M BAAACCKKKK! LOL! YAY! …Hello, um…haha, sorry for the happy outburst. This is the sequel to the prequel Onigiri in a Fruits Basket. If you haven't read Onigiri in a Fruits Basket, I suggest you read it. This is a Yukiru fiction, so um…if you're offended by it…then I guess you leave…BUT PLEASE DON'T! LOL! Well, now I'm blabbering… Enjoy!

(By the way, Rin and Kureno aren't in this because I don't know much about them yet, they may come in later. I don't own Furuba, but I wish I did! LOL, Takaya-sensei does!)

"thoughts" flashbacks regular


Ano um or huh(hesitation)

Iie no

Hai Yes

Arigatou Thank you

Maaa Well, well, well

Nezumi Rat/Mouse

Kuso Damn

Neko Cat

Hentai Pervert

Baka Idiot

Ittekimasu I'm leaving(said from someone leaving)

Itterasshai Take care(said to someone leaving)

Kawaii Cute

Oi Hey

Inu dog

Sumimasen I'm sorry

Jyuunishi Zodiac

Mononoke monster/demon(I translated this right, right? LOL)

Let's Stay Together…Always

Chapter 1It's Already Been Two Years

A young adult sat on her fluffy pink bed, a blue ball-point pen in one of her hands. She touched the pink cover of the book she was holding, and then opened it up. On the top of the page she wrote Friday, March 11(let's say that's when Spring Break is for their school…LOL). She began writing.

Friday, March 11

Dear Mom,

Well here's another entry for my diary! Today was the last day before Spring Break. It's already been two years, Mom. Yuki and I are still together. We promised we would always stay together, anyways… O, by the way! It is official and I'm very excited for both of them; Kyo and Uo that is. They have finally said they are now "officially" together. Haha, isn't that funny, Mom? It's been around a year and a half since they were together… I guess it is "official" because Uo said that she didn't care that Kyo was not only a cat in the Jyuunishi, but the mononoke too…

Hai, a few days ago, she figured it out, that's why I haven't been writing for a while. I was over at her house… Anyway, Hana seems to like someone…but she hasn't said anything. She's changed Mom, for the best. She's more carefree now, and she doesn't wear black as much. Well…let me revise that, haha! Sometimes, she wears other colors than black but hence, they are still dark. But that just shows that she's opening up more, Mom, and that is good.

It seems that the whole Sohma atmosphere seems to be getting better. Hiro and Kisa are also doing well; their first "real" date was a couple weeks ago, but I can't believe they hadn't gotten together until now, when they are 14. It's kawaii actually.

O! Shigure sold a best-seller book! We're having a party for him later this week. Ayame's shop is doing well…the last time I checked…Hatori, Haru and everyone are ok.

Momiji is coming over tomorrow. I should get my sleep, hahaha! Goodnight, Mom. I love you.

Tohru Honda

She closed the book and sighed happily. Then she turned off the light and drifted off into blessed sleep.

Did you like? I know it's short…but It's like the starting chapter, letting you know important things that have happened I guess…LOL Well, thank you!